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    Leica 2700B rangefinder

    Love mine Leica 2700b rifle hunting rangefinder. I already used Sig before, but now I use Leica. I think the ranging was very similar, but the optics are much larger than Leica.
  2. Alfredp

    Kahles scopes?

    I am wondering .... has anybody any experience with Kahles scopes? Are they worth the money? I am looking for first hand experiences with Kahles scopes. Meaning, have you owned one ... have you looked through one .... have you shot with one .... have you handled one .... ?? Thanks,
  3. Alfredp

    Wyoming 40-1 elk

    I realize this is really bad juju to make your first post one that is asking for help on a unit you drew, but that is where I'm at. I drew a wyoming 40-1 elk tag and scouted the unit this past weekend, I'm in washington state so drawing a tag in a unit I've never stepped foot in that is 3 states away has really been stressing me out. Seeing the unit in person helped me a ton, I've been doing as much scouting as I can online but its just been tough for me to get a good feeling for a lay of the land. I also had no idea how accessible my potential camping spots where, knowing the area is prone to early snow it was nice to see all of the bumpy un-maintained roads in person. I don't have too much worry on finding elk, I'm just hoping to find someone who has past experience or local knowledge of this unit so I can ask some elk behavior and weather questions.