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    Any bets? Fill in the blank!

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    Good Guy Seller List

    Bought 3 boxes of 6.5 Creedmoor ammo from @CouesPursuit. He sold them for what he paid for them, no ridiculous markup-passed along a great deal to me. Good communication too. Buy with confidence.
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    Pm sent
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    Black bear v hog

    Cool video. I wish the person had turned their phone the right way to film though.
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    PSA - Scammers, Account Hackers and Bots

    Good info. Could you pin this to the top of the classified forum?
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    Sunday Morning Bump. Shipping is only $20
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    Price drop to $750 OBO Heading to Queen Creek today at 1pm if any eastsiders are interested...
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    Bump, with a sales pitch for anyone unsure of the scope's quality/capabilities North Mt is 4 miles from my house as the crow flies per Google Earth. Standing at the peak of the Mt I could see my 5'2" daughter who was wearing a tan hoodie standing in front of my tan garage door. I could see her raise her arms over her head, but could barely make out her arms once they were raised and not moving. When she moved in front of the grey block wall, I could easily see her raised arms. This was in the morning on a clear breezy day with the sun in her face- I think she was a bit washed out from sunshine, and I need a better tripod head to reduce shake. Viewing the Mt from my driveway at sundown, I could pick out people sitting in the shadows on the side of the peak no problem, and could see the contrast of their unzipped jackets/hoodies.
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    Trapper Jake

    Good movie. Thanks for recommending it
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    Property for sale

    Meh, really only 627 acres, the rest is leased grazing lands. Pus, they spray painted all of the dead grass green. Who does that?!?! https://www.ranchflip.com/ranch/259766
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    Big military tent for sale or trade

    Interested. Location?
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    Portal/bonus PTS. missing

    My Bonus Points are gone, but my son's are in his portal. Weird. I guess I'll call Monday morning...
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    Help me buy a tripod with panhead

    Only 58" looks like
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    Now That's One Powerful Critter

    Rhinos are probably my favorite animal to see in person. Even though the you can see in the video the rhino and the car are the same size, seeing one live and how massive their heads are is awesome.
  24. Rather give this away to someone here vs on Craigslist or tossing it in the trash. This home phone/answering machine worked great for us- if a phone # isnt in the 'allow' list, the caller has to jump through hoops before the phone will ring, doesn't allow robots to get to voice mail either. Was awesome during the election-it blocked all of the polling and candidate robo calls. A bit of work to set up, but if you have a home phone, this is amazing. Comes with users manual, and all cords. Nothing wrong w/ it, we recently dumped our home phone line. Link to Amazon description: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07515JNBJ/ref=cm_cr_arp_mb_bdcrb_top?ie=UTF8 Pickup near I-17/Thunderbird or downtown Phoenix