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  1. tomharveyb


    Me too, waited 10 years for this. This will be my last bull tag
  2. tomharveyb

    2022 Yamaha RMAX 4 1000

    You have a General that’s almost new as well…impressive! Buyers beware of this 3 post guy
  3. tomharveyb

    89 Evinrude 50 hp-FREE

    It’s gone! Glad somebody can use it
  4. tomharveyb

    3b muzzy cow hunt-early Dec

    Hi all. My cousin from Iowa drew a 3B December muzzleloader cow hunt this year. We’ve been up there scouting for a weekend already. Mainly checking out the roads and the country. He’s coming down around the end of October-he is a snowbird now, and we plan on doing more scouting plus going up several days prior to season. We drove around the Woolhouse area And lots of roads from there down to the reservation. Some nice looking country in 3B south, but I’ve never scouted it, or hunted it till this year. Any advice from you guys who have hunted this hunt in the past? G and F says this is mainly aimed at migratory animals. We would prefer to hunt off the woolhouse..we’re both looking back on 70 and not super excited at the idea of packing out an elk the hard way, but open to anything. Thanks .
  5. tomharveyb

    89 Evinrude 50 hp-FREE

    Free for the taking. First come, first served. Taken off Bass Tracker when I installed a 75 hp. Runs. Controls, cables included. Power trim/tilt does not work…fluid leaks out. I tried selling and got stood up twice. I thought cwt was different than Craigslist, but apparently I was wrong. It’s going to the landfill this weekend if nobody rescues it. I want it gone. PM only
  6. tomharveyb

    My sons first turkey 2022

    Excellent!! Congrats
  7. tomharveyb

    1989 50 hp Evinrude-price drop

    $175. Will throw in a Biden 2020 yard sign with it.
  8. tomharveyb

    1989 50 hp Evinrude-price drop

    New price $250.
  9. tomharveyb

    1989 50 hp Evinrude-price drop

    Bought it almost a year ago on CL. Just got around to installing it
  10. tomharveyb

    1989 50 hp Evinrude-price drop

    Up for sale first on CWT is my 50 hp Evinrude , taken off my Bass Tracker (replaced it with a 75 hp Merc). Runs well, idles a little rough, but has been very reliable in the 15 years +/- that I’ve owned it. Only problem with it is the power trim/tilt leaks and no longer works. That’s the stain you see on the concrete . You get the engine and controls and wiring harness for $250 PM me if interested
  11. tomharveyb

    Draw Results

    5bs early archery bull after 10 year wait. This will be my last bull tag unless I’m luckiest man alive
  12. tomharveyb

    Tag increase

    How about preference points..not bonus points. Works in Wyoming. You know exactly where you are , and nobody gets drawn with less points.
  13. tomharveyb

    Where's Casey? 5 in a row baby!!! 38 - 15

    As an ASU grad and long time fan, this is it! Herm seemed to have them headed in the right direction, then the violations and the investigations and coming punishment….he needs to go along with his buddy AD. The football program will be a train wreck for awhile.
  14. tomharveyb

    Elk Hunting

    I did the Dry Lake cow hunt cow hunt about 6 years ago. Bulls were bugling like crazy in November! Pretty short hunt. It was $600 back then. I see it’s $900 now. Good luck. San Carlos Res is a beautiful, wild place
  15. tomharveyb

    Where's Casey? 5 in a row baby!!! 38 - 15

    That’s actually funny….and true😂