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  1. Hunt2eat

    Crispi Hunting Boots

    I appreciate everyone's comments. I pulled the trigger on the Crispi Valdres. I've only went on a few hikes, but they sure seem like the real deal.
  2. Hunt2eat

    Crispi Hunting Boots

    I'm looking into the Crispi Valdres Plus GTX Uninsulated hunting boot. First off, any feedback on Crispi? Specifically the Valdres boot that I'm looking into? I'm a size 12. One review I read says they are a true fit, but I'm wondering if I need a 12 1/2. I know every foot is different, but just thought I'd see if anyone has additional insight. Thanks!
  3. Hunt2eat

    Freezer has been dibbed

    2nd PM sent
  4. Hunt2eat

    Vortex Carbon Summit Tripod w/ Fluid Head

    Where in the valley are you located?