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  1. Bought one off of here a couple years ago. Switched around my glassing set up, better suited for a Claw now... And now I cant find it. 


    Worst case scenario, I buy another one and find the other one and have two.


    Best case scenario, I buy a new one and use it to kill a big buck in 23 this year.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Flashgun said:

    We have it and love it. I have used it in numerous camps and it always works perfectly. My gf is an accountant with large data files and she was working remotely online from elk camp as i streamed tv mid day during scounting breaks. It worked great with a jackery and some solar panels

    Not as important, but I was able to stream netflix/Hulu with ease.

  3. I dont have it, but I logged on to the WIFI at sheep camp least year. It was pretty cool considering we had 0 signal once the battery died at night. 


    Where I deer hunt, I have access to channels in my trailer through the built in dish, and then I hotspot my phone. I have watched many football games from the comfort of the trailer, in the middle of nowhere. (not really, just minutes from Rio Rico).

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  4. 30 minutes ago, oz31p said:

    We called them war mouth bass. 

    I was just going to say exactly that. That is what my dad called them as well, but I do believe they are actually green sunfish.

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  5. 7 minutes ago, missedagain said:

    G$F outlawed trail cameras because they thought it violated fair chase but you think 30 guys working together to kill and elk is ethical?


    This is an outstanding and accurate post. 

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  6. 8 minutes ago, dustin25 said:

    I don’t really see the accomplishment in having 1 of 30 friends spot a buck for me to shoot. Maybe it’s just me…. I want to find the area myself, I want to pack in myself, I want to spot the deer myself, I want to stalk and shoot it myself, I want to break down and pack out the deer myself, and I want to process the meat myself. Of course if I’m with my brother or a buddy, we will help each other.To me, that’s what hunting is all about. Those are all aspects of what makes hunting what it is to me, and I take pride in how I go about every aspect. Each of those parts of hunting is equally important to me, and sacrificing any of those to have an army of helpers just to try to make sure I fill the tag, I’d personally feel no satisfaction in hunting that way

    For guys who take 30 dudes on a hunt, all they care about is the size of antlers on the wall. And I'm ok with that. I'm just not ok with that person's goal ruining the hunt for other hunters. 

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  7. One of the issues that hasn't been discussed in the last few, is 30 dudes on a mountain have a negative impact on other people's hunts, and I dont think that's OK. A spotter sitting on a hill that another hunter with a tag wants to hunt is BS. Now another 29 dudes taking away "spots" from dudes with tags is major BS.

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  8. 36 minutes ago, Allforelk said:

    @naturebob thanks for jumping back in man. I just assumed you would be too busy coaching the Olympic basketball team. Another kid got a sheep tag, so you have some work to do around here. 

    He must have been hitting the sauce (again). It's about to be my favorite time of the year! 

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