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  1. SOLD



    RCBS 16501/.35 Rem - $25.00  (SPF)
    RCBS 15001/.300 H&H Mag - $30.00
    RCBS 17601/.300 Rem Ultra Mag - $30.00
    RCBS 17701 - .338 Rem Ultra Mag -$30.00




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    PM me for contact info or questions. Order of buyers will be from PM not posting on thread... can meet up in East Mesa, Queen creek/San Tan Valley areas...

  2. My top 8 must have artificial baits using a spinning rod in AZ


    1 - crick hoppers

    2 - in line spinners (rooster tail and Blue Fox Vibrex my preference)

    3 - yo-zuri floating pin's minnow or something like it

    4 - Rebel wee craws

    5 - Super Duper

    6 - Z ray

    7 - Rapala countdowns

    8 - Artificial flies behind bubble and leader


    I would focus on spinning before investing in Fly Fishing IMO


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  3. I see your points. A lot of my concern relates a lot to what we see in long range shooting anymore. Someone can hit a target with a rifle at a range at 100 yards, so he thinks he only needs to turn the turrets on their scope a bit and they are good to go at 1000 yards.


    I see this potentially doing the same thing. Some guy shoots the weekend before his hunt in his backyard at 20 yards, and because this device, assumes he is now good to take ridiculous shots he has never practiced.

    you have to set every pin range just as you would with a traditional pin sight... it will max out at the range you have shot and zeroed or that you set as your cap. The big difference is that it uses the data (bow speed/arrow weight) to dial the in between yardages. so between 20 and 30 yards you technically now have a pin for every yard in between

  4. I have mixed feelings. It looks cool and would hopefully improve random arrow flinging. But, and I am sure my comments will likely offend people (any snowflakes in here?), I think this may just be another tool to enable the lazy jackwagons, who don't want to get off their rears to put in time practicing with their bow, learning their equipment, etc., until the weekend before their hunt.

    Not an archery hunter, but from what I understand is that it takes a lot of range time and practice to get it dialed in just like any other bow sight. My buddy (who is an archery only guy) said that he thinks the biggest advantage next to active range finding will be the pin placement dialed to the actual yardage vs trying to place between pins will reduce misplaced shots more often...I am not sure but do think it is a cool tech and concept.

  5. Two of the heaviest and probably oldest Coues we have had hanging in our camps over the years were 90inch plus Forks... So the idea that all Forks are young, dumb, and small is kind of idiotic. I personally would take 90 - 100" fork over 110" any day of the week (alot fewer of those big forks out there)

    That being said, the fact that size is mentioned at all skews this poll. IMO there should also be an option for under 100 yards with iron sights

  6. Thanks everyone for the replies.


    Big Browns - I am in Unit 22. Does that help?


    Str8shot - that is the approach I have been taking. I have been to probably 3 or 4 areas on the "Where to Hunt" page for this unit.

    Which is why I was confident the area holds Coues, but thought that maybe I was just focusing on the wrong habitat/terrain, since I've only been seeing muleys.


    My last area, this weekend, I hiked in 4 miles one way. It was fun hiking back in the dark with no moon, but I do enjoy finding those less traveled areas.

    22 has a lot of overlapping, but they list some very specific areas in the whitetail section that differ from the mulie section, and for good reason... you may still see mule deer in some of those areas but not in the density you should be seeing Coues.... I have seen Mule deer just as high on Mt Ord as I have seen Coues within 1/8 of mile from one another. It is always better to get off the beaten path and that is especially true in 22 IMO.

  7. So, generally I've seen there is no specific elevation to Target. But you guys would say that when you pick an area, you would focus on the higher/thicker/rougher areas in the general area, correct?

    Lots of units have overlapping and areas in general that hold higher density of each type. IMO, it sounds like you should look up The "where to hunt" (For your Unit) on the game and fish web site. Then scout the different areas they suggest for Coues and take into account all the information you are asking about where you find them.... from there you can spread out in the unit finding similar habitats and new areas less traveled.

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