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  1. I keep hearing people referencing cornmeal filler in their black powder revolver loads... What is the purpose of applying a filler?
  2. Any reliable sources for rigger old Army parts? Been a little difficult to find certain parts
  3. The part I'm looking for is a cylinder latch spring for the Ruger Old Army revolver. I've checked dang near every website. If anyone has a lead on parts like that, I'd appreciate it
  4. buckman888

    Cornmeal black powder filler

    Everything I've read has said 20 grains FFF. I have a hard time getting consistent ignition so I bet I need to figure out the filler. Thanks for the info everyone!
  5. buckman888

    Cornmeal black powder filler

    Sorry I wasn't specific but I'm not loading shells, it's a Ruger Old Army so I'm loading it right in the cylinder. Does the same principle apply? Thanks for the help
  6. Thanks man. That first one has a lot good stuff. I appreciate it
  7. buckman888

    Reloading, bullets, powder, brass for sale.

    Was there a price on the 4831?
  8. buckman888

    30-06 load

    Has anyone found a ridiculously efficient 30-06 load that groups well up to 400 yds (realistically I feel that a quarter of a mile is the furthest I want to shoot while hunting). I loaded 180gr Sierra spitzers with 55 grains of imr 4831. On a lead sled at 200 yds we had a decent group but at three hundred we we're all over the place. I've heard I should have started at 165 but I would appreciate any input. Thanks in advance and happy hunting!
  9. buckman888

    30-06 load

    Thank you sir. I think I already have everything for that so I'll give it a shot... No pun intended haha
  10. buckman888

    30-06 load

    Thank you all for the info. I'll see what I can figure out. Yeah I was having excellent groups at 100 yards just on my bipods but I would like a little more confidence further out. Thanks again
  11. buckman888

    Rangefinder and Boots FS

    I may want that rangefinder. How far does it read accurately?
  12. buckman888

    Marsupial Bino Case

    Is 40 bucks your lowest? Where are you located?
  13. buckman888

    Single shot 224 Valkerie

    Wow excellent point. I didn't even consider that. Thank you all for the information. Back to the drawing board. Bolt action it is haha
  14. Does anyone know what caliber single shot rifle barrel would be best to have bored out to fit the 224 Valkerie cartridge. I know I need the 1-7 twistrate but I've never considered having a rifle built till now. Any info is appreciated
  15. buckman888

    Single shot 224 Valkerie

    Would those be any easier to find in break open single shot? I've heard good things about the 22 nosler. I understand they all do approximately the same velocity but factory ammunition for the 224 Valkerie is quite reasonable and easy to find. I do plan on reloading but it is nice to know that it's easily accessible.
  16. buckman888

    Single shot 224 Valkerie

    What makes a round better for an ar platform rather than a bolt action or break open? I've never fully understood the difference. Again thank you for the information.
  17. buckman888

    Single shot 224 Valkerie

    That's what I was worried about. Thanks for the info this is the first time I've looked into anything like this. If I'm wanting to build this as a breech loading rifle would those barrels from those suppliers work? I haven't found any that attach the same way. I just love the simplicity and functionality of a h&r handi rifle.
  18. buckman888

    SOLD Ruger Old Army

    I've got one exactly like it. Great gun for the price. Good luck in the sale.
  19. buckman888


    Saw 2 bulls with antlers yesterday. Got my eyes on the ground though
  20. buckman888

    Need a AZ Topo? Free Download suitable for a GPS

    Has anyone successfully loaded the arizona topo map onto an Etrex 20? I have loaded and enabled the map on my etrex 20 and disabled the other maps on there but still nothing but a white screen. I have deleted and reloaded the map once and still no change. Did i miss a step?