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  1. So I am in search of a needle in a hay stack. This Saturday at the outdoor expo I went looking for a certain skull and was told by game and fish it had sold 30 minutes before I got there. 

    So I am looking to see if anyone on here or anyone on here knows anyone that bought a buffalo skull this weekend. The buffalo was shot two years ago by my buddy. He had a cow tag and after he killed this buffalo it was found to be a young immature bull. We reported it and game and fish took everything. My buddy was going through a very rough time in his life and was so excited to get that buffalo and then crushed to find out it was the wrong sex. He is still going through some issues and I know it would mean the world to him to get it. 

    According to game and fish there was only one sold. So if anyone knows who bought it I would love to try and get it back. I am willing to pay more for it then they paid within reason. Any help trying to track it down would be greatly appreciated. I know it is a long shot but figured it is worth a try. Thanks

    Text me or message me with any questions. Nick 6023270424


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  2. I have two couches. They are older lazy boy couches. They do not recline or anything. Very comfortable. They have covers on them and are in good shape. The color of the couch can be seen in a photo. It is a blue checkered pattern. 

    Also have two area rugs. The red one is 9x12 approximately. One corner has slightly been chewed on by the dog. The lighter colored rug is 5x7 approximately. 

    We remodeled the house and don’t need these anymore. Located in the west valley. Must pick them up. Free to anyone that needs or can use them. Text or message me. 6023270424 Nick. 







  3. I’m looking for a bumper pull hydraulic dump trailer. Must be a bumper pull. In a perfect world I am looking for a 14 foot or 16 foot in length but open to shorter lengths. Doesn’t have to be pretty and if it needs work TLC I’m good with that. Let me know if anyone has one they are interested in selling. Text or message me. Thanks 6023270424. Nick

  4. Have a Panasonic tv I no longer need. Works fine and has a remote. I do not have the stand for it. I had it in the wall. Free in west valley off loop 101 and Olive. Let me know. 6023270424 Nick

    Probably should add the size. It is a 42 inch screen corner to corner and about 48 corner to corner total.