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    Roosevelt report

    I knew he had cancer. didnt realize he passed away that long ago.
  2. Delw

    Any Way To Filter Out Classifieds?

    Not really, forum software has been this way for year, for example if you want to click new posts and replies you will get everything, no way to shut off certain sections. in the v bulletin software and the UBB software we used to modify the templates so it would not include what ever forum number you put in there. we had to do that on AZBZ years ago in forsale section. in doing do anyone that wanted to view the forsale section would have to go to that forum and look. someone wrote a hack years ago on vbulletin to make it so the user could not get certain sections and each user could set it up how they wanted to in there profile. unfortunately there was many issues with it and kept on crashing., then when there was a upgrade they would have to write different code. the only other way to do it would be to make the forsale section like the political section on here , basically a private forum open to anyone who requests it. only problem is if your not logged in you will never see the forsale section or the posts
  3. Delw

    Roosevelt report

    Oh WOW that Sucks, he was a really good guy and a Blast to fish against over the years.
  4. Delw

    Any Way To Filter Out Classifieds?

    BTW nice freaking lope
  5. Delw

    Any Way To Filter Out Classifieds?

    Nope only way to do it is with a minor template change to the software, then it wouldn't show up when someone wants it too. gotta live with it like the rest of us shumcks
  6. Delw

    1994 Toyota 4Runner 4x4 for sale

    He was talking about the fruitcake below named dallasY
  7. Delw

    First fawn

    Oh yeah I didnt know a home owner shot them that sucks. I remember when someone shot all those lopes on sunset point back in the early 90's I think it was like 94?. lopes are the coolest Animals around, always love seeing them when i'm out. I'm wondering how those herds south of the railroad tracks west of seligman are doing. last time I was there was when they started building house's there 2000's.
  8. Delw

    First fawn

    Remember all those lopes on the big butte where the casino is now? there were probably a hundred of them in the early 80's on the side of that kill alone. used to be a ton of lopes in chino valley on the east side of the freeway back then also. fun to drive those flats and shoot yotes back in the day. I dont think we ever made it to chino valley with out killing 3-4 yotes off the side of the highway on our way up to seligman to shoot p-dogs. that and the breaks before precott valley lots of muleys used to run that river bottom and the breaks
  9. Helicodog FN Model of shotguns https://www.earmi.it/armi/database/brand_h.htm
  10. Delw

    .338 lapua what happened?

    I shot a 45-70 in a cheap lever gun, kicked pretty good, I think more than my Old Tc pistol. ones I get some house work done going to start picking up some levers in all the pistol cals I got a few in 30-30 Winchesters older ones and marlins
  11. Got mine installed today, what a enjoyable day NOT! The install went fine it was the demo that sucked. Removing french patio doors that were well caulked would be easier to buy a new house. But I had Anthony to help and he had a good time and loves drillls with a wire brush on them. he got the caulking up pretty darn quick. found a twisted header above the door so put a new one of those in as well. put the new door in took all but and 2 hours including adjusting door and and locks and such. need to still put trim on it. Poor wife I made her help me put the door in out a dozen times (A machinist should never do framing work) to get the fit just perfect which in all honesty is not needed. but on the bright side I bought a new worm drive saw and Anthony got to do alot of cutting and measuring on the radial arm saw I used twice in 2 years.
  12. Delw

    Bison reduction project

    cool, nothing for me
  13. Delw

    RL22 WIN748

    I'll take 2 100 count .224 52GR Hornady ELD match. $30 each. 3 100 count .224 55GR Hornady Vmax $30 each. 1 100 count .224 60GN Nosler ballistic tip. $30. 1 100 count .224 55GN Nosler ballistic tip. $30. 1 100 count 30 CAL 180GN Hornady SST. $60 59 30 CAL 180GN Nosler ballistic tip. $40 I'll get over there before wednesday? will shoot for sunday
  14. We had a slider didnt like them, so we put in french doors style there cool but then you realize you loose lots of room had it for 20 years. just got a new slider yesterday. going to install it tonight or tomorrow night. super easy window depot (they have a website) there on like 45th ave south side of camelback. theres also one on the east side. they have good quality stuff, we end up going with a vinyl one as I wanted alum but they are hard to find( window place had them) just walk up to the counter they will tell you go into the warehouse and look around then tell them pay load and leave.
  15. Daughter and one of Friends came to AZ from Camp Pendleton for some shed hunting and Easter. They got in 1:30 am sat morning, we left at around 9am looked for sheds tried to call in yotes then ate dinner in Williams and got back to PHX at 1:30 am just beat tired/ We towed her Jeep up north unhooked it and they took off looking for sheds. one guy was coming out of the area we were going. come to find out we both go to the exact same ridge, so we turned around and went elsewhere. They hiked around the edge of Sycamore canyon both sides about , I went to call yotes, no luck for either of us, She didnt go home empty handed she found another cool skull, we have a huge collection of them that she finds all the time. didnt see one elk deer yote squirrel nothing. then we got into the snow and saw maybe 200-300 elk all laying in the snow drifts. Lots of people Camping, looked like opening weekend of archery deer, some were shed hunting some were just enjoying a nice easter weekend. J.D Dam Was packed. Had a good time as usual tiring as crap but well worth it, spending time with Her and she loves unit 8.
  16. Delw

    Anyone like "Country" Music?

    Anyone like "Country" Music? yeah when I was single and didnt have a girlfriend
  17. Delw

    Thieves still suck!

    All thieves must die
  18. Delw

    Job opportunities

    Modern was a good place to work back in the day, heard it still is. Had lots of friends that worked for them in the early 90's 2000's . They do Quality work. and have a very good reputation.
  19. Delw

    Any bets? Fill in the blank!

    I dont need or want the details, there are many people who had "A very Trying experience" for every person who thinks they had a "Trying experience", theres 1 or 2 with worse experience's. so you aint nothing special get over yourself.
  20. Delw

    this gets more and more creepy

    She grows a third boob, I'll be posting pics for a fee of course
  21. Delw

    Any bets? Fill in the blank!

    Exactly, love the last line.
  22. Delw

    Any bets? Fill in the blank!

    They did it to be nice and to quit hearings from a bunch of susans complaining about it. There was NO LAW THAT SAID THEY HAD TOO. dude life would have sucked for you if your kid was born 30-50 years earlier, but it didnt for people back then when they didnt have baby wipes or hand sanitizer. Who the f uses hand sanitizer other than women and girly men
  23. Delw

    Any bets? Fill in the blank!

    Why are these pictures always at a kroger or wallmart. Saw on the news just a few mins ago someones 2004 hummer had 20 gals and gas and burned to the ground.
  24. Delw

    Any bets? Fill in the blank!

    Just a wild guess, if I recall she was in CA and was Asian not to mention stupid as crap and more than likely a liberal which being stupid and a liberal your not an American
  25. Delw

    this gets more and more creepy

    Yeah these people ie government are f'd up. That all being said I went and got the 1st shot this morning. only reason is I have a streak of bad luck and I figured if I get it again (phenomena) i'm going to die. a close friend of mine's wife got it last weekend from her sister who didnt tell her she had it. with in 5 hours she was in the hospitol having a hard time breathing, they gave her renouveer(sp) and she was out in 5-6 hours and back home. in bed for a week. he had gotten his shot due to some health conditions last month. That shot knocked me on my butt in 1 hour. Made it home from work around 11 barely. went to bed woke up at 430 went back to work. funny cause I have every symptoms of covid now. taste is almost gone, bones hurt like crap, head ache runny nose. I havent had a head ache or runny nose in years. no fever though. I'm not anti vaccine I dont like things that are not approved in the proper procedure or process. so I feel I am kinda playing with fire if I didnt get one and if I did get one. Wife didnt grow a third boob yet so its still to early to tell if there safe or not.