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    A lot of everything. I'm a mile wide and a inch deep, but hunting has been the only thing that is consistent in my life.

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  1. Zeke-BE

    Tessa’s Wyoming buffalo

    WOW congrats
  2. Zeke-BE

    Is it too much

    Lance sent the video to me
  3. Zeke-BE

    My dads buck

    Love the curves on this one
  4. Dude this is so awesome
  5. Zeke-BE

    Punched my 2020 Tag

    Holy Toad!!
  6. Zeke-BE

    36a success

  7. Zeke-BE

    Son's first archery pig

    Man lots of pigs are going down
  8. Zeke-BE

    Pops pig 2021

    Well done pops
  9. Zeke-BE

    2021 archery coues deer

  10. Zeke-BE

    1 pig down so far 2021

    Awesome congrats
  11. I did the 6.5-270AI. Same as the 6.5-06AI just with the 270 brass. Longer necks. After I shot up the barrel I switched to .280AI. I loved the 6.5 going 3,080fps but im not an extreme lover of the reloading like Lance is. Once you load then you need to fire form your brass. Your just pushing more rounds down the tube. I had Axis Work put on my new barrel for the .280AI that year I didn't have time to do a load. So I got Lance to help me out. Best part just go buy Nosler brass already formed for Akley Improved. Less reloading. My AI is pushing 160 TMKs 3,030fps shooting at .361 MOA.
  12. Zeke-BE

    Urgent need of Hornandy 6.5 Ammo for hunt

    Ohh man this is getting funny! I remember in 2007 when it first came out. By 2008 and the reviews were awesome!! This round is truly amazing! Lots of people wanted it. Lots of shooters and hunters kept saying it will disappear like the 243 WSSM. I knew it wasn't going anywhere. Then it took off and everybody got one. I bought one and it was fun. Then built my 6.5-270 AI. Now by 2015 every person had one and it was the only thing talked about. Now for avid shooters, long range hunters, competition shooters, and hard core hunters hate trendiness!! But that gun shoots so well still today alot of competition shooters shoot the CM. But I had a shooting rifle made by Eric from Axis Works in the 6.5 CM. Took it to the range and there was another guy with his CM costume rifle ( Sick looking gun) made by Axis Works. I asked what are you shooting. He said a 6.5........well which is it? I asked CM, Lapua, Sweede?? He then looked down and said softly CM. Ha ha now we are all to embarrass to admit we have that round. I for one love the jokes and the jabs of the the CM. Because its totally true. But what else is true is this round is amazing!
  13. Zeke-BE

    Urgent need of Hornandy 6.5 Ammo for hunt

    Yeah that sums us up pretty good spot on
  14. Zeke-BE

    Axisworks Custom 22 Creedmoor

    .361 thats not bad with factory ammo!!!
  15. Never mind I got 2 boxes and a box of 6 shot high brass. I should be good tomorrw