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  1. oneshot

    One of the great Trackers...

    ... of Man or Beast and allaround good, true Man... On this day, 9August 2002, Arizona Park Ranger Krisopher Eggle, rode one last time across the Arizona desert. While pursuing illegal aliens from Mexico, he was hit by a round from an ak-47. Kris Eggle died of blood loss before a medi-vac helo could reach him. Ranger Krisopher Eggle's remains were escorted from Why,Az to Ajo, AZ for the memorial service, his casket being draped with an American flag and the Stetson he wore during his service at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.
  2. oneshot

    Scam Alert

    I know you and your minions have seen this mlam, will it be Austin or Dani that are going to accuse me of being a peado/someone who makes $$$ from child sex trafficing??? or is Dallas Michaels going to shoot me from 2000meters??? Austin will be dabbed-out, Dani is 'busy" with Paul. Dallas, well i recieve 100's of death threats a year that i laugh at, but since he is a local (tucson resident) i passed his threat along to the FBI, to add to the many threats of violence that come from you, your group, and followers... The glorious thing is... You dont know what i look like, i gave you a false name when i brought donations to the encampment. i am NOT the only one who has entered your web of vileness, to expose your lie's and deception...hahaha #NotMyMeeMaw
  3. oneshot

    Scam Alert

    Prdatr, there is a 'sister' group in the Phx area still, not sure where they are set-up... This seems to be a pattern with alot of groups, start out doing good works, then the greed, ego's and down right bullshiggyity rear their ugly heads, turning a noble cause into a farce, but a farce that makes $$$1000's a week,very little of which see's useage for the cause...
  4. oneshot

    Scam Alert

    Thank You OZ31P for the info, i edited the post... Dustin25, you are not the first to comment on mlam being a meth-head, drug use is reported to be rampant at the camp... WildWoody, Yes he is...
  5. oneshot

    Scam Alert

    Paul Flores, claims to be the media man for VOP, "investigative reporter", begging for gift-cards also. I do believe this photo truely shows what vop is all about. Flip-down NVG's would be blocked by the large brim boonie hat, rendering the user blind. But the facts dont matter, they never have for this group of scammers, as long as they are looking tacticool, using Vets and sex-trafficing to advance their collection of gift-cards. (vop is now in possession of 3 drones, donated by gullible followers) (the atv recently donated by the gullible followers has been sold on craigs list) Guess I'm now on another ' NOT welcome list" ...hahaha
  6. oneshot

    Scam Alert

    Tucson police Chief Chris Magnus reply to mlam's claim of TPD support and who/what he is really dealing with...
  7. oneshot

    Scam Alert

    Claims of having the support of TPD, dresses 'tacticool' while wearing/flying the 'Thin Blue Line' gear, meanwhile he accuses Tucson PC Magnus of being the protecter of sex-trafficing cartels, Pima County Sheriffs of covering-up the sex-trafficing. Doxxing anyone who stands against him. Claims to welcome the VA at anytime, meanwhile on the "command-post" whiteboard, Tucson VA is clearly trespassed... Lie's, deception, criminal acts,All to gain another weeks worth of gift-cards, getting his ego feed by Paul Flores(another local "investigative reporter begging for gift-cards so he can "report" on VOP)
  8. oneshot

    Scam Alert

    Why would anyone care??? This is happening in Tucson, Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer lie's/video rants, daily on his youtube feed, to get more and more gift cards(gift cards can be exchanged for cash, non-taxable/un-traceable cash). This will NOT end well, an armed stand-off is in the future,(nothing would make mlam happyer)... (and Homie dont play that!!!)
  9. oneshot

    Scam Alert

    Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer of VOP(Veterans On Patrol) alpha co-Team pulaski (Tucson), a life long criminal, a conman with over 64k followers online, world wide exposure. #GingerCon4theGiftCards . While the original mission was a noble cause, helping homeless vets get back on their feet. mlam has turned VOP into a cash cow by requesting gift-cards/supplies in support of the farce in the desert, chasing fake child sex camps, making false accusations against TPD /PCSO and anyone else who questions his actions, trespassing, assaults, and intimidation. Claims of 'capturing" 11 illegal aliens, "saving 32" sex trafficed kids, shuting down 'sex-trafficing routes", hefty claims to be sure, but has NEVER produced proof of these actions. Three+ years of having the encampment and Vets are still living in un-heated/non a/c tents. NOT allowing the VA or others onto the property. #Lie4theGiftCards Using Vets/child sex-trafficing and saying God supports your 'mission". Playing on peoples emotions to get more gift-cards. #VileHuman
  10. oneshot

    Chigger Season Cure

    I know it doesnt sound right, but if you rub peanut butter on the affected areas, cover with saran-wrap (so you dont mess-up the bedding) and leave over-night, by the morning you be cleared up...
  11. oneshot

    Blinds & Hunting Ethics

    again, How is someone to know if you are east/west/100yds/3miles off the road??? a sign,parked vehicle doesnt give you the entire area...
  12. oneshot

    Blinds & Hunting Ethics

    I'm with him (and you). I've given a few earsful to people who drive past my truck on a dead-end road and stop to tell us that they are intending to hunt the same area I've just told them we're on our way to hunt. How is someone supossed to know where you are Hunting? left/right/100yds off the road/3miles off the road??? I always avoid water/roads, not worth the hassle of running into other's...
  13. oneshot

    Check your Out-Buildings/Sheds...

    Send him a message first, if it doesnt put a smile on your face, then it's 'wrong'...