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  1. Meet Saydee, 1 yr old German Shorthaired Pointer female. She is trained and ready for quail/chukar or grouse season. She is steady on point, through the shot and fall of the bird. She's a decent natural retriever and she will honor another dogs bird work. Only reason we are selling is her size, shes a little smaller than we try to have with our breeding program. But don't let that fool you on heart, style and desire of this little rocket. She really can do anything. message me for sires pedigree. its as good as it gets. $2500.
  2. erucker

    Elk/Antelope Draw Results!!!!

    Arrhghhh, not cool
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    Elk/Antelope Draw Results!!!!

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    They're up!

    Just wrong , don't hate the player, hate the game
  5. Sold a male today. Have 1 male and 2 females left
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    Monday 0900
  7. Thank you . These pups should surely be great hunting dogs. So far we have 6 deposits. Ed Rucker
  8. Hello all, We have puppies on the ground. 12 of them, 6 boys and 6 girls. We expect this litter to be awesome. The sire is a young male that fresh off a horseback derby win. We expect this male to be a Field Champion this coming season. He is forward hunter, great ground speed, real birdy and honest. The dam is Haylee, she is a super nice female. runs smooth, great ground speed, killer nose and real honest. Check our website out and look us up on facebook for more info and pictures. Pedigrees are on the website. If your looking for a great bird dog and companion, get one of our pups. You will not be disappointed. www.topknotoutfitters.com Facebook: Top Knot Outfitters aka TKO Bird dogs Males : $700 Females $750. tales, shot, dews and guaranteed health. Thank you, Ed & Chrissy Rucker 602.980.3327 email: topknotgundogs@gmail.com
  9. erucker

    Awesome Finished Bird Dog

    Sold to Art of New Mexico. He will love Cowboy! Gonna miss him. Everyone check with me, we're always training and sometimes sell finished and started dogs. Thank you Ed & Chrissy Rucker www.topknotoutfitters.com
  10. erucker

    Awesome Finished Bird Dog

    $2000 OBO, you will not find a nicer more finished dog for that. Training can cost as much as $2800, for this level of dog.
  11. erucker

    Awesome Finished Bird Dog

    He is the liver patched and tick dog (roan). Forgot to mention he doesnt bark, if he is barking you better grab your peacemaker or dial 911.
  12. erucker

    Awesome Finished Bird Dog

    Hey all, We hunt, train and compete with bird dogs and we have decided to sell one of our males "Cowboy" to make room for our client dogs. He is in the prime of his life at age 6, he has hunted thousands of birds. He has hunted Mearns, Gambels and Bobwhite quail (WILD). He has also hunted chukar and pheasant. He is steady to the wing, shot, fall and release. That is the AKC Master Hunter stanbdard, he has 2 passes of the 6 required for that titel. He is intact and breedable. He is registered AKC and Field DOg Stud book. We have handled him off horseback and on foot. He also retrieves ANYTHING on command with a gentle release. Cowboy has competitive placements in American Field and Arizona Pointing Dog Club. He is really calm for a GSP and has even slept in our bed on camping trips. He is kennel and crate trained. You will love this dog! Thank you, Ed & Chrissy Rucker www.topknotoutfitters.com 602.980.3327
  13. erucker

    FOUND: Swarovski Tripod Adapter

    I lost mine in 6a south of 260 gen crook trail Thx Ed