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  1. 452b264

    WINCHESTER M 70 3006 SPR. ***SPF***

    The trigger is very close to 2.5/3 lbs and pretty crisp. It has a brand new reduced power spring in it.
  2. WINCHESTER M 70 MADE IN NEW HAVEN CT. 3006 SPR. EXCELLENT SHAPE $425 Never had a scope mounted or been in the field.
  3. 452b264

    Kifaru Timberline 2 7000

    I wish it had 24 inch straps.
  4. 452b264

    Walther P22 $200 or trade !

    Its a 22 so you will need to find the ammo it likes but the Walthers shoot very well out of the box. They have excellent triggers and great ergonomics.
  5. 452b264

    223 Remington Build

    Did you number the shots to correspond with the charge weight?
  6. 452b264

    Full length or neck sizing?

    A body die and a Redding competition neck sizing die. This gives you the best of both worlds.
  7. 452b264

    Elk Mountain Wall Tent review

    If you are looking for a durable tent but dont like 100 % canvas this one might interest you. https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/hunt365-elk-mountain-wall-tent-review/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=20190624_BlogDigest_335g&utm_campaign=/digest/hunt365-elk-mountain-wall-tent-review/ https://www.elkmountaintents.com/
  8. 452b264

    Browning 30-06

    I hope someone buys this real soon!
  9. 452b264

    Lead on the Kaibab? (again)

    They should have introduced the California turkey vulture to the Kaibab you CANT kill one of those things if you beat it with a baseball bat.
  10. If you guys buy a large lot of powder I will take a pound or two since I want to try retumbo with 168 gr Nosler LRAB in my 280 AI. These guys have 275 pounds of retumbo in stock. https://store.thirdgenerationshootingsupply.com/catalog/product/view/id/14881/s/retumbo-1-lb-hodretumbo1lb/category/9316/
  11. I have to wait a week so it looks like I will miss out on the Fathers day sale.
  12. 452b264

    Wind Meter

    They have a new (last year) kestrel here is a comparison of the 5700 VS 4500. https://www.bisontactical.com/2018/02/23/kestrel-5700-elite-vs-kestrel-4500-ab/ They also make a sportsman model of the 5700. The one listed below has a fathers day sale for 10% off it ends today. https://www.opticsplanet.com/kestrel-5700-ballistics-weather-meter-with-link.html