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  1. LovinthehuntAz

    Are the bulls still vocal !

    Gonna head up tomorrow to help a good friend boy that pulled a cow tag after someone gave it up and game and fish called his dad and asked if they would accept the tag he was next in line ! Its in 4a I’ve got some promising locations but was wondering if the elk are still vocal some what now ! Thanks
  2. LovinthehuntAz

    John mule

    John mule 15 hands ! This mule is 15 years old! Solid riding and pack mule! He’s good around other stock and dogs! Kid safe! My wife rides him and she’s at the beginner level! Perfect mule for the guy that wants to get into some country! Loads ties and is great for farrier! Located in central Az call or text 928-363-0137 $3000obo 88A47191-773F-445C-B89D-5694D16FFC23.MOV
  3. LovinthehuntAz

    19A questions, help

    Perkins is full! Five spots filled !!!
  4. LovinthehuntAz


    I’ll take it I sent you a pm
  5. LovinthehuntAz

    19a Az first hunt !

    Thanks for the info ! Will do my scouting on ranch and on public land also ! Should be a action packed hunt either way ! Will keep this updated as time gets closer and scouting begins !
  6. LovinthehuntAz

    19a Az first hunt !

    Wanting to know if anyone had any info about the Perkins Ranch I have a spot on the Ranch this year ! Just wanting to see if anyones has hunted it in the past ! Pros cons !
  7. LovinthehuntAz

    300 wby

    Interested pm me I tried to pm you won't let me thx
  8. LovinthehuntAz

    Bulls and more Bulls

    Looks in sounds like a spot I had up north ! Sadly my luck ran out in some tool found it and took my set up! I'm gonna head back up this year just to get some good pics !!
  9. LovinthehuntAz

    Unit24a elk October hunt

    Yes I know it's gonna take some work but we'll see ! I've called bulls in early September in the unit ! They also drew the tags with no points first timers !
  10. LovinthehuntAz

    Unit24a elk October hunt

    Ya there has been elk in the unit for many years! Did your family members have the second hunt also ?! Starts in October! ?
  11. LovinthehuntAz

    Unit24a elk October hunt

    I live in unit and know where to find the elk ! I know it's a tougher hunt just was wanted to hear some other people's experience on this second hunt in the unit thanks a lot for any feed back
  12. LovinthehuntAz

    Desert Muleys

    Really nice desert bucks
  13. LovinthehuntAz

    Camp Cook Box

    Private cheif!!!!
  14. LovinthehuntAz

    August bears

    Thx everyone ! Yes like a zoo but I've hunted that unit with a guy that has pasted on now since I was 12 still produces bears for me I just love the country the bear was just a plus!! Never give up even when it's not going your way! Good luck to everyone still pounding it out!!
  15. LovinthehuntAz

    August bears

    Mr jet black