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  1. 452b264

    *(FOUND SAFE!)* Missing hunter Eagle, CO

    Hope he turns up soon! North from Eagle is a two track that takes you to the base of crystal mountain, then it turns west and you can loop back to Gypsum or turn north along the west side of crystal mtn, it takes you to Bull gulch wilderness. This time of the year all the deer are in this country so its a very good place to hunt predators. He may have ventured this way if he knows what I know. That road gets extremely slick when its gets wet making chains are an absolute necessity.
  2. I havent had time to read through the new FS plan for Tonto national but the public is able to provide input through scheduled meetings which start today. https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/tonto/landmanagement/planning/?cid=fseprd595481 https://www.nraila.org/articles/20200106/arizona-draft-forest-plan-for-the-tonto-national-forest-addresses-both-recreational-shooting-and-hunting
  3. 452b264


    The real reason they antis want large predators reintroduced is to cut our big game populations down until we cant hunt them any more and then they can claim we dont need firearms any more.
  4. Since its a magnum bolt face the 264 win. wins. With the new bullets and powders we have today it should really show its true potential.
  5. 452b264

    WTB Coyote Rifle - 22Mag, .17, .223, etc.

    You will find the 17 hmr isnt any better than the 22 mag. the only rimfire that has enough is the the 17wsm. The 22 hornet or much better K hornet is an awesome fur gun as is the 17 hornet (my 1st/2nd choice) the 221 fireball, 17 remington or fireball, 222 remington or a 223. The 223 is very versatile if you are a hand loader.
  6. 452b264

    Hungry Mountain Lions

    They dont just kill deer/elk they will get after rabbits, javelina, bobcat and coyote. I have talked to a biologist about what they will feed on and They dont care when they are hungry. I was glassing for deer during a scouting trip in unit 23 when I saw a huge cloud of dust fly up across the canyon about 450 / 500 yards then a pack of coyote began barking yipping and a very stocky/blocky headed lion comes into view holding a coyote in by the throat. He very slowly worked his way to the bottom of the draw under the cover of a large low hanging juniper and ate lunch. There were five coyotes barking and yipping at him the whole time he picked his way down the canyon but they never came closer than about 40/50 yards from him. The whole episode took exactly 45 minutes.
  7. 452b264

    Hungry Mountain Lions

    An 85 pound female mountain lion attacked, killed and was consuming my mother in laws co-worker while running on a popular trail in northern California about 20 years ago.
  8. 452b264

    Wtb concealed carry pistol

    The 43X has a 10 round magazine but its grip is much longer than a sig 365 (10/12) or spring field hellcat (11 or 13 rds) due to it being a single stack. It is the grip length that makes a pistol hard to conceal. Some people dont shoot or like to shoot those tiny micro pistols and opt for a sub compact like a glock 26 or cz p 10 s etc. I fall into the latter category. I would go to shooters world and shoot and handle as many pistols as I could before buying one. I m sure some of the guys on here wouldn't mind letting you handle or shoot their pistols so you dont waste time and money. If you do like the micro pistols the new springfield would me a great little pistol.
  9. What pack/bag did you decide on?
  10. If you are going to save pelts and dont want to do a lot of stitching I would look for a 22 K hornet or 17 hornet, 221 fireball or at the biggest a 223 which works well especially if you are a hand loader. I used to use a 100 gr Hornady interlok flat base loaded slow or Barnes. If you hit the shoulder/spine with a 243 most likely you will want to leave that pelt in the field.
  11. 452b264

    Burris PEPR 1 Inch Scope Mount - SOLD

    I wish it was for a 30 mm tube diameter.
  12. 452b264

    Seek Outside 12 Person Tipi

    Does the tipi have screens and does it come with the stove?
  13. I have a brand new Kifaru duplex lite frame a Fulcrum bag, its the most comfortable pack I have ever had. I also like the bag its perfect if you only want one pack /bag. Cant believe I tortured myself for so long using inferior frames. Im 5/9
  14. 452b264

    Meopta 15x56 SOLD!

    I sent you a couple of text messages to see if you still have the meoptas maybe your phone is disconnected?
  15. 452b264

    Winchester model 54 30-06

    That was actually my first rifle gifted to me by my grandfather but in a 270 win. It shot 130 gr. silver tips into little clusters, sadly it was stolen about year after he passed. Good luck with your sale.