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  1. ALEXB.

    Leftover tag

    Looks like we have another guy that can’t read. Game and fish doesn’t have a “window” you must have your app in before. They only don’t accept before the 20th. And yes if you want a tag you’d better be one of the first to have your app in the mail not because game and fish has a “window” but because they’re first come first serve like the regs say. So yeah read the regs.
  2. ALEXB.

    Leftover tag

    Try reading the regs once in a while. Nobody said game and fish made the mail in window for one day. They just say they don’t accept apps before the 20th. And the reason you have to mail in Friday is because half the people in the state are trying to get leftovers so if you miss that window there most likely won’t be any tags left.
  3. ALEXB.

    Razor 11-33x50

    PM sent
  4. ALEXB.

    Hornady auto charge

  5. ALEXB.

    Hornady auto charge

  6. ALEXB.

    Hornady auto charge

  7. ALEXB.

    Hornady auto charge

    Located in tucson
  8. ALEXB.

    Hornady auto charge

    Brand new Hornady auto charge. Sent in my old one and got this one brand new. $200
  9. ALEXB.

    Phoneskope IPhone XR

    PM sent
  10. ALEXB.

    Phoneskope IPhone XR

    I’ll take it if you close to tucson
  11. ALEXB.

    Sold ** Custom 6.5-284, Proof Research, Nightforce

    😍 beautiful looking setup. What’s is weigh without scope?
  12. ALEXB.

    ISO/WTB Foxpro

    Looking to buy a foxpro. Located in Tucson. Please let me know if anyone is willing to let one go. Thanks
  13. Interested in your ruger....what’s your cash price?
  14. ALEXB.

    WTS Howa Model 1500 .223 Rem. Walnut Stock

    Wow what a coincidence.....saw the same rifle on gunbroker from a store selling in Missouri???🤭🤭😂😂😂 https://www.gunbroker.com/item/819019686
  15. ALEXB.

    Glassing and Rain

    So you should expect deer to act like kids growing up in the east coast? But wait does that mean AZ deer don’t like to play in rain also.... Or should we glass for out of state deer???