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  1. 11 minutes ago, CouesPursuit said:

    I wasn't trying to be a jerk here and the app is interesting. My directionally-challenged wife would love this.

    That said, I don't know that anything could be better than UTMs in the field. Share them as screenshot or text when you can or over radio when you can't. All GPS units and cell phone apps can utilize them and a good map has them referenced around the extent. The location is discrete and it actually means something, like how many meters away are your coordinates from mine and in what direction.

    I'm not sure I want to lean on telling my hunting partners to go back to cell service and find out where flourite.cornbagger.naturegirl is to navigate across a canyon using a separate app's idea of how to get there.

    Hahaha.  Love it.


    Nice part of this app is that it is all on the phone- no internet connection needed (I believe).

  2. 1 hour ago, CouesPursuit said:

    Are coordinates that tough to figure out?

    I can see your point, but have you ever had an issue with differing software or devices having slightly different world projections?  I have.


    Using the same free software can avoid this, plus the software gives your directions to get to any spot.  seems pretty helpful to me.

  3. Just came across an app called What3words.  Amazing. 

    you can define any 3m2 square of land on earth with 3 words.  Definitely going to use this next time I am out.  Would be great for telling others where you are.  I know you can send waypoints through onX (I have that too), but texting 3 words to show your buddies a location would be awesome.

  4. I want to go shooting in the desert; work a half day during the week and head out after.    Maybe some skeet shooting, but generally nothing more than a 50 yrd shot.  I work up in Scottsdale, and was wondering if it's better to go through Fountain Hills and out to Mt Ord and shoot there (about 1 hr drive) or better to just head up to 17 to Bloody Basin Rd and shoot there (about the same distance).

    I never stop short of Cordes Junction on the 17 or Payson up the 87, so curious your thoughts.  Thx