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  1. PhxDT

    Black River Fishing

    Location is important, but bait is also. I suggest just catching crawdads in the river and using as bait. Best option there is.
  2. PhxDT

    Weird deaths!

    I was hiking in Zion national park about 20 years ago. We did the Angel's landing hike. If anyone has done it, they know that there is a little knob, the "landing" where you can sit and see a straight dropoff of 1,000 feet or so in every direction. The squirrels are pretty bold on that little knob and I kicked one that was getting on my foot. He had quite a fall down. I felt bad about that, and a buddy of mine still gives me crap about it.
  3. PhxDT

    Suggestions for AZ Campgrounds

    I'll second White Mountains. Best fishing in AZ.
  4. PhxDT

    Urban coyote

    Amazing how 'urban' they can be. I saw one at Cooper and Elliot in Gilbert. That's miles from any real open land.
  5. PhxDT

    best Sea food

    Ocean Club. Nothing touches it.
  6. PhxDT

    2015 buck is down for the count

    gorgeous pictures and incredible trophy. wow.
  7. PhxDT

    unit 15a,15b,18a late cow hunt

    I hunted cow in these units back several years ago. There was a bull hunt the prior week and I talked to the hunters about herd movements from camps. I did scouting prior, but its amazing how fast they move in a short period of time. Good luck!
  8. PhxDT

    Elk in Unit 22 South

    Be sure of your conditioning if you drop an Elk in there. Totally. Really rough terrain.
  9. PhxDT

    Results available

    haha. Sounds like you got drawn this year, eh?
  10. PhxDT

    Results available

    That'd be great, but thinking it'll be next week.
  11. PhxDT

    Results available

    Here's the deal: this issue has likely happened every year, but each successive year, technology pulls the veil back a bit so you see what is happening. I have managed larger databases than what they are working with. Trust me, it's not easy.
  12. I heard from a friend of mine that one of his hunting buddies had a super sharp knife that was used specifically for field dressing animals- it was crazy sharp that used replaceable blades. Any ideas what this is? Thinking what a long process it is, especially with an elk. Hoping for the opportunity to test out new gear this year, haha.
  13. PhxDT

    Knife for field dressing an elk

    Is there a trick to this to ensure you get the real thing? Sounds like a great idea.
  14. PhxDT

    Knife for field dressing an elk

    Oh, interesting. Do the blades rival the Havalon or the Outdoor Edge?
  15. PhxDT

    Knife for field dressing an elk

    Brilliant, thanks fellas!
  16. PhxDT

    Fraud on my account...

  17. PhxDT

    Card Hit

    where you going hunting this time?
  18. PhxDT

    Card Hit

    Love the excitment here. It's like Christmas (ok- better than that) for those who have gotten drawn.
  19. PhxDT

    Card Hit

    I have 3 points average on my full card of 4. Either got pulled for early 10 (1st choice), or 22S.