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  1. RUGER No1 .204 Stainless/Grey Laminate stock, Leupold VariX III 8x25x50 Long Range, Harris Bipod, Hard Case - $1600 OBO UPDATE - Will Sale Scope Separate - $ 750 OBO Gamo Hornet .177 Pellet Gun (scope pkg) - $40 Available for east Valley Face to Face... Please PM will respond in order PMs are received. Box of Bullets going with .204 and .300 ...
  2. Str8Shot


    "Eastern" "flatlander" count DesertBull hahaha... Because ... EYE GUARDS MATTER
  3. Str8Shot

    Ruger No1 .204 PKG (or Scope Separate )

    Updated and all PMs replied too .... Thx Nitemann and Flatine. It was a pleasure meeting you both and Good luck on the upcoming Hunts.
  4. Str8Shot

    Ruger No1 .204 PKG (or Scope Separate )

    Will let you know... but My brother prefers to keep it as a package right now
  5. Str8Shot

    Ruger No1 .204 PKG (or Scope Separate )

    If someone wants to buy both at same time will do $300 .... SO if interested send PM
  6. Str8Shot

    Unit 32 Galiuro Wilderness Access

    You are right , but many of those people are not Hunters ... We Hunted several years paying the Mercers for access, which was a very fair price. During all those years we never witnessed misuse of the land during the hunting season by other hunters who had gained access. I think it was 7 or 8 years ago ... they leased some mining back in Bunker hill, the roads were great and they were cutting a new road going around Sombrero Butte, When asked about the road and letting them know we were hoping to be back the next year, we were informed they were locking it down and had teamed up with a couple guide/outfitters and that would be the only way to gain access. It is a shame because it was nice to set up a base camp and have a not so bad hike to cold camp miles up Cake mountain or China peak. That was the Last time we hunted 32 and not really missing it.
  7. Str8Shot

    OnXmaps Premium Hunt Chip FS

    Back up ... Just so no confusion. The chip is a little over a year old. The chip allows you to run in your Garmin GPS units and holds the main layer from OnX and can be used with basecamp or the OnXMap App .... The App is part of the 29.99/99.99 annual membership and allows you to sync up your chip store, load and save way-points ect. They are separate but work together the chips can be updated when you feel the need but if you are paying yearly for the App you might as well update each year.
  8. Str8Shot

    OnXmaps Premium Hunt Chip FS

    Arizona Chip for GPS ... $75 ... Can only meet in east Valley ... send PM
  9. Str8Shot

    OnXmaps Premium Hunt Chip FS

    It is micro SD for GPS units . For the phone I believe you need to download the App option on their site
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    Stolen custom rifle

    This is why they should have rooftop snipers on payroll to take care of this kind of scum.
  11. Str8Shot

    Unit 32 Galiuro Wilderness Access

    Access has sucked from both sides for over 12 years and has gotten worse year after year .... When Mercers cut off access getting in bed with a couple guides we stopped applying for that Unit ...Know anyone with Horses ?
  12. Str8Shot

    Google Earth to Base Camp

    Using this method you can get accurate way points and tracks from goggle earth to your Garmin ...
  13. Str8Shot

    Leftover Apps?

    3 years ago would have not been a problem as they would have gotten it to the office the next day .... with so few leftover tags this year may be an issue.
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    He's in his basement watching Boondock Saints in his underwear, patiently waiting for this thread Sorry was out fishing this morning.... and trust me I hate seeing these kinds of threads. However, these kinds of threads are not new and are a constant reminder of how many pricks are out running around the forest. Sorry you get offended on the way I was brought up to hunt and respect our lands. The internet and everyone trying to up one on size is a big part of the problem 30 years ago it was only usually that one or two crazy guides you may run into... now it is armies of trophy hunters looking for online praise and approval.
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    I may not like Trail cams ... Definitely do not like those who whine, knowing how things have been for decades on public lands. The only thing I seen in your post that is unethical is a person thinking they can stake claim to a hunting spot. I get a lot of schit because I do not sympathize with cam owners when they lose them... but I do not sympathize with pricks who think they own the land either.
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  17. Str8Shot

    stolen Cameras

    AH MAN..... That sucks! Good luck on the hunt!
  18. Str8Shot

    goin' vegan

  19. Str8Shot

    Know When to say when

    Looks like Taco Tuesdays are set up for a few weeks... well done
  20. Str8Shot

    Primos Cam in 23N

    LITTER? I think there is actual litter, unattended camp fires and off road driving we should be more concerned about. Places are being shut down and not because of trail cams. They are actual LITTER as well Welcome back str8shot. we all missed your negative input on trail cameras Never Been Gone. There have not been too many whine threads from you cam guys and it is just too much fun seeing you cam guys cry when others don't share your same view on using cams for hunting.
  21. Str8Shot

    goin' vegan

    DesertBull Shouldn't you be in a black hoodie at a march somewhere with your ANTIFA friends? God Forbid someone have different view and speaks up.... bringing snowflake tears to your eyes.
  22. Str8Shot

    goin' vegan

    I bet that Red Stag would make some great steaks... not to mention a great wall mount !