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    A lot of everything. I'm a mile wide and a inch deep, but hunting has been the only thing that is consistent in my life.

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  1. Zeke-BE

    Favorite Westerns

    Anything John Wayne
  2. Zeke-BE

    Mexico Coues

    Very Nice!!! This year I went to a different place. They claimed they had success but there was no water and dead out there. Just a handfull of deer and a couple 100 inch bucks with broken main beams. Probably because of the drought and brittle their antlers
  3. Zeke-BE

    Wife and I doubled yesterday

    Congrats this is awesome
  4. Zeke-BE

    Cool buck...

    sweet buck
  5. Zeke-BE

    Aoudad 2021

  6. Zeke-BE

    Close encounter with an F-22 fighter jet

    Yeah if they get onto visual dog fight they did something wrong. This Jet still has classified situation awareness in a dog fight. That is what it is for. It should see you long before you see him if you can get through some of the stealth capabilities. But a F-16, 18, and 15s do very good against them once they have visual but most do fights are usually 50-30 miles out when missiles are flying
  7. Zeke-BE

    Close encounter with an F-22 fighter jet

    Ive always been a plane nut myself. But OP are you sure it was a 22?? Im betting it was a 35 since we do have them station here at Lukes. But when I was 17 years old I was hunting in 36A and I was on top of a mountain and I can see strait ahead of me. Not much taller than me while standing on that mountain. It got closer and closer and this F-16 went inverted like what happen to you. Followed up with another F-16. Still to this day the Viper is still my favorite Fighter jet
  8. Zeke-BE

    Tessa’s Wyoming buffalo

    WOW congrats
  9. Zeke-BE

    Is it too much

    Lance sent the video to me
  10. Zeke-BE

    My dads buck

    Love the curves on this one
  11. Dude this is so awesome
  12. Zeke-BE

    Punched my 2020 Tag

    Holy Toad!!
  13. Zeke-BE

    36a success

  14. Zeke-BE

    Son's first archery pig

    Man lots of pigs are going down
  15. Zeke-BE

    Pops pig 2021

    Well done pops