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  1. tomharveyb

    Grandson’s first coues

    Grandson Ryan had a 34a youth tag this year. We missed opening morning because of his job. Got to the Gardner canyon area around noon, set up camp and got out for the evening. Saw one doe. Sat morning I glassed up 2 bucks and 3 does. The bigger buck bedded down at 300 yards at 7:30 , while the others went over a ridge. A few minutes later a doe walked by the tree where we saw the buck was bedded. She stared into the tree where he was, and as luck would have it, he got up and followed her up the ridge. When the buck stopped at 350, I told him to hold 2 in. over his back. At the shot, he staggered a few steps, and went down. He was super excited to say the least, but the pack out took most of that away. 4 hours after boning the deer out and packing back to camp, all was good. That deer lived in the steepest , nastiest canyon possible…or so it seemed to this 72 year old, while huffing and puffing him out. Beautiful country though. The grasshoppers down there are HUGE, and they eat meat!
  2. tomharveyb

    Caught peekin

    The problem with his leaving is who we would get !
  3. tomharveyb

    27 Ft Fifth Wheel Trailer For Sale

    Pm sent
  4. tomharveyb

    Help with Kaibab 101

    I don’t have anything to add about Kaibab but about the knee....get it replaced! I had my 2nd one done 7 weeks ago..turns back the clock 20 years. Don’t hesitate.
  5. tomharveyb

    Good News

    My son (46) passed suddenly on June 26. Very rough time for us right now. The good news? He’s in heaven because he received Christ as his Lord and savior when he was 17.
  6. tomharveyb

    Tons of Critters at the Waterhole

    Thanks for posting...nice video!
  7. tomharveyb

    Big Lake Fishing Question

    Did great on power bait from shore a couple weeks ago. 4# line, #8 or 10 hook, split shot 18” above hook. Easy limits at south cove. Hard to catch and release with power bait, tho. We fished spinners when we wanted to catch and release. We did ok on spinners...bait was better.
  8. tomharveyb

    06 Ranger 700xp

  9. tomharveyb

    2021 Az Buffalo Success!!!

    Congratulations! I logged 14 days in a blind 5 years ago with zero opportunity. Up to 11 points and will try again, if the draw lets me. It makes for some really, really long days, tho.
  10. tomharveyb

    06 Ranger 700xp

    67 ave/Bell. Glendale
  11. tomharveyb

    06 Ranger 700xp

    Up for sale is my 06 Ranger. I am selling as is with some sort of problem with electrical system. Runs rich, and idles rough. Dash light showing code 22-tps issue. Easy fix IF you can find it. I’m putting it on CWT only to see if someone wants it who has more experience/ability/patience than me. $3500 firm. If it doesn’t sell, I’m taking it to dealer and getting it squared away. Price will then be adjusted. Hauled 2 elk out last fall...ran fine. Only 218 hours. Good condition generally.
  12. tomharveyb

    Bison reduction project

    I wondered how long it would take to rip Russ Jacoby. Less than an hour. What does he have to do with this?
  13. Sorry, but I don’t get it.
  14. tomharveyb

    Tick Tock

    All 3 accounts in my family...same thing