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  1. Anyone know when the leftover list will be out?
  2. Tikka


    Thats awesome, Im heading down there in a few weeks for the HAM hunt... Did you see many? we hunted it last year and did not see a lot, I think 9 in 5 days... Congrats!
  3. Tikka

    First Coues hunt

    Awesome, congrats to you and Cory... They are addicting!
  4. Tikka


    that's a good deal for someone...
  5. Tikka

    Two Point Tuesday

    oh he!! yes, I'd love to get a big two like... Nicely done!!!!
  6. Well done and congrats on memories to last a lifetime!
  7. This is good stuff, you’ve got plenty of support rooting for ya!!!
  8. Tikka

    FS: 25-06 Reloading Setup: SOLD

    Good deal for someone looking for added components. I'm in need of just the dies.
  9. Tikka

    For Sale Reloading Components

    sent you a text Thanks
  10. Tikka

    For Sale Reloading Components

    what are your thoughts on price for the 25.06 die?
  11. Tikka

    Leica Spotting Scope FS

    you have me thinking...
  12. Tikka

    Tikka T3x vs Bergara B14 HMR

    Tikka!!! and never look back
  13. that's a good looking bullet/case combo