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  1. Foxpro 416B with the TX5LR remote. Works great and is in excellent condition. Sounds are: Coyote Locater Interrog Howl Male Challenge Coy. Female Inv. Coyote pup Dist. #2 Red Fox Pup Bobcat in Heat Jackrabbit Dist Rabbit Dist #1 Rodent Distress Fawn Bawl Prairie Dog Dist. Starling Dist. Crow Fight P-Dog Whistle The Johnny Stewart has a large cone speaker, is brand new, never used. It is a tape player, and comes with the tapes listed below. Model is 612 Deluxe Professional Caller. Crow Reveille Coyote Locater Baby Javelina Distress Baby Cottontail Distress I would like to sell them both for 225.00 OBO.
  2. chrismp51

    Watch this!

    I never heard the "Oh sh** I knew I should have bought a lion tag" Awesome video!
  3. chrismp51

    New caller

    Way to go! Looks like it works well! Did you call in both yotes on the same stand?
  4. chrismp51

    Beginning reloading??

    If you email berger they will give all the info you need. They are supposed to have a manual out soon.
  5. chrismp51

    Opening day bull

    Congrats! Post some of the videos! Did you get any video of the bachelor herds?
  6. chrismp51

    Dillion 550B Problem

    I had the same problem on mine. After cleaning and changing the spring I took the Primer Slide to Dillon, they gave me another one and it fixed the problem. I never figured out what was wrong with the old slide, I compared the old and new one and could not see any difference but it worked.
  7. chrismp51


    My next pair of binos http://cgi.ebay.com/SWAROVSKI-STS-80-SPOTT...A1%7C240%3A1318
  8. chrismp51

    7mm MAG

    I have had a lot of luck with the Swift Scirocco 150 grain.
  9. chrismp51

    Beginning reloading??

    I would think about a tumbler too.
  10. chrismp51

    New Varmint Gun

    That is an awesome looking rifle! I put a Zeiss conquest on my AR, but you cant really go wrong with a Leupold either! Does it have a chrome lined barrel?
  11. WHEW.. I was getting worried with all of the bow carrying thugs running around here......Fear Not... Surprise is on top of it.. http://agenda.surpriseaz.com/Bluesheet.asp...p;MeetingID=125
  12. chrismp51

    Eberlestock Backpacks

    I bought the j107 this year and really like it. I almost wish I would have gotten the JP9 which is the same pack as the j107 minus the scabbard. You can get a scabbard to add to it, then you have the ability to take it on and off as needed. Although the permanent scabbards can be tucked away when not needed. Good Luck!
  13. I have been thinking of picking one up. Does anyone have any experiance with one? Is the location of the handle (up and center) awkward or hard to get used to?
  14. chrismp51

    Quiet Muzzle Break

    Thats a good idea. My left ear has been ringing since November. I learned my lesson with the muzzle breakers.
  15. chrismp51

    Found one

    Glassed this in a wash at the Whitetanks.
  16. chrismp51

    Found one

    These are from the unit 9 Nov. hunt.
  17. chrismp51

    Found one

    Oops.. had my pics mixed up. Anyway, the first is from 6a, just south of apache maid. Hiked all day and that was all I found. Here is the one from the Whitetanks..
  18. chrismp51


    After calling in two this past year and not getting a shot.... I AM JEALOUS!! Congrats Josh... great looking cat!!
  19. chrismp51

    Lion Bow Kill

    Way to go Josh! It's well deserved after all of the time and work you put into that moment! I'm going to go watch that again.
  20. chrismp51

    Josh's Buck

    Congrats Josh!