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  1. 11 minutes ago, azbirdhunter88 said:

    Have you ever bought something and didn’t want it or needed to return it? It’s not your business why he is selling the dog. If you aren’t interested in the dog then keep moving on and stop being an idiot. 

    I think most people would agree that a dog is not something you just buy and return or sell after two weeks but maybe that is just me. Idiot

  2. 2 hours ago, Vinnie B said:

    I am not sure what happened yesterday evening while out glassing, I am hoping it was mistaken identity and not giving up too soon and shooting another bull this soon. Anyway, while glassing last night I am watching a bull (decent 6x6) and see him jump and take off running, then I notice an arrow sticking out of him, not a perfect shot but not too bad either just a little far back. Then I see a guy following him right away, pushing him and the bull keeps going. The bull loses the arrow or breaks it off and has a pretty good blood spot on his side but then I lose track of them over the side of the hill. Not 30 minutes later I see a 6x7, definitely not the same bull or frame even really close to this action.  This bull was bugling and must have been coming into a call by his actions, then I watch him get hit by an arrow and run a few feet and fall over. I t was the same shooter just a different bull. 

    So anyway, whoever shot the 6x7 in 22s  yesterday evening I think you have another bull laying out there somewhere .

    That sounds crazy to watch go down like that.

  3. 3 hours ago, Zach said:

    Im pretty positive i bought the dog. If i was trying to make money on her i wouldn’t be offering her for less than she is worth and less than i paid for her. 

    I feel like that is exactly what someone would do that found it or took it haha but not saying that is what you are doing.

  4. 3 minutes ago, AZDirtyTaco said:

    Double T Ranch owners should be ol' school tarred and feathered publicly for what they have done out there. I've spent a lot of days and nights in that wilderness over the past 5-6yrs. It's only occasionally that I will see another soul more than 1/2mi from the primary trailhead used. Trust me when I say - it ain't the hikers.

    That is awful to hear. I haven't been out there in a long time but always liked that area. Maybe Jim can chime in on the Double T as he was so quick to defend the other ranch. 


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  5. 1 hour ago, creed said:

    I have heard the cattle are destroying the planet pitch for years. All I have to say is how many of you elk hunters sit waterholes put in by cattlemen? Or how many water sources in the desert  units are kept and maintained by cattlemen?  I hunt many areas where the only water sources are from cattlemen. I agree that there can be an over grazing problem in places but give me a break. If not for cattle there would be much less game in many areas.

    He is talking about a spot in 23n where there are not a lot of cattleman’s water tanks but more natural springs and creeks. He also said they are not against cattle.....

  6. Congrats, post some pictures once you're hunt is finished. Also, I have talked to plenty of people that passed on nice rams the first day and could never find them again. I agree with everyone that taking your time is great advice, just throwing that out there.

  7. 3 hours ago, 1uofacat said:

    hunted that unit for years before moving on from Jaycox to Twin Arrows, from Grapevine to Marshall Lake.  Roads?  hahaha... more like some "relatively" flat rocks in between dirt/mud that you drive over.  The problem is not all of those rocks are flat!  Better have very good tires if you go off a "main" road!  Probably qualifies for some of the roughest "roads" in any decent elk unit.  It's rocky to walk in too...


    & yes, they'll probably never post again. 

    Definitely some rocky roads in that unit.... very fun unit to hunt though.