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  1. Tikka

    Slik PRO 724 CF - New In Box

    That's a sweet deal for someone in the market... I just bought the Slik Lite CF-422 or I'd pick it up...
  2. Tikka

    1st javalina

    Pretty cool, congrats to the two of you...
  3. Tikka

    1st Javelina HAM Hunt

    I used the Rem ultimate muzzleloader in .50 cal. I know it’s always a gamble, I just didn’t want the hunt to end before it really even began... I don’t think I’ll do that in the future...
  4. Tikka

    1st Javelina HAM Hunt

    Sure wished I new the trick for rotating the pictures, sorry guys...
  5. Tikka

    1st Javelina HAM Hunt

    Just returned from my first Javelina Hunt... let me just say you guys that live in Arizona, I’m a little jealous everywhere I’ve been in your state has been really enjoyable... Anyhow back to the hunt, day one my first 20 minutes and I passed 2 pigs at 60yds... I didn’t want it to end that soon... well little did I know that could have been the wrong decision... Saturday morning comes around and we spot 3 more fighting and chasing each other up and down a hillside... well I miss them 3 times at ranges from 220-330yds... I wouldn’t see anything else until Monday morning... Monday we wake up to a little snow on the ground with high hopes for some good tracking... well the snow didn’t provide anything fresh as far as tracks go and the wind was terrible... I just about called it quits for the morning when I glasses up two Javies about 1500yds out... so off I went and got into 120yds and the rest is history... i had a great time as always...
  6. Tikka

    AWO 2019 Pig Contest

    Anyone know if Don is doing his pig contest in 18b this year?
  7. Tikka

    My Boy's first coues.....

    Awesome 👊
  8. Tikka

    CVA Optima V2

    Adam I would highly recommend looking into Parker Bullets https://parker-productions-llc.myshopify.com/collections/ballistic-extreme great bullets... Barnes Bullets are great also.... X2 Blackhorn... Welcome to the muzzy game you'll have fun...
  9. Tikka

    My Boy's first coues.....

    Great buck congrats too the two of you... I'd like to see a picture of his 200" buck?
  10. Tikka

    35 A camp spot

    How did you hunts go? I'll be down there all of next week...
  11. Tikka

    Proud Day for our Family

    Congrats to you and your family!
  12. Tikka


    Thats quite a run... Very special buck congrats!!!
  13. Tikka

    Elton Bingham's Rifle

    That's the good stuff, thank you for sharing a part of your life...
  14. Tikka

    Wyoming Adventure

    That's awesome Adam, congrats!!!
  15. I hope he puts 10,000 troops down there.... Those ranges are trashed because of the illegals and we need to stop it....