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    Newbie Here - Need Any Unit 21 AZ Elk Advice

    Ya snakes and rough country tough hunt... I love hunting that unit for deer
  2. Jrodphx

    No sheds but a pretty nice Dead head

  3. Wow mind me askin what foxpro you use those numbers are insane
  4. Jrodphx

    Looking for a woodmaster

    Hey I figured I would give it a shot. Looking for a Remington woodmaster in 270,30-06, or 243 anyone have one laying around??
  5. Jrodphx

    Looking for a woodmaster

    negative. I know someone has one laying around that no longer uses it.
  6. Jrodphx

    Two Pistols For Sale

    Second if guy backs out on Taurus
  7. Jrodphx

    Wtb rangefinder

    Buddy is Looking to spend under 150$ tried eBay for a vortex no luck
  8. Jrodphx

    What is this ? Creepy

    Lol mind if I ask what model tasco cam you have pretty dang clear pictures. I never run my cams on here though though fear of them draining to fast
  9. Jrodphx

    Blocking FS Road !!!

    Mind if I borrow the pics and blast him on fb
  10. Jrodphx

    A few to share

    Ya man thanks what kind of tape 👍🏻
  11. Jrodphx

    A few to share

    I'm with non typical my browning gave me 4500 pictures of grass moving before
  12. Jrodphx

    Loren McReynolds Goes Down

    Macpoach outfitters???
  13. Jrodphx

    Freaks of the Woods

    Buck shots
  14. Jrodphx

    Freaks of the Woods

    Well this can be considered a freak. Little background on that deer.. was killed in southern Mexico guy posted pictures on his facebook about it and is now under investigation. A friend sent me this picture and asked if I ever seen anything like this.
  15. Jrodphx

    White Deer!

    Nice pictures seems a bit offwhite. I've seen a picture of a albino doe that was killed in Mexico. That one was bright white someone posted on social media and got busted.
  16. Jrodphx

    7E Peaks Bull 10/6

    Don't know why I thought it was 9/6 lol well one month and 5 days good luck whoever gets it.
  17. Jrodphx

    7E Peaks Bull 10/6

    dang 5 days to scout for the "next man up" good luck whoever takes that chance at a handicapped hunt.
  18. Jrodphx

    What to do after snake bite?

    Seen two of these bad boys one escaped the other gutted and skinned 👍🏻. I too would like to know what to do after a rattlesnake bite?
  19. Jrodphx

    Where, o where?

    West of kaibab lake?
  20. Jrodphx

    Where, o where?

    Unit 21 👍🏻
  21. Jrodphx

    unit 21

    They split the hunt. Half the number of permits one week the next week is the other half. So it shouldn't be as congested.
  22. Jrodphx

    Deer and Water

    One of my cams had deer and javalina coming in every day!! Except when it rained they would avoid it for 1-2 days. I have a 2-3 hour window when they come in. This camera alone is making me change my august archery hunt unit...
  23. Jrodphx

    Some to share

    Nice pics
  24. Jrodphx

    Where am I?

  25. Jrodphx

    Chairless chair

    Haha that would be hilarious. I don't know where to buy them at unfortunately I came across it and decided to share it