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    best place to procure for custom build

    thanks for the info. I've spoken with the guys at phoenix custom and i was thinking about "procuring" (buying for you rednecks on the forum) the parts and have them put it together for me. i'm definitely interested in how you guys built your custom rigs....i'll start a new thread on that one!
  2. Green Bullet

    LH Hoyt UltraMag Bow RTH

    sold, thanks for the comments fellas.
  3. Green Bullet

    LH Hoyt UltraMag Bow RTH

    Hardly used left handed Hoyt Ultramag bow. Comes with sights, whisker biscuit, 5 Easton A/C/C arrows all in great condition and rigged up with 100g Thunderhead broadheads. Weight is 60-70 lbs (set at 65) with a draw length at 26-28.5" Pretty much ready to go hunting with. Not abused whatsoever. $450 obo. Miles
  4. Green Bullet

    Anyone get one yet today?????

  5. Green Bullet

    Archery Coues

  6. Green Bullet

    LH Hoyt UltraMag Bow RTH

    bump. $400 as shown in picture or $350 without arrows.
  7. Green Bullet

    Leupold Sequoia 15-45 x 60 Spotting Scope - $180

    sold pending payment
  8. In like new condition. Hardly used, no scratches on the body nor the glass itself. Nice little setup for someone who doesn't want to drop a lot of money. Located in east valley. $180
  9. Green Bullet

    LH Hoyt UltraMag Bow RTH

    bumpski again. are all the lefty archers setup for this upcoming season?
  10. Green Bullet

    LH Hoyt UltraMag Bow RTH

    bumpski. ready to hunt, dialed in, and a lefty which is not easy to find.
  11. just like the topic says...what do you guys recommend for a good ground blind and trail cam? Looking for best value/functionality...not interested in most expensive but if i need to spend money for function i will. Thx Miles
  12. Green Bullet

    recommendations for ground blind and trail cam

    do you have issues with wind/scent control?
  13. Green Bullet

    updating payment info for draw...

    i got a new credit card issued with the chip technology. i updated my payment information for myself only as i'm the "A" applicant on the tags i submitted with my partner. Question: Do I need to open up my partner's information and update his payment information as well or does the system know and i'm the A Applicant and it will charge me if we both get drawn?
  14. Green Bullet

    LH Hoyt UltraMag Bow RTH

    bumpski again
  15. Green Bullet

    LH Hoyt UltraMag Bow RTH

  16. Green Bullet

    LH Hoyt UltraMag Bow RTH

    ttt. still available $400
  17. i'm using an adjustable single pin sight....i like it so far....question is when you are still hunting and an animal can come in anywhere from 30-60 yds, what default distance do you set your sight at to maximize your chances of not having to microadjust?
  18. Green Bullet

    Boat question about replacing the wood decking

    bass boat central.com, the boat restoration section will be your friend.
  19. Green Bullet

    LH Hoyt UltraMag Bow RTH

    price reduced yet again to $400. thanks.
  20. Green Bullet

    16 points - what to apply for

    I would recommend to anyone in AZ with a decent amount if points to go to WY and pop your antelope cherry there. If you bail and dump your points on an archery tag you will be able to chase giant goats but will realistically have a chance at a 70" type goat. Those goats are literally everywhere in Wyoming! There is only one state in this country where you have a legitimate chance at a 85"+ goat and you live there! Hold out for a muzzy tag in one if the teen units or a rifle tag in 10 or a single digit unit. Don't burn points on a rifle tag in the teen units, they all die before the season gets there. You are 7-10 years away from the hunt of a lifetime! Take off an extra half day on each end of your hunt, jump in the truck and you'll be in wyoming in 10 hours. Shoot a half dozen 70-77" bucks over the next 7-10 years and you'll be an antelope junky by the time you're ready to draw your az tag!!! do you have any suggestions on units in Wyoming?
  21. Green Bullet

    LH Hoyt UltraMag Bow RTH

    price reduced to $420
  22. Green Bullet

    LH Hoyt UltraMag Bow RTH

  23. Green Bullet

    Draw Report Question

    is the bonus point report by hunt number published for deer yet?
  24. Green Bullet

    Elk units for 2015

    can someone post an electronic copy of the 2014/15 Elk/Antelope regs? i want to compare the draw stats to the hunt numbers....