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    A lot of everything. I'm a mile wide and a inch deep, but hunting has been the only thing that is consistent in my life.

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  1. Zeke-BE


    can't wait
  2. Zeke-BE

    I was fooled

    Ill keep checking though
  3. Zeke-BE

    I was fooled

    Right about there right next to the 5 dollar point gaurd and the 30 dollar application. All three came out the same time and were pending. My wife said last night just wait one more day to make sure.
  4. Zeke-BE

    I was fooled

    Well I stated I got drawn for unit 1 elk early archery! Pending came through and couldn't look any better from on line but it was another purchase! Im so depressed I thought last night I snagged a great tag!!! Not elk hunting this year! So sad
  5. Zeke-BE

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    Early archery Bull unit 1 with 6 points yeah baby!!!!!!
  6. Zeke-BE

    CC Hit

    Hit!!!!!!!!!! Unit 1 early archery bull 6 points
  7. Zeke-BE

    1986 Honda 250R

    I remember the first time I hit the powerband on one of those. I was 15 years old.. Sweet ride
  8. Zeke-BE

    Good luck HAM hunters

    Got to within 50 yards yesterday but couldnt make it happen. I thought about bringing a caller and wish I did
  9. Zeke-BE

    Great Sonora coues hunt

    Awesome congrats on some nice kills
  10. Zeke-BE

    Another Great Hunt with My Son!

    Thats awesome congrats
  11. Zeke-BE

    San Carlos buck

    Bigggggg Buck!!
  12. Zeke-BE

    My OTC deer

    STUD!!!!! Congrats
  13. Maybe we missed it!!!
  14. Just got back! We were there for the blood moon that came out