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    Pay it forward - I will start

    Free violin to a student who needs it. Good starter
  2. PhxDT

    Free book shelf

    Anyone want this? It’s heavy, built solid and homemade. 19”x50”x73”
  3. PhxDT

    Free book shelf

  4. PhxDT

    Free book shelf

    “Sold” pending pickup.
  5. PhxDT

    Free book shelf

    everything I want tends to be in Tucson.
  6. PhxDT

    Free book shelf

    Oh, and I live in NW Gilbert.
  7. PhxDT

    Free book shelf

    I did, but it’s decent- not prefect by any means. it’s a beast (heavy). I wanted to make sure it didn’t have any center supports so the is a nice wide span there.
  8. PhxDT

    Free book shelf

  9. PhxDT

    Archery-Vanguard Tripod

    for the benefit of everyone- where are you located?
  10. PhxDT

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    biggest one for me: points should be squared so that less chance of low point holders getting permits. Yes, we all like the chance to get a late hunt with 1 BP, but it also is lame to wait 10-20 years for one hunt. It would go like this: 1 BP= 1BP 2 BP= 4BP 3 BP= 9BP and so on. And since AZ is growing like crazy, and our wildlife population is essentially capped, it is going to get even tougher/impossible to draw in the future. So if we square points, we should put hard caps on out-of-state draws.
  11. PhxDT

    Free garter snake

    My wife wants me to get rid of it. Makes a great pet. He’s been living free in my backyard for over a month 18” long. NW Gilbert.
  12. PhxDT

    Free garter snake

    He was happily in my backyard for over a month. I loved it- eating bugs. wife found it lost night. Ergo- he’s gotta go. If no one wants him, I’ll probably take him to the Gilbert Riparian.
  13. I am playing a 'home game' with some of my friends and have a few open spots for tonite at 8p. We are all casual (read not great) poker players and just looking for a fun/family game tonite. $20 buyin, using pokerstars.com software (you need to download the software on a laptop- ipads and phones don't work) We'll probably be setting up a zoom call to chat during the game as well. If that matches your speed, PM me.
  14. PhxDT


    Where do you live?
  15. PhxDT

    Results up on AZGF Portal.

    19a for me, and looking forward to it.
  16. PhxDT

    Hunting guide recommendations

    I second that. great guy. It's his passion and it shows. I would never consider anyone else.
  17. PhxDT

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    Junior deer tags at $25 each and adult tags at $45, I believe.
  18. Any Dallas Cowboys Fan! I live in NE Gilbert
  19. https://www.focuscamera.com/vortex-10x42-crossfire-hd-roof-prism-binoculars-with-glasspak-harness-case-cap-and-floating-strap-bundle.html?irclickid=XpUTWMV7LxyJWq90EHQlB1XYUki3-kxl3TQOSI0&utm_source=10451&utm_medium=Impact&utm_campaign=Focus Camera Logo (2)&irgwc=1&irclickid=yPLSEWT2JxyOWwu0UfQwQyYMUkiy0%3A0u8TQXR80&utm_source=10451&utm_medium=Impact&utm_campaign=Focus Camera Logo (2)&irgwc=1 Vortex 10x42 Crossfire HD Roof Prism Binoculars with GlassPak Harness Case, Cap and Floating Strap Bundle coupon code: vortex makes it $120.
  20. I got drawn last year with the family, and back down to the bottom of the ladder. My dad is part of the group, and he just wants to go out and hunt, as his hunting days are numbered. Given that, I am looking at 17a, 19a, and maybe the mule deer 23. The first two seem to have decent success rates relative to the chances of getting drawn. In other words, with having a couple of points, we have a decent shot of getting drawn. It goes without saying, I am deciding for my second choice. First choice with be something premium. Thx
  21. Hoping that last weekend was far more busy, and thinking this weekend won't be so bad. Am I being too optimistic? I like to camp on the east side of Bear Canyon and hike down, since that is the less busy side.
  22. yes. Experimented with a few different depths- 18" seemed to work the best, with the lightest shot possible.
  23. i wish I had a more thorough collection of dry flies, but as Fri evening they were hitting the surface hard, but not on Sat AM. We caught a few on a bright yellow rooster tail, blue/silver castmaster, and the biggest hit was yellow garlic power bait. The kind that comes in those pre-made plasticy balls.
  24. So, I got home a few hours ago. We fished a few hours Fri night and 7a-1p today. Oddly, the fishing didn’t heat up until about 10a today. we caught mostly 11 inch stock stuff, with 3 12/13 Inch guys thrown in. Had a ton a fun. my son counted 145 people fishing at the lake, though. Haha.