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    Late hunt tactics

    what unit? find the transition from pines into the junipers or next level of elevation. haven't scouted this year, but they'll still bed on top and go down into the flats to feed. as it gets colder they will quit going up top. I don't think it's cold enough to really push the down just yet. find that transition area and catch them going down or going up.
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    Tough To Watch

  3. Green Bullet

    Hitch basket for truck

    I had this built custom locally but don’t really have a use anymore. It’s solidly built and has a tensioning mechanism so it’s not rattling like crazy. 27”x 48” $50!!!! Located in Queen Creek
  4. Green Bullet

    Hitch basket for truck

  5. Green Bullet

    Uh oh...

    I agree. that's why I voted against this in the last election. there's really no need...if someone really wants to get stoned they can buy from a dealer or get a card. it's not that hard and the value add to make it broadly 100% available isn't necessary in lieu of the statistics and situation out of Colorado and CA. There' a reason the homeless problem is off the charts there....easy to get weed mannnnnn on the flip side, the argument for legalizing weed is it takes a minor infraction out of play that may push a lower over the edge to serve major time. then when they get out of the pen they're labeled a loser for life, can't find a job, resort to crime and the cycle goes on and on. I believe they should leave the supply laws as is but reduce the penalties associated with possession which if I'm not mistake is already happening albeit at a slow rate. When I was young I more than experimented with the stuff....at 45 yo I feel like I'm making a well informed position statement on the topic.
  6. Green Bullet

    Youth Bow For Sale, Right Hand, Diamond Atomic

    Nifty little bow. Going on Craig’s list later today...
  7. Green Bullet

    Hitch basket for truck

    I’ll take $50 if you are still interested
  8. Green Bullet

    Who hear is a leader/boss?

    when you have 8 or less guys they work for you. When you have more than 8 guys you work for them. compartmentalize and be truthful, transparent and hold everyone accountable the same way.
  9. Green Bullet

    Best bipod

    caswell and harris same stuff...caswells half the price. Atlas is my go to.
  10. Green Bullet

    3 bucks down early hunt

    if he had longer arms the buck would be even bigger! just kidding....congrats on a successful hunt to all.
  11. Green Bullet

    Panic Buying

    once the economy tanks all that ammo will make it's way to the open market at break even prices. give it 6 months
  12. Long story short, had a few misses last year on the early rifle hunt down south. Figured out I had a loose ring on my scope. That boiled in my gut for a year and got lucky drew the same tag again. Got it done this time. This year the early early rifle hunt was extra hot. Didn't see any big bucks.....on day 1 we saw the buck I harvested on a ridge bedded with a doe. I looked him over quite a bit and decided to pass. Eyes were playing tricks on me because he was pretty heavy. I keep looking for that 3rd point LOL. Day two was tough, lots of deer but only dinks. Three of us had tags so we decided hey lets go back to that ridge and put something on the ground to get momentum. If you can believe this, that buck and doe were bedded under the exact same tree. I had plenty of time to get situated and shot him in his bed at 477 yards. Later that evening my other partner shot a small 3pt. Fun hunt. Wish it was a little cooler though. My buck is the large 2pt on the left.
  13. Green Bullet

    Hitch basket for truck

  14. Green Bullet

    Youth Bow For Sale, Right Hand, Diamond Atomic

    A couple better pics.
  15. Green Bullet

    Hitch basket for truck

    $50! Still available. Located in Queen Creek
  16. Green Bullet

    1st Coues, finally....

    he did have some decent mass on him. I was really looking him over on day 1 but I guess I had a vision of a nice heavy 3 point. for a first buck I'll take him and now I have a baseline to try and improve upon. I really enjoy Coues hunting.
  17. Green Bullet

    First Backpack Hunt ???

    I'd just focus within 1 mile of the road so you can be close to your cooler full of beer.
  18. Green Bullet

    Hunters Not Voting

    I got called for 3 polls and I answer them all....BIden/Harris all the way. TRUMP 2020! 4 MORE YEARS MAGA BABY
  19. Green Bullet

    11 years in the making.

    great video. congrats.
  20. Green Bullet

    Phone Skope for I Phone 6/6s

    Got a newer phone. Retail on Amazon is $49.99. first $20 takes it. Located in Queen Creek https://www.amazon.com/Phone-Skope-OtterBox-Defender-Adapter/dp/B01HVLBI06/ref=sr_1_18?crid=2CP19UGIB197E&dchild=1&keywords=phone+skope+iphone+7&qid=1603726794&sprefix=phone+skop%2Caps%2C411&sr=8-18
  21. Green Bullet

    Phone Skope for I Phone 6/6s

  22. Green Bullet

    Patio table with sunbrella chairs

    Overall solid condition. Heavy metal frame table has a tile top and smooth finish. Comes with 6 chairs made out of sunbrella material. No tears or Rips on chairs. Wont have a back yard for a while so need to get rid of it. $800 new. Asking $300 obo Located in chandler