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    SOLD...Smith and Wesson 686-5 .357

    Likewise. Great guy.
  2. Bmj93

    SOLD...Smith and Wesson 686-5 .357

  3. Bmj93

    SOLD...Smith and Wesson 686-5 .357

    PRICE DROP $550.00 OBO
  4. Bmj93

    Custom Savage 7mm

  5. Bmj93

    Custom Savage 7mm

    This is a custom built savage model 110 in 7mm. It was built by a gunsmith in Idaho. The rifle shoots 3/4 MOA at 100 yards. I have pictures of target and it was done at the rio salado range. Asking $900.00 obo for the rifle as you see it in the picture. The barrel is a Douglas 1 in 9 twist turned to a #5 and cerekoted sniper grey. Its 27.5 inches long with the brake. It has a karsten cheek riser and a Farrell 20 MOA rail. It shoots 168gr. Bergers @ 3005 fps last time it was chronographed and I've shot it acuratly out to 1164 yards personally. I have put roughly 350-400 rounds down range in this rifle and have all the brass and lots of ammo if interested in purchasing as well. Please text 208 921 2044.
  6. I have a nice 6x6 bull elk for sale. Huge 4ths. Asking $450.00 obo located in Scottsdale text 208 921 2044
  7. Bmj93

    Custom Savage 7mm

  8. I have a nice shiras moose for sale. Asking $450.00 obo. Text 208 921 2044 located in scottsdale
  9. Bmj93

    Shiras moose shoulder mount for sale

    No that's just how the picture uploaded.
  10. I have a basically new gen 4 Glock 21 for sale. I am the original owner and have maybe put 200 rounds down the barrel. Asking $450.00 or best offer. Text 208 921 2044 for more pics. I have the factory mags and box with all the paperwork as well. Can include some ammo.
  11. Bmj93

    Custom Savage 7mm

    Price dropped to 800
  12. Bmj93

    Custom Savage 7mm

    Dropped to $800.00
  13. Bmj93

    SOLD Gen 4 Glock 21 with extras

    Scottsdale. Willing to travel a decent ways.
  14. Savage Model 110 in 7mm. Burris XTR II 4-20-50 FFP 1/4MOA turrets and sunshade mounted on Badger rings and a Farrell Industries 20MOA base. Hogue full aluminum bed block stock douglas barrel Holland's quick discharge brake and a Karstens cheek riser and Harris Bipod. Also cone with roughly 400 once fired norma and hornady brass and burris scope box. Rifle was built by Smokey Tolman in Idaho City Idaho in summer 2016. This rifle has had a close rough estimate of 400 rounds down the barrel and I have the once fired Brass in the box it came in. It shoots 3/4 MOA at 100 yards with factory loaded HSM 168gr Bergers. Ive taken it out to 1164 yards on rocks. I have a kestral and Bushnell elite laser rangefinder to go with it if wanted. Rifle w/scope and Brass $2000.00 OBO Rifle w/scope, brass, rangefinder and kestral $2500.00 OBO Text Bryce @ 208 921 2044 and I will send pictures.
  15. It has a douglas barrel turned by Smokey Tolman in Idaho. Send me a text 208 921 2044 I'll send a bunch of pics. I'm not sure how to post pics here.