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    12A Archery Kaibab Deer

    Me and my brothers bucks from last year. Time to take them out to dry
  2. Sinwagon1

    11 days and counting down

    Oh my god I can't wait!! Do NOT want to be here right now. Days are slooooooowwwww
  3. Sinwagon1

    Game Cam

    I make my own out if 3/16 steel. Heavy yes but they can't be peeled open. I use a shrowded lock that can't be cut with bolt cutters. And I use four 3/8 3 inch lags to secure them. But I never put them on water. I get in a trail close by water, dump done salt and you'll have plenty if pics that way. Not as much as water, but you'll still own your camera for next year.
  4. Sinwagon1

    Game Cam

  5. Sinwagon1

    Pay it forward - I will start

    Have some hunting things that I no longer need it use. A hunting knife with gut hook. A few ball caps with lights. A compass. Some other things. Would like to give to a youngster who's starting out. Text me your address at 623 570 9695 and I'll send them to you. Name is Keith. Nothing fancy but still of good use.
  6. Sinwagon1

    Buck strider Buck 124 frontiersman.

    Here are the pictures.
  7. Have a buck strider for sale 175. Carried a few times. Pretty much brand new. Also a buck frontiersmsn with rosewood handle. Mint condition. 200. If interested 623 570 9695. Keith. Thanks.
  8. Sinwagon1

    Buck strider Buck 124 frontiersman.

    Yes I can put some up later when I'm off work. Or you can text me your number and I'll send them to your phone.
  9. Sinwagon1

    Any buck knife collectors

    I'll give you 40$ for it.
  10. Sinwagon1

    7W any info will help!!

    . Hunted there for years. Have same hunt this year for archery and a rifle for niece. Won't tell you my honey hole but my #2 is red mountain. Big bulls!!
  11. Sinwagon1

    Holy crap!!

    No big family wagon here. Just us at work and some of our kids. 7 west for sure the hidden jem. Have a house in unit 10 so it will be comfortable this year for sure. It will be a long wait. Thank god for fishing
  12. Sinwagon1

    Holy crap!!

    Elk bonanza! 7 west archey bull. 2 of them. 7 west rifle bull. 10 rifle bull. 7 west rifle cow 2 of them. 7 west rifle cow late hunt 2 of them! 8 out if 10 tags. Insane!!!! What a year!!!
  13. Sinwagon1

    Holy crap!!

    Thanks. Had good luck there in the past! Hope it stays that way.
  14. I thought I was the only one who felt that way. Couldn't agree more!!
  15. Sinwagon1

    Tomorow Monday the 7th is the day!!!!

    Now that's g dang funny!!!
  16. You know my brother just pointed that out to me as well. I do believe I have a new way of thinking.
  17. Sinwagon1

    the OFFICIAL 2014 elk results thread.

    What I don't understand is how someone can have a picture of josey whales On their profile and love the game and fish. That's like being pro gun and voting for Obama
  18. Sinwagon1

    the OFFICIAL 2014 elk results thread.

    I agree. I have never had a pleasant encounter with the game and Fish. Every time I see them all they want to do is harass you. Even when fishing with your little kids they got to bust your balls and treat you like a criminal. Why the F would the game and Fish introduce an animal that we cannot even hunt anyways?! Once again They don't give a dang what we think. And I bet cattle ranchers are just going to love that idea.
  19. Sinwagon1

    Today Is The Day.....

    You know I don't even call the game and fish to check. I got one tag don't know if it's 7 or 10. Waiting to see if my wife got hit. I check here to see if the results are out. So I read they're out and waisted my effort calling. I gave into my patience. When I know I mean know, then I will post it. Not cool!
  20. Oh make no mistake about it if it's the last day anything legal is going in the ice chest. Thing is the guy in the strip was very upset with himself. I never take away the joy someone gets from killing catching anything. And I too am all about the whole experience of the stories around the fire. Maybe to me I just find it crazy to see a guy head out to hunt at 10 am after sleeping in. Hey it's every ones right to go and hunt as they wish. But my whole point in this topic was they need to make it one way or the highway. I used a card the first time this year because I wanted to know early . But after being scared to death something would go wrong as it did for so many, it will be my first and last. Although I knew the risk and wouldn't of cried if I got the shaft. However it really doesn't matter what we think as the game and fish is a machine and our input is irrelevant. It's a cash cow. I read about all they supposedly do. I am sure we can all remember how many game catchments there use to be. Now if it's not in elk country you best build your own. We all have our opinions. Unfortunately those opinions only matter to us. I've never seen them ask us how it should be improved. I haven't yet checked the g&f to see what unit I'm drawn in. I just check the forums. Ill know here much faster when results are out . . It's either 10 or 7 west archery. And trust me. Last day if a spike walks out he's getting it. The last day though.
  21. Because there's guys who have hunting season all year long. That put in extended amounts of time and money to achieve something that these days is hard to come by. I once saw a guy kill a 2 point mule deer in the arizona strip first day. To me it's almost disturbing to see that. Ya I get it , his tag his choice. But if we have to drive our happy a**** down there to put in, it would put people out there who know the worth it. I just believe that most of us who are lucky enough to get that tag find it unreal to see someone getting the same tag to go out and "camp".
  22. Although I did use a credit card (succes in draw) it is I my opinion that they should do away with it all together . I know a lot of people who say they don't have the money to put in. But they do because if a credit card . How I see it is I don't care how broke I was I'm putting in! If we all had to pay first it would eliminate so many who can take it or leave it. Allowing better chances for us who would put in no matter the cost. We all have seen guys out there who pretty much live in camp! Who drive out 7 am in a pickup for a few hours and return. If we all had to pay up front it would be my guess we'd see a lot less of those tag wasters. One way to play one date to get the news. Keep it simple and the headaches will go away. When they raised the price a lot of people were mad. Especially out if staters. But I like it. Less people put in who are "on the fence ". Because as I said before, no matter the cost I'm putting in. Because the experience is priceless. To some it's not.