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    Effects of the virus scare?

    Went to the store a week ago and got a gallon of milk, buns and bread. Have not seen the mayhem first hand. Crazy. It's nice to have 2 elk in the freezers.
  2. Roosevelt Mark

    I need some toilet paper

  3. Roosevelt Mark

    Winchester Model 70 Coyote Light 300 wsm Price drop $600

    Nice gun. How much for the recliner?
  4. Roosevelt Mark

    Dirt Bike Laws

    I say go for it!
  5. Roosevelt Mark

    Interesting as it lay

    That's cool man.
  6. Roosevelt Mark


    Doesn't Walmart sell them up there?
  7. Roosevelt Mark


    I would think the correct definition would be. (Artificial lures and Flys only) usually barb less. That would mean no power bait etc also. But fools hallow you can use the bait you mentioned, power bait, live crickets, eggs for trout, night crawler etc. Unless the changed it but I doubt it.
  8. Roosevelt Mark

    Gas money

    Nicely done!
  9. Roosevelt Mark

    Fishing at ROSY

    Ringer went fairly recently. A month or two????maybe? He'll chime in, results were bad I think. 3-6 I fished in the salt for about an hour and ripped the trolling motor of the front of the boat. No fish were harmed ...... Muddy and 60 deg water. Glad to here you got some fish BS. Details? ??? lol.
  10. Roosevelt Mark

    Shed buyer

  11. Roosevelt Mark

    Youth cow unit 22 help

    Should not be a problem. Make sure the kid can shoot. Practice practice practice. If you get that covered, an Elk will be in the freezer. When it gets close to the hunt and you have looked around and are strugelin let us or me know.
  12. Roosevelt Mark

    Best AZ Mule Deer Hunt

    Most of the big buck elk are taken on the 4th season hunts.
  13. Roosevelt Mark

    Costco is getting emptied

    You would have got more for your money, for sure.
  14. Roosevelt Mark

    Costco is getting emptied

    I was thinking Kirkland Vodka.
  15. Roosevelt Mark

    Fishing at ROSY

    5 feet last week. 2-24 I trolled for crappie about 5 hours mid lake out of the mud. Not even a look. 2-29 I trolled for crappie about 4 hours mid lake. Lost 3 fish, had a few bites and boated 3 small mouth. Still some junk floating and muddy in places. 57 to 59 degree water.
  16. Roosevelt Mark

    Processing javelina

    Jelly belly cinnamon roll?
  17. Roosevelt Mark

    2020 AZ SOLO JAVELINA - pic and video heavy!

    Right on!
  18. Roosevelt Mark

    Wife 2020 javelina

    Right on!
  19. Roosevelt Mark

    I'm Still Alive -- barely

    I know several people in the hospital with pneumonia right now. It is bad this year. Glad your getting better.
  20. Roosevelt Mark

    The official “I didn’t get jack shoot” thread

    Nada so far with 20 points.
  21. Roosevelt Mark

    Credit Card Hit

    Mine still says some bar at Roosevelt. .
  22. Roosevelt Mark

    Credit Card Hit

    That sucks
  23. Roosevelt Mark

    Credit Card Hit

    My card got hit hard Saturday night from some bar at Roosevelt lake. WTF?
  24. Roosevelt Mark

    Two men's rings

    What's a wedding ring?
  25. Roosevelt Mark

    Anyone on the NW side need Driving Lessons?

    That's crazy bro.