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  1. murfys69law

    How the AZ Draw Process works! Good video!!!

    Thank you for the video. Really helped explain a lot!
  2. murfys69law

    Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer $3,500

    Wow. Will have to talk to the warden.
  3. murfys69law

    Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer $3,500

  4. murfys69law


    A lot of guys don't like safeties(or non-trigger safeties)on their concealed carry guns because it's something else you have to fumble with if your attacked. Without a safety all you have to do is draw and shoot. OK...Thank you.
  5. murfys69law

    rough rider one

    I am full blooded Cherokee Indian and you're ALL tourists . Just kidding...Totally agree with the OP.
  6. murfys69law


    Just curious. Why would you want the safety out. Isn't it on there for a reason? jmo
  7. murfys69law

    5th wheel for sale price drop SOLD

    OK thy
  8. murfys69law

    5th wheel for sale price drop SOLD

    Generator?? Don't see a lot of details listed.
  9. murfys69law

    NFL Superbowl prediction

    I would love me some redfish!! What part of LA you in?
  10. murfys69law

    Winchester Mdl 62A 22 LR

    SOLD...Please delete
  11. murfys69law

    wolves in town

    This is my friend Dean Warren who was attacked by these sweet little wolves. I went up a week later and met him and the wolf recovery lady. She admitted at camp that they were half breed dogs. http://citizenreviewonline.org/since-wolves-were-reintroduced-some-eastern-arizona-ranchers-claim-the-animals-have-destroyed-their-lives/
  12. murfys69law

    Winchester Mdl 62A 22 LR

  13. murfys69law

    The new boarder wall

    Over $1.7 billion dollars were confiscated, IN CASH, last year from people trying to get it back to Mehico. Where does that cash go??? Could go to a wall, surveillance,...etc
  14. murfys69law

    56 Miles

    If they took a dozer and pushed all the garbage south that was left behind by the wetbacks, sorry, undocumented immigrants, it would be 40 feet tall.
  15. murfys69law

    Long range scope help???

    Just remember, the Buckmaster is the lower end of Nikon and the Monarch is the higher end. I have a Monarch 3x9 on my 270 WSM and love it. Killed a speed goat at 517 and it worked great. After that range I can be of no more help. Also, I bought mine on ebay. I saved about $200. They sold in stores for $370+ and I got it for $195.