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    Oh, and invest in some snake gaiters, but not for snakes. You're welcome.


    ^ That might be the best piece of truthful advice I've read on here in a while.


    Plenty of deer if you walk far enough from the few access points, tons of people are crammed within two miles of any public access, but after that you're alone..

  2. The bases on the bigger buck are pretty dang cool. I love burred up bucks. Congrats and thanks for sharing.

    Yeah definitely a very cool bonus as I walked up on him. There are at least 8 burrs/points that aren't scorable but are 1/2". PS...Watched a few of your videos too, several times, got me all jacked up with coues fever..lol


    Thanks for the congrats from everyone, I was pretty excited to tag a solid buck for my first....

  3. Just thought I would share a few photos from my hunt. First of all my hunting partner is either the luckiest guy alive or killed the dumbest coues on the face of the planet. We jumped this buck during the first day of the hunt, he ran out to about 40 yards and just stood there... it was quite tempting to drop this buck as it'd been my first, but I let him shoot as a knew he'd likely not get a shot as good as this with his bow.


    I was a little nervous about finding another good deer after seeing mostly smaller deer but managed to fill my tag the next day. Pretty buck that I couldn't pass up... I had a few people offer up some advice on where to go, I am very thankful for that... in the end I wound up hunting my own choice of spots but still am appreciative for the input...





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