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    Applying For NM Coues Deer Hunts

    I hunted in unit 27 with a friend and we both took great 8 pointers.We took them in the first two days of the hunt.We also saw a lot of other bucks.There is not a lot of tags for this hunt but a great hunt if you can draw one.
  2. jeffd

    Family Strengths

    I have wanted to move to Arizona for the last 15 years from California.I finally got my chance when the company I worked for as a production manager for 20 years was sold.I now work as a foreman for Rock-n-Earth landscaping in Prescott. Deerslam,if you ever go on your sitka hunt I would like to hear about it.I also only need the sitka blacktail.
  3. jeffd

    Saw a Sticker

    Josh,it was nice to meet you the other day. Its jeffd by the way.I hope to book a lion hunt with you next winter.
  4. jeffd

    December Luck?

    I started my hunt in unit 32 around noon on the 25th seeing 15 does and fawns.The next day I saw only does and fawns again. Having taken 5 bucks from this same canyon in the past I stayed put.After finding a lone spike and lone forkie I found a nice 4x5 hanging with another spike.I shot this buck at three in the afternoon.
  5. jeffd

    Deer ruttin yet?

    Dan-shortshooter,I am new to computers so I sent some photos to Amanda,maybe she will put them on the az. photo page. I also sent photos of other mounts from az. and so.cal mulies.As for the story I passed on this same buck last December as he had broken off his G-2 on the left side.I took a smaller buck so my eight year old boy could watch the stalk and shot. After looking over many does and fawns I found the same buck as last year.He had broken off the same G-2 again but I decided to take him this time.
  6. jeffd

    Deer ruttin yet?

    I just returned home from unit 32 today.I saw 43 does and fawns before finding a buck. I took a nice 4X5 on the 3rd evening of a solo hunt.This buck was hanging with a spike.I also saw a forkie with another spike.When I hunted this unit last December the does all had bucks with them.
  7. jeffd

    New Mexico archery opportunities

    I hunted the unit 27 rifle hunt with a friend and we both took good 8 point bucks.We went back there on a javelina hunt and saw around 10 good bucks in the 1 day we were there.Our photos are on the N.Mexico photo site.Jeff-Dudley.
  8. jeffd

    December Tags

    I will be hunting in unit 32 between December 26th and 31st. I hope to find the 10point buck I passed on last December. The buck had some broken points so I took a smaller buck.
  9. I,ve taken 5 from 32,1 from unit 27 in New Mexico and I hope to ad one from unit 32 this December.