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  1. oneshot

    Red flag laws

    ^^^This garbage-eater needs to be reported to the #FBI #SecretService ...
  2. oneshot

    Santa Rita Bears

    and Good luck to you AzLance... Stay safe...
  3. oneshot

    Santa Rita Bears

    Thanks for the info on the chiggers, that trick works really good for curing the itch, and now i carry a jar in my packs... I think the "old" style peanut butter, that you have to stir the oil in, works best...
  4. oneshot

    Biggest Coues Shed

    i haven't measured it yet, but placed it next to other big sheds/deadhead... The brown sheds are from a Coues that was number 2 in B&C (like 12?years ago), killed by someone else...
  5. oneshot

    Biggest Coues Shed

    Might just have to Rifle hunt this little cut, i have first hunt in this unit...
  6. oneshot

    Biggest Coues Shed

    so far anyways...
  7. oneshot

    Santa Rita Bears

    23AUG2019, Hoping for a close encounter...
  8. oneshot

    We need a CWT gathering

    Any group that would want me, is a group i don't want to belong to... Crazy faakers...
  9. oneshot

    Red flag laws

    Some of my writings/comments on-line/in person have raised ire, threats and accusations of my being 'racist" among the garbage-eaters. I have been doxx'd, sent death threats, and have had my vehicle banned from certain property's here in Green Valley, Az. (Villas East and West) Awaiting my turn to be 'swatted", reported for my beliefs/statements(vehicle has been reported to Pima Co Sheriffs a few times for my window lettering)... Under lawyers advice, i will continue to do what i do...
  10. oneshot

    'Violation of Community Standards"

    fb will also 'limit" pages exposure by not posting on folks news-feed, pages go from 800k views a week to 1500, and when fb is asked why??? they claim there must be a glich in the system... Yeah we know where the glich is... Keep-up the good works SnapShot...
  11. 30day bann/face-book jail for posting this photo on my personal fb page, along with the Pledge of Allegiance in text, reason given was that the post was in "violation of community standards" ie: someone got "offended" and reported it... fb, like most all other web-sites, can do what they want in regards to content, and this is one of the reasons why i have multi fb accounts. (just another "list" i'm on, a certain photo, the lettering on the back window of my FJ, will get me an instant, within seconds of posting, 30day bann, though i can type the words without being banned ???hahaha)... Fb bann is under "review", if things go as they have in the past, the post will be returned in a few days and bann lifted, but it will take 2-3weeks before i can use the page... My pages are public, anyone can comment anything they want, civil convos welcome...
  12. oneshot

    I don't carry for your Protection...

    While owning/running various anti-islamic fb pages, my death threat count would sometimes be in the 100's per DAY, most from the shitholastans, but local threats get sent straight to the #FBI, calling out the Tucson mosque "leaders" got me doxx'ed and many death threats from Tucson/Phx... I refuse to be a helpless victim or remain silent...
  13. oneshot


    Libs??? I prefer the term "garbage-eaters", it seems to fit them better...
  14. oneshot

    I don't carry for your Protection...

    BlackHawk CQC...
  15. oneshot

    I don't carry for your Protection...

    STILL awaiting/hunting for the correct cover for the phone line plug, cover, can't find either tallavera or the brushed stainless in the pattern needed... (After a total inside make-over (mind you everything was working/in good condition, but when the Woman says "lets do this...", i listen hahaha), paint/ tile flooring, stove/reffer/dish-washer/granite counter-tops, door hinges and handles/ceiling fans,mirrors in bathrooms, LIGHT SWITCH COVERS, and anything else that could be un screwed/replaced, this cover has eluded me so far... and kinda like my woman DelW, you brought it up once again hahaha