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  1. 2 hours ago, Ed67 said:

    I have a Thompson Center Renegade .54 with a mounted 1 power extended eye relief scope along with some balls, patches, primers if interested.   

    Thanks for the offer. I should have stated, however, that I’m interested in a more modern, inline model. Just want to get my feet wet with something already setup with modern parts.

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  2. Viper - I purchased mine a few weeks ago too and my impressions are similar to yours. It hasn't been very cold here at the house and while I'm certainly not cold while wearing it, I don't feel as warm as expected. I unfortunately won't have a chance to test it in really cold weather until January, but I'm hoping with layering it works as well as promised. Maybe it's a similar concept to the merino base layers, feels comfortable in a wide range of temps. It's hard to imagine something so thin could be warm!