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  1. 452b264


    I live close to the az sportsman's warehouse at I 17 / 101
  2. 452b264


    I have a three die set of carbide 9 mm dies for sale . $25
  3. 452b264

    WTS 300 Win Mag Hunter Precision Ammo

    Buckmaster21 has been looking for that specific ammo.
  4. 452b264

    WTB Cz 75D

    Stop by CZ Custom in Mesa.
  5. 452b264

    300 win mag rifle opinions

    The after market support for the vanguard isnt nearly as good as remington. I have owed several vanguards and the series 1 is 50/50 if it shoots real good, the series 2 are excellent. If the long range didnt shoot to my standards it would be easy to replace the barrel with a Carbon fiber barrel and true the action, you wont need a stock.
  6. 452b264

    M88 Winchester Rifle for Sale

    That looks like a really nice M 88.
  7. 452b264


  8. 452b264

    WTB Sig P365

    Are you dead set on the 365?
  9. 452b264


    Im not interested in any trades just cash.
  10. 452b264

    1894 Winchester 38-55

    That 38-55 is a good round.
  11. 452b264


    I added a PTG firing pin assembly without a price increase.
  12. 452b264

    What do you think?

    Have you guys seen the "Join The Landslide" Trump 2020
  13. 452b264


  14. 452b264


  15. 452b264

    Dec Elk - need a jacket

    They have several sales during the year. They make quality gear. Get yourself on their mailing list.