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    A lot of everything. I'm a mile wide and a inch deep, but hunting has been the only thing that is consistent in my life.

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  1. Zeke-BE

    I've got friends in safe spaces!!!

    Ha ha ha
  2. Zeke-BE

    1st Arizona hunt story and shout out

    Well done congrats
  3. Zeke-BE

    Dual pig mount

    That goat is huge!!
  4. Zeke-BE

    Daughters 1st archery buck

    Congrats thats so awesome
  5. You have the golden hand!!! You are more then welcome to come on my hunts :). As for spending to much time doing it, I say if you are bonding more time with family and friends because of it that is the best gift you can have. Sadly Ive met hunters who actually quit their jobs because they couldnt get time off to go on their deer hunt. Mean while wife and kids are at home and dad quit his job so he can do what he wants and not provide for the family. Plus they didnt hunt. Thats to far for me. But man oh man if you have the family on board what a door it opens up for you and to spend awesome time together. Congrats on awesome bucks and to your kids, friends, and wifes huge buck!!
  6. Zeke-BE

    5 To 1 Odds.....Why Not?

    Yeah he was probably home last week all depressed and said "Ive done every rifle what more can I do" Now this just came along and gave him reason for life again
  7. Zeke-BE

    Florence eating place?

    A&M is awesome!! Just a couple other Mexican joints that are alright. Plus you got the cheap Burger King there too. NOt saying much though
  8. Sorry 1 million dollars! Im a retard
  9. So your telling me each living wolf is worth 10 million dollars?? Yeah if you encounter them and hurt them, killed, hit with a car I would shut up about it. What a waste of money!!
  10. I got a nice built 6.5 creedmoor from Eric at Axis. Sadly I've been focus on other stuff and shot it with factory rounds and haven't made a load yet. Plus I need to get a new scope for it. I hope the gun gods don't strike me down for dragging my feet
  11. Ive read they are about the same powder volume after the swede is AI. But shooting it I would like to hear.
  12. I like it. Tikkas are long action anyways. Never did much with my 300 anyways