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  1. Tikka

    Left Over List

    I don’t think it’s going to happen, with limited tags throughout the west... it’s a sad thing and I feel for the young generations...
  2. Tikka

    Left Over List

    "tags and insta celebrities selling 120” elk sheds for $2500" Isn't flat brimmed Chester a piece of work?
  3. Tikka

    Left Over List

    Well I think I have a 1:2000 chance at the 1 tag left I was looking for.... "so your saying there's a chance"
  4. Tikka

    Left Over List

    Your handle name says it all
  5. Anyone know when the leftover list will be out?
  6. Tikka


    Thats awesome, Im heading down there in a few weeks for the HAM hunt... Did you see many? we hunted it last year and did not see a lot, I think 9 in 5 days... Congrats!
  7. Tikka

    First Coues hunt

    Awesome, congrats to you and Cory... They are addicting!
  8. Tikka


    that's a good deal for someone...
  9. Tikka

    Two Point Tuesday

    oh he!! yes, I'd love to get a big two like... Nicely done!!!!
  10. Well done and congrats on memories to last a lifetime!
  11. This is good stuff, you’ve got plenty of support rooting for ya!!!
  12. Tikka

    FS: 25-06 Reloading Setup: SOLD

    Good deal for someone looking for added components. I'm in need of just the dies.
  13. Tikka

    For Sale Reloading Components

    sent you a text Thanks