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  1. azruger

    Sold. Thanks 20 gauge single shot gun $100

    Wish you were in tucson. Perfect little gun for daughter to bump around.
  2. azruger

    .243 Handi Rifle Package

    What's ur bottom dollar. I just need a couple weeks to catch up and I would want it for my daughter.
  3. azruger

    Hunting Report ?

    Awesome buck. Way to end the year a bang.
  4. azruger

    Late hunt unit 8

    My stepson and his dad knocked down 2 bulls in 8 this year. Stepson shot a spike on 2nd day and his dad took out a respectful 6×6 this morning. Last day last morning..
  5. azruger

    Late bull report

    Yes... it seems like a great year for hunters. Lots of bulls being seen and killed...
  6. azruger

    Arizona Unit 10

    My buddy's are up there right now. Seen 14 bulls so far. Missed opening day and this morning. And not even hunting the ranch. Lots of broken up bulls. Get backup there .
  7. azruger

    Both of my Daughters firsts.

    She is definitely on her way to the top with those two firsts. Congrats young lady!!! And kudos tonyou dad for getting her out to enjoy the outdoors.
  8. azruger

    Xmas tree permits

    Where do you get xmas tree permits at?
  9. azruger

    Rifle, muzzleloader, and scopes

    Sorry I see lication. Very interested in the 300 win may and recurve. In Tucson but have family in globe. Pm me on those plesse.
  10. azruger

    Rifle, muzzleloader, and scopes

    Where u located?
  11. azruger

    Late hunt unit 8

    Bumber!!! I hope it turns around for you.
  12. azruger

    Late hunt unit 8

    My stepson killed a spike yesterday afternoon. He is up in unit 8 with his dad. Grandpa signed over tag. This spike was running with 2 cows. They saw one other group since opening day that had 3 bulls and 2 cows. A raghorn and 2 spikes. I will tell you this they are hunting low.
  13. I have spotted many bucks fit or no rut from the highway. My biggest coues was spotted from the highway.
  14. azruger

    CVA Kodiak Magnum .45 Cal Muzzle loader

    Do.you still have smoke.pole.
  15. azruger

    Youth Hoyt Bows, LH Bear Bow, VAP Arrows, Pack

    Do you still have the bear bow? And will draw length go up to 29"??