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  1. I am now selling a life size target cover for coues deer. The over all size is 52x 46. You can order on my website. They are $89.00 each.
  2. poisonarrow

    Life Size Target Coues

    I am now selling a life size target cover for Coues Deer. You can order on my website. The over all size is 52"x 46" They are $89.00 each. That includes shipping.
  3. poisonarrow

    Life Size Target Coues

    How do i contact Darrin?
  4. poisonarrow

    Life Size Target Coues

    I have photoshop. All I need is a high resolution photo. From there I can make it life size. Is 36" tall a normal height? I had read on line a normal size coues is 30" to shoulder.
  5. poisonarrow

    Life Size Target Coues

    $89.00 includes shipping. You can order on my website . It is below
  6. poisonarrow

    Life Size Target Coues

    You could staple this to cardboard. It is printed on a banner material. It is life size.
  7. poisonarrow

    Life Size Target Coues

    I am looking for a good picture of a coues buck that I can use for a target picture. I make a full size target cover for elk. Guys that have never seen an elk don't realize how big they are. Most will shoot under if they do not range the animal. My target cover is life size and practicing with it gives you a good feel of the range Coues are at the other end. They are smaller than you expect. I want to print a target life size that gives you a feel of the size before hunting. If you have a picture let me know. I will give you a target in exchange for the picture. Thanks, James, Poison Arrow Gear
  8. poisonarrow

    Decoys While Solo Hunting

    This one can be carried out of the way but ready at all times. http://www.poisonarrowgear.com/
  9. poisonarrow

    Poison Arrow Gear Decoys Innovation

    I came up with a way to veil your woman when you don't want those nasty males looking at her.
  10. poisonarrow

    The best Camper

    I am loading a bunch more pictures. The table is 42" long. The beds are long fulls. The width of a full and the length of a queen. With sides to lay against the width feels like a queen. Every camper is custom so I could design a toy hauler. I don't do slides. My build vision is to build a camper that will last and is absolutely bullet proof. Also good for -30 weather. It is hard to seal and insulate a slide. You can use this camper as a spare bedroom any time of the year. At Christmas we pull it up to the house and one of our girls with their family stays in it while here. If they don't want the camper we stay in it and give them our room. We love to stay in it. The steps fold up under the camper while driving. The awning comes off before you pull out. In the pictures there are two different campers. One I built for myself and the other is for a local rancher. He uses it on his cow lease and sleeps four men. I put two more bunk beds in his. Also on his I used new tin on the outside. On mine it is used tin. We have pulled it over many miles. 80mph on the interstate. On forest service roads. It pulls great. It has torsion axles and hydraulic disk brakes on all four wheels. http://s1097.photobucket.com/user/jmsjntzn1/slideshow/camper
  11. poisonarrow

    The best Camper

    I am now building campers. This is the camper that you can use year around. I tested it this last winter to -20. I live in the mountains of Colorado and left it outside plugged in all winter. It stayed toasty warm at -20 with a little electric heater. It also has a propane heater that keeps it warm for 2 weeks with a 40# tank. The propane heater is vented. This is a lifetime camper. It is built like a house. 2x4 walls, 2x6 floor ,plywood glued and stapled on the walls, floor, and roof. It also has double pane windows. It is insulated with 3" of closed cell foam on the walls floor and ceiling. I designed it to run on a 2000 watt generator. The air conditioner will keep it cool at 100 . I tested that in Texas . It is also rodent proof. No rats or mice!!!! It has solar to run the lights and pumps. It has 94 gallons of water on board. It has a full shower and composting pot. It weighs 5900# dry. I get $39,000.00 for one like this. I can design you anything you want. Here are some pictures. ghttp://s1097.photobucket.com/user/jmsjntzn1/slideshow/
  12. Ok, guys. After much soul searching and advice from my wife, I have decided to put Poison Arrow Gear Decoys up for sale. I am not a marketer. I am an inventor. I have worked with my decoy now for several years. I believe I have a product that is better than any other on the market. It carries through the woods totally out of the way. No catching on bushes and branches. It deploys in a second with no sound and very little movement. And it flat out works. Is it the silver bullet? No, but it is the most versatile decoy on the market. Again my heart is not in marketing. I have several more inventions I am working on and I believe someone else can take my decoy and market it far better than I. You can contact me at james@poisonarrowgear.com to discuss the details. I am flexible on the money end.
  13. poisonarrow

    Life Size Target Cover

    I sell a life size elk target cover. It is hard to believe the size of an elk until you are close to one. The target gives you a sense of scale. It also has the vitals and bone structure lightly showing. The bone structure is not where you think it is. Most shots are too far back, shoot directly above the leg. It is very durable. I counted my shots last year and after 1200 shots it was still very usable. I stock elk but can print anything you would like. http://www.poisonarrowgear.com/
  14. poisonarrow

    Coues Decoy

    Sure, 15% off show special.
  15. poisonarrow

    Coues Decoy