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  1. Hawkruiz69

    Swarovski stud

  2. Hawkruiz69

    WTB 25-06

    How much do you wanna spend ? Dm me
  3. Hawkruiz69

    Lathrop and Sons Lowa Cevedale GTX Boots

    Text sent interested
  4. Hawkruiz69


    Still have this
  5. Hawkruiz69

    Why is there so Many Swaro 15’s for sale?

    No idea cuz that’s they best they make, them and 12x50 Swarovski are super clear , no other glass even compares!
  6. Hawkruiz69

    Swarovski spotting scope

    Message sent
  7. Hawkruiz69

    G5 prime centergy hybrid

    Still got this
  8. Hawkruiz69

    Vortex Razor HD Spotting Scope 20x60-85

    Interested please text 5204830726
  9. Hawkruiz69

    .243 Handi Rifle Package

    Would you sell just the rifle alone ? No scope or nothing ?
  10. Hawkruiz69

    PLEASE READ iso release for One armed shooter

    Thank you everybody !
  11. Hawkruiz69

    Elite Energy 35 LOADED!! -Cheap

    I have a cousin interested please send me your number
  12. Looking for a release for a one armed shooter( my brother), he used to shoot a bow and got in an accident and lost the use of his right arm, he wants to get back into it now so I’m looking for a release, I suggested a mouth tab but he thinks it’ll hurt his teeth, so I am looking for one that goes over the shoulder that has a release attached to it, I’ve looked all over the place and can’t find any but I’ve seen pics on google of what we’re looking for, any help is appreciated, thank you
  13. Hawkruiz69

    AAE Hot Rodz bow stabilizers

    Sorry lol just read the whole post !
  14. Hawkruiz69

    AAE Hot Rodz bow stabilizers

    Where are you located ?
  15. Hawkruiz69

    ISO Swarovski adapter stud

    Dave thank you very much I really appreciate it but I already got one , merry Christmas!