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  1. Tedo

    WTB 1-4 or 1-6 power scope

    Trijicon Accu Point 1-4 x24 $400
  2. Tedo

    Anyone selling Labrador puppies?

    My wife was doing some sewing and our Lab pup felt neglected because she wasn't the center of attention, she gulped down the needle and thread wife was using. A trip to the vet and surgery was required to retrieve needle and thread. Labs are great dogs.
  3. Tedo

    FS Winchester model 77 22 rifle

    Is the receiver grooved for tip off mounts? Can't tell from photos.
  4. 2004 Arctic Fox 22H four season travel trailer. Has AC, furnace, microwave, 3 burner stove w oven, tv and dvd, stereo, flat screen tv and dvd player, 2 way water heater and refrigerator/freezer. Bed forward and seated and dinette make up into bunks, great for a couple people. Will include outside grill, two spares, and equalizing hitch. $6500.
  5. Tedo

    12" Canoe w/ Electric Motor

    SOLD Thanks to all for the interest.
  6. Tedo

    12" Canoe w/ Electric Motor

    Price lowered to $235
  7. Great Canadian 12' canoe with seat backs and 34 lb thrust Minkota electric motor. $285
  8. Tedo

    S&W Classic 629

    The post office in Sunsets is prominently labeled Pearce,Az and the surrounding area is considered Pearce. I am located five miles from the PO toward the Stronghold and am included in "Pearce", guess it just a mailing address thing.
  9. Tedo

    S&W Classic 629

    Sold pending funds. Thanks to all for the interest.
  10. Tedo

    S&W Classic 629

    Hunter72 Thanks for your interest but already have a K frame. And to muledeerarea33, Pearce is located in where you described.
  11. Tedo

    S&W Classic 629

    Yes I am located in Pearce.
  12. Tedo

    S&W Classic 629

    Yes .44 Magnum. S&W 29s or stainless 629 are .44s.
  13. Tedo

    S&W Classic 629

    5" S&W Classic for sale. Three holsters included, a Diamond D Guides Choice, a Simply Rugged Pancake and a Uncle Mikes nylon w/ belt, also RCBS carbide set with shell holder. Low round count, primarily mid range cast SWC. I carried this while fishing the salmon streams when I lived up in Alaska. The Guides Choice holster worked well when fly fishing, riding a four wheeler or snow machine. $950.
  14. Tedo

    12 Gallon Fuel Tank

    Still Available