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    Self defense shooting

    Just make sure the scumbag is whiter than snow before you defend yourself. If he’s any shade of brown, then you’re a murderer and will be charged. ive personally taken to carrying a handful of the paint selection strips from Home Depot so I can quickly evaluate whether the mugger is an actual criminal or just some poor down trodden soul that’s only trying to get reparations for something he was never a victim of and I was never a perpetrator of. for the love of god, if they’re any darker than spring mocha HOLD YOUR FIRE!
  2. mattys281

    Lost Hunters?

    Glad they turned up.
  3. mattys281

    Tree Stands

    I can’t stay awake in my summit climber to save my life. Just looking at that thing makes me drowsy, had to take the seat off a few times so I had to stand the whole time and couldn’t get to comfy in it. ive been using a tree saddle a lot the last couple years. If you get nervous in a tree stand, you haven’t seen anything til you try a saddle. Nothing but the rope and a prusik knot holding you up. Yeehaw!
  4. Finally ponied up the doe to buy some good glass, and bought me a pair of rangefinder Leica binos. I love them, man what a difference. They’re pretty heavy though, and I don’t like the way they ride on my old Nikon bino harness. What do you guys that use these heavier binos carry them with? I poked around a little and know there’s a million options, just wanted some first hand opinions. thanks
  5. mattys281

    2020 Archery Bull Elk Down

    Congrats, that’s an outstanding bull!
  6. mattys281


    I’d check with doug at camera land https://cameralandny.com/ and look at display models of top end glass. I recently bought a pair of display model Leica rangefinder binos that normally sell for $2900ish for a little under $2000. Best glass I’ve ever seen, and the condition is perfect. i know a lot of guys on here like and suggest vortex. I’ve bought two of the their products over the years and returned them both. If it was me, I’d save up a couple hundred extra bucks and buy something top shelf. There’s a reason for the price gap.
  7. That’s what I thought it was a deer splat or a twenty pound squirrel one of the two lol!
  8. Dang man that looks like a lot of blood from a squirrel! They must be big over there my buddy I hunt with in Nebraska loves those things, says it’s his favorite meat. I’m told it has a kinda nutty flavor to it, but I’ve yet to try it myself. going out to try to shoot some dogs this morning, guess if I see a squirrel I’ll see if I can’t head tap it with the ole AR
  9. mattys281

    First Bull With A Bow

    Congrats on your bull! Sounds like you had a great hunt
  10. mattys281

    8 muzzy cow

    Nice work, congrats! i had an archery bull tag in 8 this year. It’s been a warm one for sure!
  11. mattys281

    New Mexico elk 2020

    Great job, congrats to all.
  12. mattys281

    New to Arizona

    Yep. I love hunting mulies and coues in Az, but it’s also a blast to sit in tree stands on fence rows and see swollen whitetail bucks push does around. I can’t wait for November! welcome to Az new guy!
  13. mattys281

    Tips for finding bucks in 36B

    As others have said, glass, glass, and glass, and then just when you can’t stare through those binos for another minute... you glass some more. Some days I would swear that coues aren’t really deer at all but rather gophers with antlers. They seem to tunnel under ground, appear out of no where and then disappear. One day I witnessed a doe pull the disappearing act right in front of me, and fortunately I was close enough (150 yards) that I got to see how she pulled her trick. She literally got down on her belly and crawled up inside a low growing juniper. Had I not known she was there, I probably never would have been able to see her bedded inside that tree. As it was all I could see of her was her nose and ears depending on which way she was facing. I’ve since found several bedded down inside of nasty thick bushes or drainages where you can only see part of their head. You have to learn to look for parts of the deer. I usually see the ears first. They’ll bed down and hide out just about anywhere. You have to look every where. I also like to try to glass from good ambush points, like a knob above a good saddle with some trails in it. I’ve had deer walk out in the open right below me quite a few times while glassing. Also, if you’re changing glassing locations, make sure you glass as thoroughly as you can in front of you as you’re moving. There’s a basin where I’ve killed a couple little bucks by sitting ambushes, that I have a few predetermined glassing spots along the way.
  14. mattys281

    Big D strikes again

    Congrats that’s one helluva bull! Sounds like a great hunt, lots of action
  15. mattys281

    New Mexico elk 2020

    Good luck and safe travels
  16. mattys281

    Bino harness for heavy glass???

    How does that thing ride with a backpack over it? Straps look a little big on it
  17. mattys281

    Good One Gone

    Dang man that’s not near enough years for a good dog to be by your side. Sorry for your loss
  18. mattys281

    7th day 3a/3c Bull

    Congrats to him that’s a dandy for sure
  19. mattys281

    Day 10 Archery Bull

    That’s awesome man! Congrats
  20. mattys281

    Rut Activity

    We’ve been here since Wednesday and have seen at least a couple every day. No big herds though and they’ve been pretty quiet where we’re at too. Got a bunch of night time movement on trail cam, mostly going to and from water. i called in a little bull that was bugling up a storm to about 8 yards the other day and stalked a couple spike bulls the day before that. This has been the quietest elk rut I’ve ever seen, but this is also the first time Ive hunted 8. I’m sure there’s better spots it’s a big unit. Should’ve done more scouting I guess
  21. mattys281

    Son's first archery bull

    Congrats! Well done
  22. mattys281

    Tough archery hunt

    Great buck! Congrats
  23. mattys281

    Some People’s Attitudes!!!!

    You’re a funny sob, never let the ultra super serious types slow your roll. Do I need to dedicate a Luke combs song to you to make you fell better?
  24. mattys281

    Some People’s Attitudes!!!!

    I think @trphyhntr nailed it, all the forums I’ve been on over the years have really slowed down, and every single one of them has ‘old timers’ pissin and moaning about the new punks chasing everyone away. It’s called nostalgia, humans are programmed to always think last year was better than this and that 10 years ago was much better than last year and the music from our high school years was the golden age of rock/country/whatever. Quit being a bunch of crotchety old bastards and grab the horse by the reins. If you feel there’s not enough quality content, then please contribute some. If you think some people are diks than set a higher moral standard of prudishness and don’t slink to their level. Use the ignore function. Easy peasy. i personally think this is still one of the best hunting forums on the web and I enjoy checking in from time to time. Good luck all, go sling some pointy sticks at innocent and defenseless woodland creatures.
  25. Holy cow! Way to get started! Great shooting especially for a youngen!