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  1. tomharveyb

    14x16 Davis wall tent with stove-price drop

    Tent is sold pending funds
  2. tomharveyb

    14x16 Davis wall tent with stove-price drop

    Price drop
  3. For sale is my Davis 14x16 wall tent. Bought new in 2014. Front and back door, window on each side. Internal frame. Wilderness wood stove with all fittings and pipe. Zippered bags for poles. Used maybe a dozen times. Hasn’t been used in past 5 years. One small mildew area-maybe a foot in dia. $1200 obo for all. Will set up for serious buyer.
  4. tomharveyb

    Torn rotator cuff. Any home remedies?

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it took me a full year to shoot a bow again and never was as strong as before. Then again, you’re a lot younger…that helps a lot! Best of luck to you
  5. tomharveyb

    WTB 12x15 Davis Wall tent

    Pm sent
  6. tomharveyb

    How bout them Devils!

    My right as an American is to root for any team that plays UofA. Sincerely, The Roach
  7. tomharveyb

    Turkey with my 8 gauge

    That’s really awesome!
  8. tomharveyb

    How bout them Devils!

    Yep…both teams get to eat Cheetos now.
  9. tomharveyb

    How bout them Devils!

    ASU won the same number of games over the weekend as U of A
  10. tomharveyb


    Refrig is gone
  11. tomharveyb


    For anyone mathematically challenged, that means it’s free to someone who can use it.
  12. tomharveyb


    Price reduction ..$50 off
  13. tomharveyb


    I don’t know. Renters had it in the garage. If it’s like most ice makers more than 2 weeks old..it doesn’t work. Sorry- best I can do
  14. tomharveyb


    Hi CWT members . I have a white GE 18cu ft refrig for sale. Was in a rental and I don’t need it. Works well. Good 2nd refrig for garage, etc. $50. Tom. 602-578-9322……texts only please.
  15. tomharveyb


    This is what is left of ammo..4 boxes .270, 200 rds 5.56, 2 boxes of .40 cal