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  1. 452b264

    Banning Grizzly bear hunting.

    Its for the lower 48 states I do believe. Our game and fish biologist dont need outside help with game management. Its really about stopping all hunting, they are just picking away one piece at a time. District 3 needs a new congressman.
  2. 452b264

    Banning Grizzly bear hunting.

    There is a bill HR 2532 being introduced by congressman Raul Grijalva district 3 of Arizona who gets an F- from gun owners of america. If I lived in district three I think I would bury my head in the sand, districts 1, 7 and 9 all get an F. Districts 4 ,5, 6 and 8 did good getting out and voting with an A across the board. You can watch the video (short clip) starting 10:00 on NRATV. https://www.nratv.com/episodes/relentless-season-2-episode-86 https://gunowners.org/congressional-ratings/
  3. 452b264

    psa ar15 with scope

    Pictures? With a parts list. PSA makes 40 different uppers and half a dozen lowers.
  4. 452b264

    Gun License/Registration

    Gun laws dont stop criminals. Brazil took away firearms from law abiding in 2005 with a population of 4 million when the murder rate was 40,200 now their murder rate is over 60,000 and the new president is giving the law abiding their guns rights back. If they cant keep all the drugs from coming in from mexico how are they going to stop them from bringing in weapons? A liberal judge in New York gave a criminal who was charged with his third illegal possession of a firearm homework these are the ones who end up shooting a citizen or an officer, they should have gave him 10 years but instead scream for more gun control. These same polices are want enabled one of the last school shootings. If you want to read some excellent studies look up John Lott, he is a criminologist. The state of Florida's crime rate has dropped 60% since 1986, today they have 2 million CCW permit holders, this goes agianst the notion that CCW holders will shoot up the town. Another study of the 22 states that have allowed a weapon (CCW) over the last 10 years shows ZERO shootings. His studies may help you arm yourself.
  5. I will take the one on the top, and if you another one or two with the bold markings I will take them.
  6. 2 Forgecraft, top , Are the stamping s on the Forge craft knives deep and sharp or dull and faint? If they are the older Forge craft I will take them, the markings/stamping will be deep and bold or sharp.
  7. I would check Stockys rifle stocks.
  8. 452b264

    Safety, Safety, Safety guns are always loaded!

    I hope she is ok. The fathers parents were prohibited persons=prohibited from having children.
  9. 452b264

    Iso seek outside cimarron

    Call SEEK OUTSIDE and ask if they have any seconds, if not get on their mailing list and they will send you an email for their seconds sale. Thats how I picked up my 4 man tipi at a great price. Also keep an eye on rokslide one pops up occasionally.
  10. 452b264

    Still hunting the flats?

    The big old bucks do stop occasionally but not until the are 4 to 6 + hundred yards out but they dont always stop. Those who have never hunted just for older age class mule deer think they are dumb, they will let you walk right by at 10 to 15 yards and sneak out their back trail/door, when tracking them they will circle back and watch their trail for predators. I dont hunt the desert flats but in hard hunted areas the older bucks are a challenge to hunt. Good luck!
  11. 452b264

    Model 700 question

    A trigger tech special will fix that.
  12. 452b264

    Rimfire Guys!!

    CZ 452, the one I have shoots pin holes.
  13. 452b264

    When do you predator hunt?

    I called one in about 20 tears ago with out a tail, it was in the desert to the south of Phoenix. I have a photo around the house somewhere.
  14. 452b264

    New Build

    Finally getting around to posting up resent photo of my now favorite rifle. I chose Seekins 20 moa rail and their rings, broke in the barrel and my Redding dies should be here any day now so I can start load development with the 143 gr. Hammer Hunters and H 4831 SC.
  15. 452b264

    Flooring installation question

    After you put down the vinyl the grout joints will start to show through and you will be able to see the tile under it over time. Tear it out.