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  1. OSU Cowboy

    Overlanded Toyota Tacoma - PRICE LOWERED $29,500 OBO

    PRICED LOWERED AGAIN - $29,500 or best offer! Call Kaci at 602-525-6433 She is motivated to sell!
  2. OSU Cowboy

    Overlanded Toyota Tacoma - PRICE LOWERED $29,500 OBO

    PRICE LOWERED $32,000 or best offer. She bought an new car and she's motivated to sell.
  3. OSU Cowboy

    Overlanded Toyota Tacoma - PRICE LOWERED $29,500 OBO

    Price lowered - $35,000 or best offer. She's learning about economics and I don't need to know how much you over paid for your Dodge.
  4. OSU Cowboy

    Overlanded Toyota Tacoma - PRICE LOWERED $29,500 OBO

    ShutYourLib – If you read the beginning of the post I said "I'm posting for my daughter." Do I think the price is high? Yes. Do I know the market and what people will spend for an outfitted Tacoma? No... I didn't until she showed me some of the vehicles people are throwing stupid money at. Do I think she will get that amount? No... but that is where she started it to see what people are willing to pay. What I do find interesting is you say "sorry to hijack, but this ad seems so ridiculous to me". I see ADs on here all the time that I think people are nuts. Do I comment or call them ridiculous? No... I move on.
  5. OSU Cowboy

    Overlanded Toyota Tacoma - PRICE LOWERED $29,500 OBO

    No rust issues. It had sun damage on the roof and hood. You would have to ask her about the wrap.
  6. Listing this for my daughter. This is her Tacoma and has spent a ton of time and money on it. She has all the answers if you have questions. Kaci - 602-525-6433 Very well maintained and loved 2006 Toyota Tacoma. First owner was the previous master tech at Toyota's dealership in Flagstaff, AZ. We are the second owners. We are very sad to see this truck go, but we are too busy to use it to its full potential anymore. The truck was recently wrapped in a custom moon gray gloss wrap done by Superb Customz - it was originally radiant red. We decided to leave the insides of the doors unwrapped to show some of its former personality. We are hoping to sell to someone who will truly maintain this truck and enjoy / use all of the customizations and modifications we have made to it. She runs exceptionally well with no issues, and could EASILY go another 200k - 300k miles if properly cared for. I also have the emblems (3x Tacoma, 1x Toyota, 1x V6, 1x SR5) that have been blacked out and can be added back to the vehicle per buyer request. Very few small minor cosmetic flaws. Please see below for a list of all modifications, updates, and add ons. Mileage: 181503 CLEAN TITLE _________________ Mods / Add Ons: *2" Lift Kit* *High Quality Custom Moon Grey Gloss Wrap* *RCI Bed Rack* *Tepui Tent - 2 person with a tempur pedic mattress* *Prinsu Top Roof Rack* *Rear Suspension - Icon 2.0 Aluminum Shocks* *Front Suspension - Old Man Emu Shocks & Total Chaos Fabrications Upper Stiff Arms* *New All Terrain Falkan Tires* *TRD Rims* *Baja Yellow Flood Lights* *Ditch Lights* *Front 32" Light Bar* *All Pro Front and Rear Steel Bumpers* *Bedrug Liner* *Spyder LED Projector Headlights Light Bar DRL* _______________ Mechanical Updates / Upgrades: *New Front and Rear Differential w/ Fluids* *New Tie Rods and Power Steering Rack* *New Boots* *New Radiator Hoses w/ Flush* *New Spark Plugs* *New AC Compressor w/ Freon Charge Up* *New Serpentine Belt* *New Idler Pulleys w/ Tensioner Kit* *New Rear Brakes w/ New Calipers and Rotors* *New Front Brakes* _________________ $29,500 OBO - Motivated to sell! _________________ More photos and full listing at: https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/d/chandler-overlanded-toyota-tacoma/7512078053.html
  7. OSU Cowboy

    YUTRAX Folding ATV Ramp

  8. OSU Cowboy

    YUTRAX Folding ATV Ramp

    Sold pending meet-up.
  9. OSU Cowboy

    YUTRAX Folding ATV Ramp

    Selling a YUTRAX Folding ATV Ramp. Located in North Phoenix. $50.00
  10. Located north of Paradise Valley Mall near Tatum and Greenway.