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    Recreational Trail Camera use is at Stake!

    I see two results: 1. lack of competition in the guiding industry. This rule is going to hit the small/part-time guys and start ups way more than it will the big outfitters with full time staff. Trail cams are vital to guys that have to scout around full time jobs 2. We’ll probably see more younger bucks/bulls getting tagged, maybe even an uptick in overall success rates. It’s not that hard to pass on a 2 yo 3x3 buck or a little raghorn bull when you’ve got a bunch of pictures of bigger boys on your phone. Those smaller critters are a lot more tempting when you have no idea what else is around. if guides are really the problem, I don’t see why they can’t pass laws that specifically pertain to them. There’s a vast difference between a weekend/recreational hunter and someone that’s conducting commercial activities on public land and consuming public resources
  2. mattys281

    My sons first elk/big game harvest.

    Congrats! Nice job guys
  3. mattys281

    Thanksgiving buck

    Nice job! Congrats
  4. mattys281

    F 2020

    That sucks man, sorry to hear it. I gotta look into those freezer alarms, my wife had 3 loaded freezers:
  5. mattys281

    Muzzleloader Madness

    Wow! Nice one! Way to go guys
  6. mattys281

    The 2009 100" post

    2014 buck, grossed 113”. Old guy’s teeth were worn down to his gums, my taxi said he was on the downhill slide and probably wouldn’t have made it through the winter. Wish I could’ve seen him a year or two earlier.
  7. mattys281

    Gun salesman of the year.

    Only fitting, his pal Barrack was the best dang gun salesman I ever saw. Looks like ole Joe from Scranton will try to follow in his footsteps
  8. mattys281

    Palmated Carp

    Nice one!
  9. mattys281

    Container gardening for a total begginer

    I was thinking about growing some of that myself. Never really been into it, but if the gov is going to lock us all up at home and kill the economy (again), then screw it! Might as well try new things
  10. mattys281

    Container gardening for a total begginer

    I didn’t. Tried to flood them, but it didn’t work. They wiped out my entire pumpkin patch, about 15 plants. They got a few before I even knew what I was dealing with. They dig up right underneath the plant, eat the roots and the stem, then bury their hole behind them when they leave. I didn’t want to use poison, because my dogs have caught and ate a few rodents, so I tried to flood and trap. They won that round. in the future, if you’re planting melons or gourds in hills or digging out a planter bed, you have to lay down steel wire eat the bottom so they can’t get through it.
  11. mattys281

    Container gardening for a total begginer

    Anything in particular that you’ll be growing? 😜
  12. mattys281

    Container gardening for a total begginer

    You’re not the only one with a black thumb of death on this forum amigo. I could never get it right when I lived down in the valley, I either started too early and a late frost got me or I went too late and the heat killed everything, I was in Avondale at the time. this was the first year that I really hit it hard since moving, up in the Prescott area. Our property came with pots of nice big brick planters, so I thought Man! This is going to be awesome!!! Turns out growing in a pine forest is no picnic either. All your ‘sunny spots’ are only really sunny for a few hours per day, the water here is super alkaline which anything acidic hates (peppers, tomatoes, blueberries, etc), and the deer and squirrels that are soooo cute and attractive while house shopping become your mortal enemy. However, it’s important to note if deer and squirrels are the mildly irritating ahole neighbors of your garden, the chipmunks and gophers are the devil incarnate! I lost count of how many rodents I trapped and killed this summer, but in the end they ate more veggies than we did. We got a really good haul on zucchinis, cucumbers and tomatoes. A few eggplants and some strawberries. In general though what I got the most of was a rough education.
  13. mattys281


    That’s awesome man! Congrats to both of you. We glassed up a lion sitting on top of a rock a few weeks ago on my buddy’s coues hunt, but it was a loooong shot and missed.
  14. mattys281

    Who hear is a leader/boss?

    I saw a lot of good tips on here, but didn’t read through them all so forgive me if I’m redundant. I was the general manager of. 45+ employee aerospace machine shop for a number of years before striking out with my own company. I had no leadership experience what so ever prior to getting that job, I went from being a manufacturing engineer/Cnc programmer to being everybody’s boss all at once. It was definitely one of those experiences where I had to learn to swim by being tossed into the deep end. Based on that , I’d say communication is probably numeral uno for successful leadership. First step for you is to define your role with your employer. Are you a manager or a supervisor? They’re not the same thing. What level of responsibility do you have and what authority? Have a meeting with your boss, take notes. Always take notes and keep them. After that you should address your subordinates and make sure they understand your new role as well as you do. Also make sure they know you’re there to support and help them as much as possible, you’re not I interested in busting balls, but be clear that the priorities that the boss has flowed down to you are the priorities of your team. If there’s entrenched people (also known as ‘unfireables’) I’d address them separately and be honest about your new role. Make sure they know you respect their experience, you recognize your own inexperience and you are counting on them to help make the team successful. If part of your new role is to address employee performance and discipline, make sure you take good notes and keep a log of employee accomplishment/praise as well as disciplinary issues. I had several managers under me, so I made sure there was always two of us in the room for these discussions, and documented who was there on my log. This is log is vitally important if someone has to be fired and hen they try to sue or file a bs unemployment claim. I had to fax my discipline log to the unemployment office a couple times, but nobody I fired ever got a dime out of the company afterwards. its an exciting growing and learning experience. Your boss should be your safety, make sure you use it! When in doubt, ask questions. best of luck!
  15. mattys281

    Kansas 2020

    Ps congrats! Awesome buck!
  16. mattys281

    Kansas 2020

    You got way more discipline than me, I would’ve missed at least half a dozen deer by now . good luck and thanks for sharing!
  17. mattys281

    Coues buck with my recurve.

    Outstanding buck! Congrats
  18. mattys281

    Private gun sale prices soar with Biden win

    Wait it out a week or two, you can get more
  19. mattys281

    1st Coues, finally....

    Very nice! Congrats to you guys
  20. mattys281

    Punched my 2020 Tag

    Wow that’s some mass on that guy. Big congrats!
  21. mattys281

    Hunters Not Voting

    We got a dang good show for you today! Yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh!
  22. mattys281

    Arrow Length

    I would guess it’ll shoot fine and group right with your others at short ranges. I’ve noticed a difference in point if impact on arrows that were supposed to be the same (but from different batches) at 40 yards. Only a couple inches but enough to make me crazy. A micrometer and grain scale revealed that my new arrows were .003” smaller diameter and 15 grains lighter.
  23. mattys281

    Close encounters...

    Aaahhhh dammit! You beat me to it...
  24. mattys281

    Close encounters...

    Just sayin hello. Birds are pretty funny sometimes. I’ve lost count of how many humming birds have tried to eat my orange and yellow fletchings while sitting in treestands.
  25. mattys281

    A Halloween herp

    Ps FWIW, google says that pic is photoshopped. This is allegedly the original. Still a creepy bastard!