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  1. 5 hours ago, 0uTkAsT said:

    Any updates on this? I have a TT standard flat PVD trigger in my R700 and I don't have any issues but it has me curious. It's especially concerning that it does it with the Timney also. Any issues with the factory trigger? 

    I ended up getting my money back and bought a new timney. No more issues. The factory trigger would occasionally do it if set low. 

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  2. So I ended up sending the triggertech back because I couldn't get it to not slam fire on any of the 3 rifles. Since I had pulled the timney out of my varmint rifle I installed it into the 300wsm and still had slam fires. I followed timneys adjustments to set the sear and turned the trigger up to 3.5lbs with no change. What should I check next? Is it an issue with the bolt or is this a Remington action issue?


    21 hours ago, B4Dan said:

    I have noticed that when I went below 1lb I had that happen, I have 3 of them and only one was doing that, curious what trigger tech is going to say 

    Before he told me to send it in, he asled me to try in other m700s, said that he highly doubted that it was a brand new trigger issue.  I'm hoping to drop it in one of the other rifles this weekend and hope it works.

  4. I was wondering if anyone here had issues with these triggers in m700. I installed it into my 300wsm and tested at all trigger pull weights from the lowest weight to the highest. Even at 3.5lb it was slam firing 8 out of 10 times. I haven't tried it in any of my other 700s but I tried it with 3 different short action bolts and found that my 243 bolt would not slam fire even after dropping the poundage to around 2lb and slamming the bolt shut probably 100 times.  I emailed trigger tech and was going to ship it back to them but my ups store has no clue on Canadian shipping so I figured I'd ask her 1st. Thanks

  5. Couple years ago me and some friends back packed a couple days on a rim to rim trip. Coming out bright Angel to south rim we had people passing us 5 miles from the top in chanclas and JC's with 1 water bottle. Was blowing my mind people were that clueless. I agree if being rescued for stupid being a stupid hiker you should be paying air and ground support to haul your dumb butt out. 

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