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  1. tomharveyb

    Need Glassers in unit 22 tonight & tomorrow morning

    That information will be in my book.
  2. tomharveyb

    Need Glassers in unit 22 tonight & tomorrow morning

    I’ll call this. “My last $.02”. So if I’m reading things right, a hunt is a failure if it doesn’t end up with some critter on the ground. And conversely, it is a success if there is a dead critter. Every hunt I’ve been on is a success because I shared time outdoors , almost always with a friend or relative, got away from the city , business, phone calls , and politics. My son grew up hunting with my help as is my grandson now. We haven’t always come home with a critter, but it has never ruined a good time. The best lessons in life ,imo, come when things don’t work out the way we want. You don’t always get a smiley sticker on your paper and that’s ok.
  3. tomharveyb

    Need Glassers in unit 22 tonight & tomorrow morning

    ...Said no one, ever
  4. tomharveyb

    Need Glassers in unit 22 tonight & tomorrow morning

    Prepare for a beat down. Not allowed to say that on here.
  5. tomharveyb

    Need Glassers in unit 22 tonight & tomorrow morning

    Let me try again..wasn’t trying to divide anybody. Just airing My opinion. I said I was super happy to see a kid succeed. To all you guys who ripped me, No need to get your undies in a wad because I see things differently than you. Great buck, congrats
  6. tomharveyb

    Need Glassers in unit 22 tonight & tomorrow morning

    Ok so I’ll probably get beat up for this, but i’m a grown man who can take it. Don’t get me wrong....I’m super happy when a kid is successful. That being said, I hate the idea of a bunch of guys going out and covering every nook and cranny and calling in the “shooter” when they find their game. To me, that’s not what it’s all about. I hated the 20 man deer drives in Iowa where I grew up. I hate it when the big shot guides do it. Last week, it was just me and my grandson hunting, figuring out where the elk bed, where they feed, and getting a cow during the youth hunt as a result. To each their own I guess. My rant is over.
  7. tomharveyb

    Mountain Lion in Paradise Valley

    Nope....not a mt. Lion
  8. tomharveyb

    Youth cow elk success!

    Well done!!
  9. tomharveyb

    4a youth elk success

    Two weeks after my son Michael got his muzzy elk in unit 8 on evening of second day, grandson Ryan filled his tag on evening of 2nd day in 4a. After a bunch of “what if’s and if only” moments opening day, everything fell into place Saturday evening. After hearing a bull bugle close by, I told him....it’s on. A few minutes later 5 cows worked their way into the clearing , and he took care of business. I haven’t drawn a tag for myself for 9 years, but can’t imagine enjoying anything more than seeing the excitement of his success. Bust of luck to the kids still at it!0
  10. tomharveyb

    Short Cow Bison Hunt!!

    Congratulations! You were spared a mind numbing experience of waiting endless hours for something to happen.
  11. tomharveyb

    8 muzzy cow

    Not much to the story, but my son drew a unit 8 muzzy cow tag this year. Made 3 scouting trips during the summer to learn the area. Brandon (gunsmith 25-06 on cwt) was very helpful in giving some areas to check out -he lives in 8. When the season came, we came close opening morning, but were messed up by someone out walking their dog!!! The following evening and morning were pretty uneventful. The almost full moon and hot weather ...86 degrees, didn’t help. Saturday evening it all came together when we had 10 cows come through on their way to a trick tank. He picked a fully mature one and dropped her just before dark. We worked till 10:30 skinning, quartering, and hanging to cool. Picked her up next morning and back to camp , got meat on ice . What made this most special is 3 generations were involved-Dad, son, and grandson got to share the experience. Sorry picture a little fuzzy, but darkness was coming fast.
  12. tomharveyb

    Buffalo draw strategy

  13. tomharveyb

    Buffalo draw strategy

    How about enlightening us about the coming completion.
  14. tomharveyb

    NBA Walkout!

    I’ve been a big sports fan all my life, but no more! I’ll watch college football, basketball, and baseball.....unless they turn that into a political thing too. I’m done with the pro level! I hope they all go bankrupt
  15. tomharveyb


    Those are great! I can relate to way too many of them.