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  1. 452b264

    Flooring installation question

    After you put down the vinyl the grout joints will start to show through and you will be able to see the tile under it over time. Tear it out.
  2. 452b264

    2013 Hoyt charger

    Is this bow still for sale?
  3. 452b264

    30 Nosler Info

    You can also have an improved version that pushes 225 gr. bullets at 3000 fps. https://shermanwildcatcartridges.com/300-prc-s-i
  4. 452b264

    30 Nosler Info

    You might also look at the 300 PRC the US Army just adopted it as a replacement for their aging 300 Winchesters. The PRC holds about 5 grains more powder than the win. and dosent have a belt.
  5. There is a guy on (Owner) long range only he lives in Montana and has harvested a ton of elk and swears by the 215 Berger. Nice rifle!
  6. 452b264

    A good lesson for the young and old.

    You bet we cant be to safe. I am glad those young men posted their experience, its a reminder to pay strict attention when handling firearms, that incident could have ended much worse. One thing I am real adamant about is keeping my finger out of the trigger guard, never touch the trigger unless you are going to shoot, and the location of my muzzle.
  7. Some of us can get complacent at times so we must always be vigilant when it comes to gun safety. This is a good reminder to follow the four rules of gun safety. I had someone ask me to take them hunting and after seeing a hole in the floor board of his truck and another in the door from his shotgun I passed. https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/hunt365-duck-hunt-turns-fatal/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=20190318_BlogDigest_321g&utm_campaign=/digest/hunt365-duck-hunt-turns-fatal/
  8. 452b264

    PCR Built .280AI R700/Brux/McMillan

    That one is only used in conjunction with the 6.5 CM.
  9. 452b264

    well place shot

    Your 06 will do just fine. I used my o6 for my last elk hunt, I was still hunting though the timber and bumped five bulls out of their beds, one of them was facing my direction with its head down on the ground and caught my movement at 65 yards. The bulls moved out at a trot across a draw and into even thicker timber and stopped about 170 yards out, then single file they began crossing a 4/5 foot opening in the timber, I held on the heart of the second bull and squeezed, the bull made it about 30 yards and piled up. I used a 150 gr. TTSX the bullet put a 1 inch hole in the breast plate which is a solid 1/2 inch thick centered the heart and left a 1 inch exit.
  10. 452b264

    Zamberlan 980 Outfitter GTX RR

    Wish they were a 1/2 size smaller.
  11. 452b264

    Gun Rights!

    If anyone hasn't notified our state senators they vote on our ability to carry a loaded firearm onto school grounds while dropping off or picking up our kids. https://act.nraila.org/actions/AZ
  12. 452b264

    Gun Rights!

    Here is a bill on its way to the Senate. When you drop off or pick up your kids from school you dont have to unload your firearm. Hit the take action button and send a letter to our senators. Our state is trying to protect us and prevent law abiding people from becoming a prohibited person. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20190304/arizona-school-pick-up-drop-off-bill-passes-house-on-to-senate This one is for HR.8 and 1112. https://oneclickpolitics.global.ssl.fastly.net/messages/edit?promo_id=5705
  13. 452b264

    Gun Rights!

    They included triggers for AR along with any part that may enhance a triggers operation. This could reach rather than AR parts and include pistol parts, triggers, springs etc. You would be able to own an AR but not parts for the trigger. Dont quote me since its been awhile since I have read the bill. As with HR 8 it reaches further then just a back round check, this is why I am trying to get more people involved. The anti gun politicians with only show the general public what they what them to see it is up to you to get involved find out what is really in these bills and then call, write your congressman and women, show up to town hall meetings where most of the people attending are the only crying voice (take guns away) the representatives hear.
  14. With just a single shot to any part of the body, thats why it was so deadly on large predators.
  15. Seekins base and rings or Hawkins rings. I have a set of talleys rings on my 3006 spr. but I lapped them. This rifle just might get seekins base/rings and a SHV 3 x 10 x 42 though.