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  1. I am selling this nearly new rifle because I am having a rifle built. This rife has been on two hunts. Killed one elk in December and one CD in Mexico a few weeks ago. I bought two boxes of 143G ELDX precision hunter and have a few rounds left. Rifle doesn't have 40 rounds down it. Bought direct from Legacy Sports International Howa 1500 in 6.5 Creedmoor (New $1219.00) HS Precision Stock Burris XTR II 5-25x50 Illuminated FFP, GB2 mil dot reticle + Sun Shade New $1435.00 Threaded Barrel Vortex Precision Rings (New $120.00) 20 MOA Rail (New $100.00) Kydex Cheek Rest oversize bolt knob Over $2800.00 into this build Asking $2100.00 OBO Would take partial trades. Bipod not included Call or Text Tanner 480-358-5193
  2. Tannert

    HOWA 1500 6.5 Creedmoor HS Precision

    Gone! Thanks Lance, Great meeting you!
  3. Tannert

    HOWA 1500 6.5 Creedmoor HS Precision

    Its on the listing
  4. Tannert

    HOWA 1500 6.5 Creedmoor HS Precision

    Will you send me over a text?
  5. Tannert

    HOWA 1500 6.5 Creedmoor HS Precision

    $1000.00 Without Scope, rings and 20moa Base plate. After Tax I paid over $1350.00 for the rifle.
  6. Tannert

    HOWA 1500 6.5 Creedmoor HS Precision

    TTT Will sell with our without scope and rings.
  7. Tannert

    HOWA 1500 6.5 Creedmoor HS Precision

    Hi sorry I am just now seeing this. Was in Mexico. Yes I would be. Text me over the info.
  8. Tannert

    HOWA 1500 6.5 Creedmoor HS Precision

    Thanks Big Browns. Also have the original Box and papers for Scope.
  9. Anyone have a cape? Shot a buck in Mexico this past weekend and the cape was not savable unfortunately. Shoot me a text if you have one. Thanks 480-358-5193
  10. Tannert

    Looking to buy a Coues Deer Cape

    I do have one. He has capes but I can save 100$-200$ if I bring him a cape. It was pretty cold and another cold front is coming in on Thursday. Also lots of wind and fog where I was.
  11. Tannert

    ISO Swarovski 15x56 HD!!!!!

    Everyone is having fun and joking with you. This isn't craigslist. Most everyone knows each other on this site. I think you need to go buy the brand new set for 2K, thats a great deal!!
  12. Tannert

    Different trail cams free

    This is really awesome of you!!
  13. Tannert

    Sig Kilo 2000

    Can you please shoot me a text? 480-358-5193. I have a friend that will take it.
  14. Tannert

    Anyone Lose a dog in UNIT 10??

    This morning around 7AM I came across this dog pictured below in Unit 10. He DOES have a collar on and looks to be pretty heathy besides a limp, but definitely cold as it was 18 degrees out. He would not let me get near him at all. I tried for 15 minutes to catch him but it wasn't happening. Posting this hoping maybe the dog is another hunters or someone from the Ash Fork area knows the dog. I called the local Animal control and they said they were going to bait a live trap where I tool this picture to try and catch the dog. Send me a PM for exact location or contact coconino county animal control.
  15. Tannert

    Muzzle break

    If your barrel is not threaded already I would call Eric. He just took deliver of a brand new machine that is is pretty much dedicating towards barrels. He's got the proper equipment and knows what he's doing.
  16. Tannert

    Muzzle break

    Eric with Axisworks
  17. Tannert

    1979 International Scout II

    I don't think you should be dropping the price. I think you should toss it up on Craigslist and it will sell fast.
  18. 10.1 Actual Hours 118 Actual Miles Electric Power Steering Front and Rear Bumpers Winch Light bar 30x10.00R14 Crawler XG's Spare Tire Mount and Spare Tire Roof Front & Rear Windshield Call or Text if interested 480-358-5193 Tanner $17,000.00
  19. Tannert

    2016 RZR 1000 EPS ***118 Original Miles***

    Price drop $16,000.00
  20. Selling a 1 year old Vortex 1000 range finder with case and box. $200.00 shipped. Text is best 480-358-5193 Will post pics this evening.
  21. Tannert

    Like new Vortex 1000 Range finder

    MesaJeeper bought the Range finder.
  22. Tannert

    Like new Vortex 1000 Range finder

    Thanks, Curt.
  23. Tannert

    Like new Vortex 1000 Range finder

    I gave you the chance to pay $30.00 more. You declined. You also left out the last text where I gave you that chance. Regardless, If you had a problem with it you should have called me like a man and talked to me. Get off the keyboard and contact me and Ill make it right if you think I did something wrong to you. If you would like to do that, I will gladly send back Wranglers Money and sell you the range finder for $150.00. Ill give you until noon today when I was planning on dropping the rangefinder at the post office.