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  1. Free to anyone who can use them. They seem to be both at least 50% full, but guessing more like 80% full. (still plagued with the stupid upside down thing)
  2. No problem, They are all spoken for now.
  3. If you want the second one, it is yours. If not, i can go to the next post.
  4. It’s yours if you can make it over. I live in Gilbert, btw
  5. I am thinking this bill gets little traction. Seems like this comes up every term.
  6. Just came across an app called What3words. Amazing. you can define any 3m2 square of land on earth with 3 words. Definitely going to use this next time I am out. Would be great for telling others where you are. I know you can send waypoints through onX (I have that too), but texting 3 words to show your buddies a location would be awesome.
  7. PhxDT

    Ever used this app for hunting?

    Hahaha. Love it. Nice part of this app is that it is all on the phone- no internet connection needed (I believe).
  8. PhxDT

    Ever used this app for hunting?

    I can see your point, but have you ever had an issue with differing software or devices having slightly different world projections? I have. Using the same free software can avoid this, plus the software gives your directions to get to any spot. seems pretty helpful to me.
  9. PhxDT

    Army bomb box free must pick up

    All the coolest stuff is in Tucson? every single. time.
  10. https://www.register-ed.com/programs/arizona/112-arizona-hunter-education-course Anyone hear when the next one is scheduled? I have a 9 year old who wants to put in for elk (will be 10 by the time elk hunt is held). I am sure many others are in the same boat. Sorry, if someone else posted on this topic already.
  11. PhxDT


    Let me know when you are available.
  12. PhxDT


    My dad is looking for this exact scope. I am in. Pm sent.
  13. PhxDT

    Elk Processor in Payson

    two deer in the kitchen back in 2005....never again. haha
  14. PhxDT

    Elk Processor in Payson

    wives tend to not like this option.
  15. PhxDT

    2020 mule deer pole

    hot. dry. low mule deer densities in 19a. tough sledding.
  16. I live in NE Gilbert. All stuff is free - 20L water container - old Coleman stove - propane stand - meat grinder -tire chains for a car - working pool umbrella. Good shape. - old framer’s tool belt. Functional, but old. - boy’s batting helmet - little compressor (car adapter type)
  17. PhxDT

    Garage clean out - Free stuff

    Thanks all. Posted Rights- all spoken for, if they don’t show up, I hit you up.
  18. PhxDT

    12AW Youth Oct

    My son tagged out on his fist hunt. Great experience- just wish we didn't have a 6.5 hour drive home yesterday. I have some updated intel for any person who is hunting the early 12aw hunt. PM me if anyone can use it.
  19. I want to go shooting in the desert; work a half day during the week and head out after. Maybe some skeet shooting, but generally nothing more than a 50 yrd shot. I work up in Scottsdale, and was wondering if it's better to go through Fountain Hills and out to Mt Ord and shoot there (about 1 hr drive) or better to just head up to 17 to Bloody Basin Rd and shoot there (about the same distance). I never stop short of Cordes Junction on the 17 or Payson up the 87, so curious your thoughts. Thx
  20. not that it matters, but we threw them at the direction of a backstop/canyon wall. found out that my wife was a great shot. good memories.
  21. PhxDT

    12AW Youth Oct

    my son's first tag. Can't wait. see you all up there.
  22. Agree. Almost worse than beer bottles. I haven't shot skeet in probably 10 years, but yes.
  23. update: talked with Tonto- all recreational shooting is banned up until 9/30. no update if that is going to be lifted or extended.
  24. PhxDT

    Meat in the heat

    find a friend you can trust that has a strong back and one of the following: 1. bad memory 2. no sense of direction 3. no phone 4. prefers long walks on the beach over hunting
  25. PhxDT

    Pay it forward - I will start

    Great. Text or call me to coordinate. 6oh2- 5six8-798 eight