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    Hornady 6.5 PRC

    more 270 Winchester FED Fusion 150/.270 700 yard drop 16.5 MOA HORNDY Superformance 140SST/.270 700 yard drop 13.5 MOA HORNDY Prec Hunt 145ELDX/.270 700 yard drop 14.5 MOA 6.5 Creedmoor HORNDY Superformance 129SST/.264 700 yard drop 17 MOA HORNDY Prec Hunt 143ELDX/.264 700 yard drop 15.5 MOA Having shot a 60 round prone match with 270, yea you feel the recoil before its done. Shooting 270 in a Precision Rifle Match I did not notice recoil. Range time, hunting shots with 270 recoil not much of a factor. Shooting my 6.5 Creedmoor recoil is non existent I will give you that. FED Fusion 150/.270 $19 box very accurate HORNDY Prec Hunt 143/.264 box $29 box
  2. AZAV8ER

    Hornady 6.5 PRC

    OMG you are going to make me work. Ok from my match and range notes I have hand loaded berger 140/.270 out of custom sendero at 700 yards drop 15MOA. Seekins Havak 6.5 Creedmoor Hornady Match 140 ELD 17MOA drop.
  3. AZAV8ER

    Hornady 6.5 PRC

    What speeds are you running your .505 BC? The drop chart works out when iI put in a MV of 2950fps. Thats out of a 24 inch tube and a couple grains shy of max load
  4. AZAV8ER

    Hornady 6.5 PRC

    I don't get it. 270 WIN shoots right with the non magnum 6.5's. Why complicate it? Built a "Sendero" style rifle and decided was easier to get it in 270 VS 6.5/284. Presto a little H4831, Berger 140 VLD's and 1/3 MOA rifle thats has less drop than 6.5 Creedmoor and equal to 6.5 PRC.
  5. AZAV8ER

    Tiny groups

    Ahhh very wise words, obviously you are a man that lives by a higher code
  6. AZAV8ER

    One Caliber in Arizona

    grew up on 30-06 in SPFD and latter MOD 70 classic. many deer and elk taken with 165 and 180 Sierra GK. Won a MOD 70 Classic 300 MAG at Elk foundation dinner, after just over 100 rounds of factory ammo that was not that accurate sold it and got 30-06 in same gun. Nicer to shoot, easier to load and make accurate, affordable ammo and gives up very little to any others out to 400yrds. Now shooting 270 using Hornady superformance 140 SST for deer. Both nice to shoot and good quality ammo options at different price points and if you are not shooting into next hunting unit do the job.
  7. AZAV8ER

    11 hours to hunt!

    "Work the Curse of the Hunting Man"
  8. AZAV8ER

    Trying to decide....?

    I have used both the Vortex and Leupold scopes and got a LRP 6.5-20 for my GF. FFP at this point might not mean a whole lot to a new shooter, Leupold has a nice knob to easily zoom magnification up and down, a must to reduce frustration for new shooter trying to acquire target and elevation dial easy to understand. Only other thought is less magnification to make target acquisition and eye alignment with ocular lens less frustrating.
  9. So the all lets get along, cumbayah progressives are going to push all of us non globalist group thinkers to come up with our own sites. Great, driving wedges between groups, creating more tribal divides. Yep very enlightened tyrants BLAHHH !!!
  10. What kind of hunts have you had in 35B last 5 or so years?
  11. My brothers and I plus a few friends have hunted this area since 1978. Since late 90's the acorn crop has disappeared, in the last couple years seen seeps and wet spots come back. We see plenty of does and fairly good fawn numbers, we see bucks also but nothing much bigger than modest 3X3. I had one guess and that was that bigger bucks just plain hide out more.
  12. Picked up this MOD Classic 270 WIN used a couple years ago. Had good luck with Federal Fusion 150's and after mounting new Zeiss Terra 3X 4-12 tried for some 4 shot groups. Rifle is as is from factory with a Bell & Carlson CNC'd aluminum bedding block in synthetic stock. Bottom picture of black steel is 3 shots at 500 yards and the orange target dot is 2 inches.
  13. Its the off season and quiet so I will try to juice a little discussion. So how you hunt is between you, the State Wildlife Regulators and whatever Moon Goddess/Earth Mother or Hunt Gods you ascribe to. For my part I just happen to hunt on foot and cover a bit of ground over rugged remote country. Been at it that way coming up on 50 years. Carrying a carbon fiber stocked, skinny barrel'd 270 with nice little 3-9 scope. This is a sweet shooting rig, but being light on weight and optics power I am not sure how well I can reach out past 450 yards. Most of my 500, 600, 1000 yard shots are on paper with a rifle twice the weight, twice the optic power and a 30MM scope tube. If I carried that thing up and over Coues Country I could only cover half as much ground as I would like. I just enjoy covering more ground, exploring to a degree and making several different stands a day. Also get a sense of accomplishment coming up with a bucks within 400 yards or less. Unlimbering an 14lb F-class target rifle from an ATV to Snipe deer at longer ranges does not satisfy my itch to really hunt. If your rifle weighs more than 10 LBS you might be sniping not hunting if your rig sports 30MM tube you might be sniping not hunting if your scope has exposed target turrets you might be sniping not hunting Do we want to scour the countryside of mature prime breeding bucks because we can? Would it be more to the benefit of the herd and hunt quality if we dialed it back and kept things a little more "fair chase"? Now before you take offense and light me up, please re-read first paragraph and the above paragraph.
  14. 2011 was last year of getting anything nice size
  15. Changed. I just garnered discounts at Sportsmans on new rifle. ammo and scope & scope basses. all within last 3 months. Sportsmans beats Cabelas hands down on ammo and reloading supplies in store. Cabelas has been ok if you want cammo or boots.
  16. Ok my thoughts and I will let you apply them as appropriate. First I hunt because I am drawn to the outdoors and the ritual of hunting bred in to my DNA. Hunting is not a "sport" its a ritual to touch base with nature, our past and share the camaraderie of the hunt that is a born in to us over millennia. Through hunting I have become in tune with the land the seasons the wildlife and how it all interacts. I am very sensitive to development and how it affects wildlife survival. Through hunting we learn these things and become impassioned educated conservationists. Hunting conservationists are engaged aware and drive efforts to enhance habitat wildlife. Without hunters Wildlife Management Departments would wither away as politicians gutted their budgets for other programs that garner more votes. Hunters & wildlife share a synergistic relationship. We hunt and take from the game herds but give back by making sure Game Departments monitor game populations and herd health. All wildlife benefit from hunters conservation efforts. Habitat protected or enhanced benefits species beyond game species As hunters we appreciate true wild lands, open lands and healthy wildlife habitats. Do away with hunters and you lose the most engaged vocal dedicated supporters of wild lands and wild life. First and foremost hunter/game relationship is synergistic. We take but give back to keep wildlife populations healthy. Second its NOT a SPORT, its a ritual we live out because we are naturally and normally drawn to the chase and harvest. Ramdon redundant, but useful I hope.
  17. AZAV8ER

    Recurve advice

    I am no beast and started with 55# bow, was comfortable from day one. Shot bare bow at range but used pins to hunt. Did some reading up on primitive archery and got sold on idea of 2 blade broad head 3/1 ratio and heavier not light arrows. At least thats what I came up with. After a couple of seasons of spot and stalk switched to true black powder/primitive muzzle loader.
  18. AZAV8ER

    Florida and Governor Rick Scott

    Ok guns are not the problem. Cold blooded head cases looking to go out in a blaze of glory are the danger. Age 21 to buy a gun, expanding background checks and cleaning up reporting for the background data ok better. But the school failed us the police failed us and the FBI failed us, the state and FED's are falling down on enforcing laws and getting violent offenders off the street. Yeah new measures will blunt the deadlines of future attacks but won't stop them. The danger is the nut jobs; and they will come up with new and better ways to cause mayhem. Hey some ISIS loving Dumb S**t just tried to bomb a school cafeteria in Utah this week, bet MSM skipped that one. Amid all this growing violence the "progressives" will stop at nothing to disarm us. I call BS. Life: allowed to protect myself and loved ones Liberty: as a law abiding taxpaying citizen should be afforded my Constitutional Rights Pursuit of happiness (i.e. fulfillment) should be OK to hunt, target shoot or collect firearms if we are not hurting anyone. BTW if the NRA is responsible for gun violence then the ACLU is responsible for all criminality !!!
  19. AZAV8ER

    Anyone use a March rifle scope

    Looks like online store opticsplanet.com has scopes available. I have had good service from them over the years.
  20. AZAV8ER

    Kaibab Gobblers

    Drove from Salt Lake City to Phoenix last week. Driving ALT 89 through the Kaibab Forest saw several flocks of Turkeys. Nice to see the variety of wildlife in AZ.
  21. AZAV8ER

    .243 for elk?

    Better he hunt with what is familiar comfortable. Also good lesson on shot placement, energy limitations and bullet construction. Good hunting !!!!
  22. AZAV8ER

    Hunter mistaken for a coyote

    Henckels or Chicago Cutlery. More importantly how are you going to keep them sharp?
  23. AZAV8ER

    Short Fake Hunt

    Great experience, nice to read. Had very similar hunt with my 8 year old son when he was 8,
  24. AZAV8ER

    Coues hunter or Coues Sniper?

    I ask myself this same question all the time. AZAV8ER what exactly do you think needs to be dialed back? Is it just the distance or is it the equipment as well? Equipment, when I wrote that I was thinking minimum equipment to mess with makes my hunt more fun (for my ways of doing it). My concession to equipment over and above what my Dad and Uncle carried was a carbon fiber tripod for 10X42 binocs and a range finder. Tripod has been an incredible addition, range finder is just another bothersome little device that needs a battery but when the time comes its the only way to figure out if you are looking at a 300, 350 or 400 yards shot. Nothing says you can't carry a muzzle loader or a bow during a general season hunt. If it is a more difficult challenge you are after then there are ways to do that. I spent days backpacking with limited water and still lugged a 14lb rifle that I feel is an extension of my arm because I can trust my ability and gear when I need it. It made for a challenging but rewarding hunt. I pushed my absolute physical abillites and cannot wait to do it again! I have done both, backpack hunt for deer and elk with both rifle and muzzle loader. It is a challenging and very rewarding experience. Have also hunted some with a recurve bow, now thats hunting at its purest.
  25. AZAV8ER

    Coues hunter or Coues Sniper?

    I'm not saying that this post is set up by an anti hunter or whatever, but I've always wondered if anti hunters ever try to come on this website with new accounts and try to knock hunting in a negative way without saying it. LOL raised by Dad and Uncle who were both hard core AZ hunters all their lives. Also very ethical and active in conservation. I have been hunting S AZ for whitetails for 50 years and probably good for another 10 years. Keep up kids.