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    Shed season

    Thoughts? States around us are establishing a shed season. Efffect on AZ is people from those states now hit AZ. DEER AND ELK are pressured from August - April through hunting and shed hunting. Just when bulls and bucks need to recover from rut and winter people are then in looking for browns. It would be nice to give them a break a maybe have a shed season open in may or jun. thoughts?
  2. davehc130

    Min draw weight for elk

    What you think is a good min draw weight to hunt elk in AZ? Min for expandable and min for cut on contact?
  3. davehc130

    trail cams...NOT FAIR CHASE

    Good lord...went out scouting this week...every water source had cameras on them....how is it fair chase if one guy can put cameras on 10 water holes and find where the deer are...no way 15 years ago that same guy could possibly cover all those areas just by glassing and scouting...to me cameras are an unfair advantage.....sure wish AZ would ban them like other states have....cant wait to see what happens when opening day comes and 5 guys all show up at the same water source to hunt the same deer...not to mention all the blinds i found...legally i can climb in any stand and any blind on public land...how is that going to go over when the owner shows up after I am already sitting in their blind or stand?
  4. davehc130

    Shipping Taxi when Travelling to hunt.

    I would not be so quick to believe only AZ taxidermist can mount coues deer and do a great job. If he has a great taxidermist then he needs to know the best method to ship cape to him. That is not to say he should Not get it mounted in AZ. PLENTY of shoddy work in AZ as well. There are some great taxidermist here too. By the way any taxidermist can buy great coues deer forms. Trufitt supply house has some of the best coues forms.
  5. davehc130

    Shipping Taxi when Travelling to hunt.

    Plenty of good AZ taxidermist but shipping mount home will get $$$$$ i would freeze it wrap in cheap Home Depot pink insulation put it box with a pound of dry ice and three day ship it to your taxidermist.
  6. davehc130

    2018 Bugling Bulls

    I was 4b and elk were screaming. Especially near where I was on wildcat rd near 153. Just wish I had a tag!!!!
  7. davehc130

    Off to 4b

    I was up there and busted a big herd with a couple of bulls and 20 plus cows off of 153 and 153c. Bulls were screaming!!!!!
  8. davehc130

    6a bull rifle nov 30-dec 6

    just go to the nasty canyons...the big bulls are looking to get away from the cows and just recover...get a decent set of glass and MUST GET TRIPOD...sit your butt on a lookout and glass glass glass.....on the late hunt if your spot a bull he will not move much and you can develop a plan to move in on him....fossel creek, wet beaver....they will both have big bulls in them....you just need to find them and have a good pack to debone and haul out the meat, cape and rack....You might want to precoordinate with someone that has mules to help haul it out...
  9. davehc130

    Min draw weight for elk

    That’s good to know I was concerned about dropping down to 80!!
  10. davehc130

    Min draw weight for elk

    Sorry I should have been clearer. Not legal poundage of ethical poundage. As in would you not shoot an expandable under XX pounds for elk... etc
  11. davehc130

    Min draw weight for elk

    nothing...just wondered what other people's experience was for penetration with different bow weights....
  12. davehc130


    no sorry need to pull it ....I dropped it and bent the sunshade so I am not comfortable selling it anyone now..
  13. davehc130

    Looking for a .243

    Well if you want a super accurate rifle and would not mind a synthetic stock, ruger American predator rifle.... I just picked up my 4th. I have 2 in 6.5 creed 1 in 223 and one in 6 Creedmoor which is a supped up 243 all shoot 1/2 or better
  14. davehc130

    Favorite boots

    Crispi. Most comfortable boot I have ever worn
  15. davehc130

    People and game cameras.

    Just thought I’d get on and complain some more so AZDIAMONDinHeat could tell me how dumb I am......This time I’D like to thank the stupid guy that decided that he needed to check hid game camera opening day of elk season AT PRIME TIME. Not my tag but the guy I was helping was sitting the hole, Truck parked 1/2 mile on road up from tank so this idiot drives his quad right past the truck up to the tank walks down to check camera. Buddy gets out of blind and asks what he is doing. Says he is checking his camera!!! Really??? prime time just prior to sunset and he needs to check his camera NOW!!!! Just another reason I hate trail cameras. Jerk could have checked camera at noon or atleast had the common courtesy not to drive in to a tank that had a truck park near it at prime time.......unbelievable. Did I mention I hate trail cams.....
  16. davehc130

    People and game cameras.

    Not sure what I said indicates I don’t get out or hunt much.... fact is I hunt a lot.... I’d love to hunt seeps or off the road and that works for late elk hunts but right now bulls are running with a bunch of cows and bulls will walk right past a seep to hit a tank so they can get right in the water and cool off and wallow.... and every tank has a road right to it. So when I am watching 50 hit a tank then when would we not sit it???? I would not in a million years drive a quad right into a tank opening day of elk archery season especially with the likelyhood there is a good chance someone waited 6-10 years to draw that tag!!!!!!!
  17. davehc130

    Monday Check in

  18. davehc130

    How do you nuke an old salt lick?

    Well krap I hadda go git my diktionary just too figir out haf the stuff you wuz talkin....my momma sed I wuz specal riden the short bus with my hoky helmet.. but at leest I no to put diesel fuel on all the salt liks I find out in the dessert!!!!!
  19. davehc130

    How do you nuke an old salt lick?

    dude!!! That reply was awesome!!!! Seriously I spit my drink out!!!! That was funny as heck!!!!
  20. davehc130

    How do you nuke an old salt lick?

    You alluded to it in your post.
  21. davehc130

    How do you nuke an old salt lick?

    So glad you think dumping diesel on another mineral sight is cool.
  22. davehc130

    How do you nuke an old salt lick?

    Post your address so AZGF can come ask you where you dumped bleach on public land / forest land........
  23. davehc130

    How do you nuke an old salt lick?

    hey greyghost why dont you post your real name and address...I's love to send it in to 1800gamethief and have AZGF come visit you and ask why you know all about dumping bleach out on our public lands!!!!
  24. davehc130

    How do you nuke an old salt lick?

    Hey AZ Diamond in Heat....yep I'm dumb as a box of rocks...and immature...and yes I posted I dont think Trail Cameras are fair chase and yes I think social media and Selling GPS waypoint to hunting areas is ruining hunting....yep I even complained about it ruining my bear hunt....BUT WHAT I DIDN'T DO or even think about was NUKING the other hunters...no I didn't think I should pour diesel fuel all over to ruin their hunt...no I did think I should murder them...nor set fire to their camp or go to barber shop collect hair and spread it all around the area....BUT YOU ATTACK me and defend those that RECOMMENDED that action to AGAINST someone that simply hung a Camera on the same tree as someone else...and they might have even added some more minerals to the sight...YET YOU DIDN'T come out and say STUPID IS STRONG in those folks....YOU AZDIAMOND in HEAT are piece of work...or better a Pile of $$HIT....go ahead and attack me....and your high school insults about my EDT card.....I am pretty sure I have seen the places you have camped with the trash left behind cuz it seems you have NO PROBLEM with people literally destroying our forests and game lands pouring GAS on old salt licks.....unbelievable...I just wish I could be there when those scumbags got caught pulling that crap.....