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  1. 12 hours ago, turbo said:

    That is a great trad harvest, especially in AZ. Drought this year seems to have "shrunk" the antlers a little on lots of bucks. Got real close to one today, and looked like the tines had shrunk down on thick beams. 

    Great job on the harvest. I bet that "luck" on the trad bow kill involved you having the discipline to keep the bow handy in case something went down. 

    He also broke his G2 off flush with the beam on the side with the double eyeguard, neat buck regardless.  I did happen to have the longbow handy glassing, attempting to thump some doves, rabbits. He came to me dogging a doe,  I had to stop him which put him on full alert at maybe 25 yards.  I slightly plucked the string on release and pulled a couple inches back, but fortunately he also jumped the string and wheeled into what ended up being a decently placed quartering away shot...  I watched him go a couple hundred yards into a little ravine which he never exited.  


      They're just such jumpy little deer, combined with my limited scouting/hunting time down there and max effective range of maybe 35, I really hadn't given the longbow much realistic thought.  Maybe if I were a resident I would put a realistic effort into it.  I'm also not a big fan of sitting water, treestands or a blind either, I go stir crazy sitting...

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  2. Just recently returned last week from 20 days in the desert.  I left shortly after Christmas to try to fill my 2020 tag and then stay to hunt my 2021 tags.  I usually hunt a little later in January to coincide with the rut, but I wanted to give 2020 one last hurrah as well.   I was fortunate enough to fill my 2020 tag with 1 day to spare, and with the longbow to boot.(Decent older buck, I wasn't picky)  I had no intention of using it to fill that tag but it just happened to be convenient at the time. (Crazy story in itself).  With the Monkey off my back I decided I would shop for a really good buck during the rest of my hunt and also fill my javelina tags.  I had a couple decent opportunities at some really great bucks under 50 yards that just didn't materialize, no shots fired.  On the last day I decided I would shoot the first deer I could find a long as it had 6 points, and well I shot the first deer that I saw with 6 points.  Not a trophy buck but I do love coues steaks....  Great times, got to hunt 9 different units, killed an animal in 4 different units, got to hang with my brother and a good friend in the woods for a few days also....







      A couple cool buffleheads...


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  3. For what its worth I think you would enjoy the late hunt.  October hunt you have a chance to kill a good buck if you find his home turf.  After the shooting starts it gets tougher by season, deer hunker down and become tougher to turn up, move less during the day in the open.  Late December is definitely better as bucks start to travel more looking for groups of does, you definitely see more deer on their feet.  Bucks may not be with does but they will not be far and likely on the move. It's a super fun hunt and if you will see lots of deer and maybe a good one.  If you're lucky you might see a little pre/early rut action if it cools down especially after Christmas.   North/central they rut a little earlier but generally lower populations and thicker country, South they rut later but more deer in general and more glassable IMO.  If I were not familiar with areas I would stay away from the 6's, 30A&B.  I'm not a fan of the 21-24's personally...some are...



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  4. For some reason this movie quote kept running through my mind while reading this thread.... :D

    "Mr. Madison, what you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response, were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."

    I have 10 fingers...

    ...no you have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs

    .... 10 fingers

    ......no you have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs

    .... You're stupid

    .... No, You're stupid

     That Crap you read on the internet...

  5. 13 hours ago, brhoton said:


    4. There have been several posts about people glad that the raffle guy killed and I did not because I bought the tag, i agree completely with those comments.  Tol is a great guy that got lucky and drew a great tag and killed a smoker buck.


    That's a pretty classy comment...props!

    Not to mention the rest of the response was fair and seems like a very accurate portrayal with no finger pointing.

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  6. 1 hour ago, yotebuster said:

    If I’m not mistaken Wyoming commissioner tags allow you to hunt only with the open weapon during the open season.  So either they were breaking the law or you were bowhunting during the rifle season.  

    It was August....  Doesn't really matter,  I called the wildlife officer... nothing ever happened.... they swore that they coincidentally drove down the road, officer swore up and down it was just bad timing and everything was on the up and up.... fishy right?  I'm over it... was years ago, spilled milk... Doesn't change the context of the story of being on the other side of the ball...

  7. 1 hour ago, JSR said:

    The GOV tag sold for $38,000

    People that have built a successful career for themselves and have money to do the things they like  just suck don't they?

    We should tax the **** out them and give it to dudes sitting on their couch in their boxers eating Cheeto's, drinking Busch Ice and complaining about how they were dealt a bad hand at life.

    Not saying anything about working your butt off to afford to do this.  I'm just being realistic and honestly I have my own opinions about the donate to betterment of wildlife hunt.  I can tell you I have been on both sides of the ball.  I've been the guy with the paid hunter.  I have also been the guy on the other side of the fence. 

    I once found a huge antelope in Wyoming (pushing 88-90) and went after him during archery season.  Opening morning of the hunt I found the buck where I had left him (after a couple months of watching him).  I stalked within 60 yard of him and was about to crest the dike on the water tank and stick him in his bed.  All of the sudden a truck comes flying down a two track within 80 yard of the antelope and I... scares the buck off.  Commissioners tag hunter with a guide that I recognized. They watched me stalk the buck, and as I was about to seal the deal they decided that it was best to interrupt. We exchanged pleasantries and they proceeded to drive over the hill and shoot the buck with a rifle...

      Me personally, I'm rooting for the dude with the raffle tag.  I understand the suck of having a deer shot with your client there and missing out on a paycheck too...  Obviously it becomes a shoot show when you have the pressure to deliver on these tags and I'm sure some crazy crap happened and it was a foot race to this deer.  Anyone remember the several month long story about a certain elk in Utah..."spider bull"... it happens all the time.... half of Utah was after that bull...

    Some people just need to pull up their big boy pants, give their feelings a big hug and wipe the tears from their faces.  Congrats to the hunter, sweet a$$ deer....

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  8. Maybe I'm still confused.... but apparently this deer is irrelevant because its a hybrid.... but the A3 guys knew it was a hybrid because of the metatarsals, but still elected to put a big $$$ client on a deer that couldn't be entered into the book??  And then they are pissed that someone else killed the buck that couldn't be put into the books.  Call me crazy but if I spent $80,000 on a deer and the guide costs etc, I would think one might want to shoot something that makes books or be pissed that my guide put me on a deer that they knew I couldn't enter?


      So much drama... such a twisted mess of a story.


     Sound like the guys that originally found the buck work for Adams and when a bunch of dudes showed up looking for this deer in January in an out of the way spot with rifles, they figured hey, we know Duwane has the raffle tag hunter (because we work for him) and we'd rather kill this buck than watch a big $$$ hunter pop him they went after him instead of keeping him to themselves....

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