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  1. Let me know if anybody has any they’d like to sell, thank you !
  2. Hawkruiz69

    ISO bow for a buddy

    Found one thank you please delete
  3. Let me know if you have one for sale please, thank you
  4. Hawkruiz69

    ISO bow for a buddy

    He does have a bow that’s a 70 lb bow, he wants to upgrade cuz he has an elk tag?
  5. Hawkruiz69

    ISO bow for a buddy

    Thanks need a 70# tho
  6. Hawkruiz69

    ISO bow for a buddy

    28-29 inch draw 70 lbs let me know what you have please 4-600$ Range please would like older Mathews Hoyt or prime 👍🏼
  7. Hawkruiz69

    Any 300 prc ammo for sale?

    Anybody have a couple boxes they wanna get rid of , got a new rifle and wanna try it out , let me know what you have thank you
  8. Hawkruiz69

    Custom Savage 243 Win SS Barrel

    Will this fit a savage 111?
  9. Hawkruiz69

    243 and 7 mm rem mag Ammo for sale

    I’ll take the 243
  10. Hawkruiz69

    Wanted lab, beagle or Weimaraner

    What about a basset hound lol jk he’s my best bud, seriously tho best dogs you can get
  11. Hawkruiz69

    ISO .308 , 25-06 or 243

    Trying to find one for a buddy, prefer a Remington 700 let me know what you guys have and I’ll pass it along to him thank you
  12. Hawkruiz69


    Hello is this rifle still available says you can’t receive message
  13. Hawkruiz69

    25/06 Ammo

    I’ll take it pm sent
  14. Hawkruiz69

    25/06 Ammo

    I will take the 100 grain core lokt 👍🏼