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  1. huntfishchad

    2020 az archery mule deer

    Me and my good buddy went out late in January. We had a great day out glassing for deer. We ended up finding this buck around 4 in the afternoon. And after a few minutes looking at the buck we both decided we would be more than happy to wrap our tags around this buck. So we flipped a coin and I got to chase him while he sat back and watched. I had to make a small loop around to get out of sight of the bedded buck and come up out of the wash up a super steep embankment. Within the last 10 feet or so from being able to crest over and see the location of the buck I rolled a rock down the embankment. Thinking I just screwed up that stalk I glass back to my buddy giving me the thumbs up that he's still there. So I knocked and arrow and crept up only to get caught by the buck at 40 yards. He didn't know exactly what was going on but he stood up in the brush and walked away from me towards his does. Long story short I followed him over a thousand yards or so with multiple shot opportunities over 80 yards to finally get a shot I felt comfortable with at 51 yards and the rest is history.
  2. huntfishchad

    Tagged out

    That's a secret haha. But with most hunters becoming more "road hunters" not hiking more than a few minutes off a road to get up and glass. Its fairly easy here in places with the terrain being pretty rough to hike in a few miles
  3. huntfishchad

    Tagged out

    Thank you hes a keeper for sure haha
  4. huntfishchad

    Tagged out

    Thank you
  5. huntfishchad

    Tagged out

    Yes he is. And no that's the entrance hole he was quartered away. You can see the exit here
  6. huntfishchad

    Wife tagged out opening day

    We went out opening morning and saw a few small bucks that she decided to pass on. We got set up on a hill to glass for the evening and the wife glassed up a coyote and then 2 bucks not to far off the coyote. After looking at the bucks with the spotter we made a game plan to get in range of the deer. Once we were close to where we had referenced the bucks we jumped them up at less than 80 yards. They trotted off over into the next small wash. We hustled over to try and locate them and saw them walking through the trees. I set her up and she made a perfect 210 yard shot and dropped this buck. She is super happy being her 2nd ever deer. I think I was more excited than she was haha. And of course the kids were excited to see moms deer they had to get pictures with it too.
  7. huntfishchad

    Tagged out

    Tagged out on the early rifle hunt. It was a rough hunt this year was super windy almost every day. After spending the majority of the hunt looking for my target buck I decided to go ahead and shoot this wide buck. I was watching my target buck and this guy run together all summer through velvet and even into hard horn a week before the hunt. I had high hopes of shooting my target buck at first light opening morning but he proved me wrong. I still cant figure out why or where he disappeared to with zero human pressure in there. Oh well I am super happy taking this buck. Gonna have to put in the work and try and get my target buck this January time to start shooting the bow.
  8. huntfishchad

    My 1st elk September 2017

    Finally drew my first archery bull tag after waiting 10 years. We got camp set up the Monday before season open. Went out every day locating bulls trying to find a good spot. Opening day I had passed on 4 bulls. But the second morning I connected on my first bull at about 7 am at 25 yards. And we got it on film was one of the best hunts in my book. https://youtu.be/xpIDFgCM66g
  9. huntfishchad

    2018 archery coues

    Thank you all. I had several other opportunities at some great bucks but couldn't seal the deal over the last year. No it's not gonna be a life size mount the wife would kill me haha. I like to pack them out like that to keep the meat clean from dirt and stuff as much as possible.
  10. huntfishchad

    2018 archery coues

    Tagged out for 2018 on my biggest coues to date. Was lucky enough to harvest this buck at 30 yards with my pse bow. He maybe went 50 yards and piled up. Im more than happy to end my 2018 az season on this buck. I finally reached the goal i set in 2017 to harvest a buck over the 100" mark.