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  1. Dang it...My son was selling squares $10 each as a fundraiser for his baseball team but didn't think anyone would be interested on here. They're all sold out.
  2. bgshooter

    NFL Superbowl prediction

    Going for Atlanta because they're in the NFC. But wouldn't mind NE winning as well just to see the awkwardness of Goodell handing Brady the trophy. I just want a good game. No blowouts. Want it to be a 1-7 point win.
  3. bgshooter

    lost asu hoodie

    Well, if the guys that did the shooting and left their brass are the same guys that took the hoodie, doubt you'll find them on here. Hopefully everyone here picks up their brass when shooting in the desert. If not, shame on you.
  4. bgshooter

    Another thieves suck

    Wow that sucks. Hate thieves.
  5. bgshooter

    Guide and Client wounded in Border Ambush

    If they were so paranoid, why didn't they lock their camper? My little popup has a lock that I use all the time. That way it can't just be opened while I'm inside. That would have given them time to say "who's there" and allow the friend to identify himself. No accidental gun fight. No embarrassing story posted on the internet.
  6. bgshooter

    Hunters ed bonus point

    My son and I did the online class around late Oct\early Nov. After we both passed the test, I checked the site everyday (like 3-6x a day) to see if they opened up a new class. I got lucky to get 2 seats (there were only 3 left when I saw it) at Ben Avery for 1/7...this was around early Dec. We both passed and now we're good to go. Will have to do this again in a couple years with my younger son. Just keep checking everyday and you should get one.
  7. bgshooter

    2017 Javelina

    No it is not. Would open a huge can of worms. Would be too easy to shoot with firearm first then put an arrow through it. You cannot use the firearm to take the wildlife. Thanks.
  8. bgshooter

    2017 Javelina

    Cool story. Loved that you admitted running away while screaming. On a serious note: once you find the animal that you've shot with a bow and see that it's still alive, is it legal to use your side arm to finish him off quickly?
  9. bgshooter

    2017 Pigs Down

  10. bgshooter

    Opinions on coolers

    RTIC is a 7 year warranty with terms basically identical to YETI ... not to mention the 65 is actually 65 not 61 https://rticcoolers.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/212937197-RTIC-Cooler-Warranty-Policy Weird...they have conflicting information... https://www.rticcoolers.com/warranty
  11. bgshooter

    Opinions on coolers

    Just think of it as Yeti is forcing you to pay $200 for the 5 year warranty. For those that don't care about the warranty, save yourself the $200.
  12. bgshooter


    LOL. Man if I was in the market, I'd send over an offer Good luck!!!
  13. bgshooter

    Archery buffalo Updated with video

    Congrats!!! Very nice video of the kill shot.
  14. Wow...what are the odds? Really happy for your Robert and thank you for your service. Stay warm up there knowing you have a great gift coming for Christmas. God Bless
  15. Wife doesn't know yet. Going to keep it that way if I win...then I'll tell her I only tried a handful of times
  16. I'm in...take my $$$ good luck to all
  17. bgshooter


    Last pic was cool...my heart skipped a beat at the sight of a pistol pointing at me...lol Free bump...
  18. bgshooter

    The coolest fire pit ever built???

    Let's see these things in action Nice work.
  19. bgshooter

    DeLorme InReach Explorer Discount

    I don't see this as inappropriate at all. It saves people money and gets you something for putting out the word. Win-win.
  20. bgshooter

    Delorme vs Cell Phone vs GPS

    To handle the battery life hurdle, I carry a portable charging device and cable. I'm able to fully charge my phone from dead to 100% 3x. It has 10000mAh. Also, make sure you're on airplane mode while out there to lessen the drain on the battery. GPS works on airplane mode.
  21. bgshooter

    Dec tag!

    huh? Hit the period just a little late on 2 occasions. Makes sense to me...good luck on the hunt
  22. bgshooter

    Thanks Amanda

    Now I wonder how many hits "Tail.com" is going to get because of your sticker
  23. bgshooter

    Boycott Levi jeans

    Exactly...they won't know what they can't see... And when a crazy terrorist come into one of their shops and you are able to help stop him, they'll think twice about those silly signs. Besides, I don't think I own a pair of Levis.
  24. bgshooter

    Any Airgun Shooters?

    My kids play baseball and we have a bunch of those golf sized wiffle balls. Looks like I'll be trying something out when I get home from work...thanks!!!