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    A lot of everything. I'm a mile wide and a inch deep, but hunting has been the only thing that is consistent in my life.

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  1. Zeke-BE

    Massive Coues Buck

  2. Zeke-BE

    BUSH FIRE!!!!

  3. Zeke-BE

    Sleeping in bed of truck, insulation

    3" foam pad
  4. Zeke-BE

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Man Ive been gone a few days and missed the 100 pages!!
  5. Zeke-BE

    Effects of the virus scare?

  6. Zeke-BE

    Effects of the virus scare?

    No one better steal this!! Please..... Come on page 90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Zeke-BE

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Craaaaaaaaaaaaaap!! Lets do it! Come on Page 90
  8. Zeke-BE

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Dang it!!~! Come on Page 90
  9. Zeke-BE

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Come on Page 90
  10. Zeke-BE

    Pierce titanium 6.5x47 sold

    Nice gun. But what a TOAD
  11. Zeke-BE

    Effects of the virus scare?

    The last jump a few days ago was over 30 confirmed deaths from April 12. But they finally just announced it
  12. Zeke-BE

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Source was a couple weeks ago when we hit I think 300 people. News came out and said half was on the reservation. This was the first time they were announcing who and where. I might be wrong or they were at the time.
  13. Zeke-BE

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Couple of months ago if someone said "hey should we shut down the state of Arizona for a virus that will not affect 99.99% of Arizona. And the people who do get it half the deaths will be on the Navajo Nation and the rest 85% are over the age of 65 with pre existing health conditons."??? What do we got to do to keep AZ from not shutting down?? Wash your hands more often and keep 6ft away and quarantine senior living centers and aid the Navajo Nation in what they need. Thats it? Yep thats it! Well maybe keep kids home from school but 95% of business can stay open!! Huh!! Well that doesn't seem that bad. With those odds if your below 65 with no health conditions you are about 0.001% chance from dying. Are you sure we don't need to shut down Arizona?? Yes Im sure said the person with common since.
  14. Zeke-BE

    Unit 33 coues deer

    In Aug hunts I just go out and spot and stalk for desert hunts. Just a few hours though. Start at a point were the sun is on your back. Animals are moving and not afraid of humans right now. Once the heat starts pouring im out. Im not a die hard for Aug Sept desert hunts
  15. Zeke-BE

    Cooler recommendations

    You tube ice challenges. Some of the cheaper brands compete really well.