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  1. GunfaiS

    Where to go for long range shooting

    I live close to the woods. Cans + Woods = excellent training and aiming.
  2. GunfaiS

    Elk Back Pack

    I use quite an interesting backpack while I hike or hunt. It's sort of a bag but it's actually a freezer. Not sure if there is a proper word for it.
  3. GunfaiS

    Moose Hunting Tips

    I would suggest you look into some good gear, I had quite some trouble with my gear while starting out. It depends on how often and how you plan to use your gear but you certainly need something that will last – which generally means it will cost quite a lot. You can also buy something used if you are absolutely confident the seller is honest. If you want to buy new gear, I'd recommend starting with the boots: everyone's fit is different, so don't buy used boots. I guess when it comes to the boot you won't really be able to save that much. But you can always compare some of the brand prices at places like http://huntingfishingplus.com/best-elk-hunting-boots/ But at first, choosing the right pair won't be easy anyway. For example, I decided to buy some boots and I found out from the reviews that they are about a size smaller than normal so I ordered 1 size larger, but they still felt kind of too big. So, I ended up returning them and bought a pair one from the same brand. And this time I lucked out. They work well as a substitute for my work boots and I felt the difference right away. I walked all those miles with ease I hadn't known before. I am prone to feeling cold but even in sub-zero temperatures these felt all right and when I wear thick socks my feet feel very warm. I had quite some trouble finding good gear at first
  4. GunfaiS

    I decided to get in shape this year

    Cool, man! I'm planning to put myself in shape to and lose weight after the winter but still can't start doing.
  5. GunfaiS

    Wife's first turkey

    My congratulations to your wife! Great shot, real professional hunter. How I wish my wife shared my hobby too.