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    A lot of everything. I'm a mile wide and a inch deep, but hunting has been the only thing that is consistent in my life.

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  1. Zeke-BE

    Scouting Service Expectations

    Unit 33 pick a mountain side to work on and you will find deer
  2. Zeke-BE

    2019 coues

    Congrats! I second a story for this beast
  3. Zeke-BE

    First Archery Buck

    Great story and congrats
  4. Zeke-BE

    Unit 21 Archery Antelope Down

    Congrats that is a dandy
  5. Zeke-BE

    Realistic Field Shooting

    In the past 5 years Ive hit everything on purpose from 350-500 yards and miss one antelope with a scope coming lose!! But I practice from 500 yards to 1000 yards. A few weeks ago in New Mexico with Stanley and Lances hunt I crawled 130 yards and the skin on my knees came off. Had to sit at a sitting position and my back bipod head came off so that was out. Then it was so flat I couldn't get a range on him. I guessed 300 yards. Missed. The next day we spotted my buddies buck and drove toward him and the mean time my buck just ran in front of us. Man the luck! I got out and try to do a stand up shooting shot at 100 yards and missed while he was running. I got prone and he stopped in a perfect broadside shot. My buddy called out 430 yard. I dialed breath out and held my breath and pulled the trigger. Nothing!!! Crap in the excitement I forgot to chamber a round. He took off. I let my buddy take my truck and I was in pursuit. Covered about 1/2 mile over the hill. I got set up behind a pinon and again it was perfectly flat! Couldn't range him. Came up 20 yards or 600 yards. Well he looked 300 yards! Dial to that and shot over him. Crap!! He was lot closer than I thought. Chased him up a hill. My buddy called and told me he just shot his buck. I was excited. Hung up and then those antelope stood up and my buck. Again I was in another flat spot. Couldn't range. He looked close to 100 yards. Extended out my bipods and kneed. Crap grass to high. Can just see his horns. He started moving and I thought maybe stand up and shoot. Should of could of would of moment and he hurried up and started moving and I shot through the grass and missed. This time he ran off and was gone. Crap. My buddy picked me up and we process his buck. I spotted Lances Daughter buck they were after and called him in. At this time we were heading home. ON the way home buddy spots a massive heavy buck. Same thing flattttttt! I got on top of my truck and ranged him at 420. Got off and ran to the fence. Grass is to high for sitting. But I had to put a knee down with no skin and put my gun on a wavy fence post. It moved back and forth. I shouldn't of shot but I did. I could tell in the shot it was just over the back. I went after him and got set up for a 700 yard shot. I took my time for a good shooting position. It was pretty flat, middle of the day, heat waves everywhere and a shaky hand kept saying 720 yards and 890 yard back and forth. I saw 720 twice so it had to be that. The wind died down and shot! Way low. He must of been 890 900 yards then. I called it quits after that. Yeah many years of success but this time everything was against me and shooter error! This year 6 missed shots I couldn't believe it
  6. Zeke-BE

    Son got it done again.

    Good looking bull congrats
  7. Zeke-BE

    Unit 10 turned in tag.

    Awesome thats a great buck!
  8. Zeke-BE

    Unit 10 my beautiful blessing

    Heck yeah well done
  9. Zeke-BE

    Archery goat 2019

    Stud Buck congrats
  10. Zeke-BE

    Dang you Sous Vide guys!

    Uhhh thanks trophy now I don't want one!!!
  11. Zeke-BE

    Blessed NM Pronghorn Trip

  12. Zeke-BE

    2019 Coues hunt

    Wow, congrats
  13. Zeke-BE

    Walmart ends all handgun ammunition

    This is good news for pro gun shops. More sales for them
  14. Zeke-BE

    Finding "pockety deer"

    I usually don't stay in one spot. But have seen first hand the proof it provides by staying in a good spot all day. The spot will tell you how much time it takes. If you got lots and lots of land Ill be there for a while. And sometimes you need to hike a 1/2 to get to the other side and see that side. Plus that will put you at a different angel in the same spot behind you and you can find stuff
  15. Zeke-BE

    Wife gets it done

    Thats so cool. Congrats!