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    Trail cameras and wildfire don't mix

  2. NewlyMinted


    there's a big Tom that likes the hills south of the Sierritas. I was glassing and 1 ridge over he just walked along up and over and out of sight.... dark brown. Do their coats change like deer?
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    WTB 1911’s

    A buddy started a Tempe based company last year and has a Kimber Target II in his safe and has a line on a Colt Defender 3" barrel: https://kaibabtrading.com/shop/ols/products/kimber-stainless-target-ii-1911-45-acp He's a good dude and gets some interesting things through his hands. Tell him Ed sent ya
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    Need Glassers in unit 22 tonight & tomorrow morning

    Post the story (in a different thread maybe).. seems like it'll be a good read
  5. This was my plan. I was blown away to see ducks on the ponds and bought my first duck stamp a week ago but with such low rains my pond plan needs to change ... they are all dry or puddles! It’ll be fun to learn this season for sure
  6. Do we even have huntable water in the southern units this year?
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    Interesting To See...

    Agreed.. love the videos when the animals are interacting with each other.
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    Frustrated newbie seeking advice

    It’s corrected! Thanks
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    Frustrated newbie seeking advice

    October 36A Muzzleloader was my first ever tag, started the season after a Mr. Adams glassing lesson, reading every book and forum post I could find, and spoke to anyone I could. ultimately it was the months before the season driving and walking around that eliminated the area and the time of deer. I found my bachelor group in lateAugust about 10 weekends into starting to look at the unit ... then spent the next 8 weeks coming up with a plan and learning everything I could by watching them and losing them in front of my eyes. I started hunting quail for 2 seasons before the muzzleloader. Grabbed my first dove this season, have an archery tag and bought a federal duck stamp last week. The more I learn about the desert he more I just love it out here. Life prevented putting in for the draw this year, but with archery and small game I’m still heading out and dropping pins and picking cactus out of my shin. i was lucky enough to have a great series of conversations with forums members here before and during my hunt. I’m addicted as evidenced by buying a bow because I wasn’t going to be able to wait 12 months. I cannot recommend Duwane’s glassing lesson enough.. not just because he grounds you in the important use of the glass, but also because he is genuinely a good person who’ll answer novices questions with great detail. I’d also recommend the book above.. the stories are great and the info is solid. Jay Scott and Duwane have spoken on the podcast a ton.. search and listen to those episodes. keep hiking and learning.. im too new to offer anything other than encouragement, but this forum and these hunters have been a great resource for me personally. ed
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    Need Glassers in unit 22 tonight & tomorrow morning

    This is awesome, do you have the story?
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    Sous Vide - Sounds weird.. changes the game..

    The first Sous Vide'd meat I had was goose. It was sitting with pear and some seasoning for a few hours and was delicious and tender. I knew I had to get one and play. Routinely cook beef and pork in it, and definitely pick your poison when it comes to books and resources.. there are a ton. The only advice I have would be (a) get the highest wattage you can so that you can submerge it in a large stock pot and not have to wait for it to come up to temp or adjust to the newly introduced meat and (b) don't get one that work *only* via an app. Phones and apps change all the time and in 3-5 years you might regret having a useless Sous Vide. Mine is a 1000W that I use with a massive stock pot wrapped with a towel and I use Saran wrap on the top to reduce evap. not using saran wrap works out fine even for 24hr, but the pot needs to be cleaned more due to calcium lines. If you want to experiment before you test out your game, get some of the Costco marinated tri-tip. It's already in bagged up perfectly, so peel the sticker off and cook for 14-24 hours at 132C. Then like dmoto said very hot skillet or grill (there'll be flame) to finish.. it'll pull apart or slice up like a dream.
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    My daughter got her first elk

    Congratulations! Great videos!
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    Honda Pioneer 1000 Wheels and Tires

    Do you know the bolt pattern on these?
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    Daughter gets her biggest buck to date

    Great video, awesome shot! Thanks for sharing... Cajun spice was on point.
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    Cover for Suppressors?

    What’s the purpose of a cover on them, do they generally not match the barrel or something?
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    Here we go again, another call from AZGFD.

    Can't wait for the updates! Congrats!
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    Garage Sale - Pic Heavy

    Just sent a PM. Sorry to hear about your wife.
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    Desert Shooting

    Yep! Happy to find some good BLM land! Thanks for sharing the fire restrictions page .. that’s a handy link I’d never seen before. I’ve always just checked the BLM site directly but this is better!
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    Desert Shooting

    State Land still has a restriction, but they had a restriction anyway. Gila District BLM land have no current restriction on recreational shooting, the other districts do. https://www.blm.gov/programs/public-safety-and-fire/fire-and-aviation/regional-info/arizona/fire-restrictions
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    Desert Shooting

    Thanks for that link (now bookmarked), looks like the BLM in Pima doesn't have restrictions in place, but this is a great resource to know about. https://firerestrictions.us/az/az-blm/tucson-field-office/
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    Desert Shooting

    I didn't see the notice and was planning on heading out in 34s to shoot on BLM. Where is the notice for the Gila District / Tucson area? Main BLM Rec Shooting page
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    My first archery kill-velvet OTC solo

    Great Story! Thank you for writing it up. I hope to write something similar later on this year! Awesome looking buck!
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    Outdoor Writer - Best Wishes with Medical

    Best wishes Tony!
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    My 12 year old sons 2020 Archery Coues

    Great buck! Thanks for sharing!