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  1. Ohthatguy

    Spring results

    Well with the screw ups, who knows? It does look like there are more leftovers than usual. My Turkey and Bear tags have been resolved but I still have a pig app floating around in la la land. No hit on account, no point and no info... And of course, my two choices have no left overs. Pretty amazing. I guess I need to call them again.
  2. Ohthatguy

    left over tags

    +1 However, after I dropped it in the mailbox, I got to wondering if the screw up would mean a few permits may be available in units that usually max out in the draw.. Oh well, I just went for the sure thing. My original piggy app is still floating around somewhere..
  3. Ohthatguy

    Unit 22 advice

    440 yards away from any campground at Rosi. Just make sure you stay on the 22 side. (North of the bridge and west of the lake)
  4. Ohthatguy

    left over tags

    I seriously hope your're kidding. Well then you should adopt me and donate your tags to me since I didn't draw turkey and my pig tag is still lost in cyber space. It's probably easier and faster to adopt me than simply draw a tag through the current system. Gotta feel bad for those that work there since none of this is their fault but they get to deal with the mess.
  5. Ohthatguy

    spring draw

    Saturday night at 6:00PM, and I just got dinged for $25.00 so they are doing something. I don't know if it's for bear or pig as my portal doesn't indicate anything yet. So, keep an eye on your bank account and portal. Hopefully they will get the leftover list out soon too..
  6. Well something is happening! Not sure what they are doing but I just got dinged for 25.00 on my account.(Saturday at 6:00PM.) Since it's for 25.00, I don't yet know if it's for pig or bear. My portal still shows nada on both so the updates haven't happened yet. Not sure how long that will take but I'm happier now. Keep an eye on your accounts and portal. Update: On Sunday morning my portal shows I was drawn for bear but still shows nothing yet for pig.
  7. Ohthatguy

    spring draw

    Me too. I was not drawn and was awarded my BP for turkey but zero information on bear and pig. (No "not drawn" and no BP) My turkey app had 2 hunters on it if that matters.
  8. Knothead: Did you receive your bonus point for turkey? Also for others, I'm curious, has anyone been awarded a bonus point that was NOT drawn for piggies? I know several people that did draw but don't know of anyone that didn't draw but was awarded their point.. My guess as to the resolution: All those applicants who were lost in cyber space, (if that is the case), will be awarded a point and the explanation given will be simply that they were not drawn but the system simply failed to indicate that and in turn, no bonus points were automatically awarded.. "But rest assured, you were entered and just not drawn". And this could actually be the case. Regardless, now that people have been told that they were drawn, there is no way they can do the draw over and if we are talking about thousands of tags, they really can't issue too many more tags than prescribed or the populations will take a hit.. I now have my bowl of popcorn in my lap as I watch the show that I may be in myself!! This could get interesting..
  9. I will call them tomorrow if they are open. My license is good till Dec 31 so that shouldn't be an issue. Hopefully it's just that the system is still updating.. Well as of 9:15 this morning, I was told that they still don't have the results back yet but to keep checking the portal today. Definitely not a warm fuzzy feeling about the whole situation but we shall see.. Not a conspiracy theorist at all but if they goofed and failed to enter a bunch of people into the draw, and then simply award bonus points to those people, how would anyone know the difference? Does anyone audit this process?
  10. I will call them tomorrow if they are open. My license is good till Dec 31 so that shouldn't be an issue. Hopefully it's just that the system is still updating..
  11. I have all my receipts for Javi, bear and turkey. I have not been charged anything on my bank account other than the application fees and my portal shows only that I was not drawn for turkey. No mention of bear or javelina. Not sure if the site is still in the process of updating or I was never entered into the draw. I guess it's time to call them. And it shows no bonus points for neither javelina nor bear but the 1 for turkey is shown. But either way, Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. Ohthatguy

    Looking For A RattleSnake Guide

    If this is real, I would re-post and remove the word guide from your request. As soon as you mention "guide", you introduce a lot of messy legal aspects. .If you just want to know where to find snakes, it may be helpful to know what type you are looking for. Diamondbacks, black tails, AZ black, sidewinders, Mojave etc. While there are snakes pretty much everywhere, you really do have to know where to go to actually find some in numbers. It's amazing how many people say they have never seen a rattlesnake even after living here for many years..
  13. Ohthatguy

    Cc hits?

    I was in the G&F main office yesterday getting my 16 licenses and OTC tags and the nice lady said the draw was happening "right now", so expect hits any day.
  14. Ohthatguy

    Anyone having problems with putting in for spring draw

    While I was able to go through the on-line process for 3 hunts without a hitch, including printing off receipts, I ran into an issue that I thought others might run into. Short version: If you made multiple payments as I did, check your bank statements to make sure the bank didn't reject one or more thinking they were duplicates. The long version: The day after I went through the process I was looking at my bank statement and noticed that a 13.00 charge was missing. (This is BOA btw. Insert looong rant about their automated system here) I called G&F and they indicated everything was good. Back to BOA to inform them that it was not a duplicate charge and they can pay it. CAN'T happen. G&F would have to put it through again. Back to G&F and they said they would contact me when the charge got denied. (I have to say that she was VERY nice, polite and helpful) I was never contacted but two days later there was a new 13.00 charge dated on the original date???? I'm not sure how it was resolved but as it stands now, I think I am in for three draws.